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  1. Contract dynasty, 10 team, 0.25ppr, 28 active roster, 10 taxi. QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 2Flex I have been trying to move Mike Davis. Get what I can before a free agent is added to change his value. So far I have yet to get what I think is decent return, hence why im here. To see if im crazy. Best I have gotten so far is the 2.08 + damien williams for mike davis. That just doesnt seem like enough. I could keep Davis and use him until its time to put him out to pasture, use those points for another championship run. In the draft it looks like Trey Lance might fall that far...I doubt Carter
  2. I take that deal! Take your pick of RB at the 1.01 and even if you dont like jackson you can trade him. both will accumulate in value as the off season progresses compared to henry. Henry is right at the cusp of dropping in value for me. Age, wear and tear, etc. it catches up to rbs, and you would be selling henry at his highest value before the drop off.
  3. 10 team, 28 active, 0.25 ppr I have the 1.02 and 1.03. possible trade in the works for the 1.04. likely going to take chase or smith plus Pitts. Adding the 1.04 would let me take all three. Would you trade ceh or montgomery plus a future picks for the 1.04 and 1.09?? Wilson, stafford, teddy, lock Cmc, chubb, dobbins, ceh, montgomery, hunt, edwards, davis Obj, cooper, aj brown, ridley, shepard, butler, boykin, ross, pettis Kittle, hock, dan arnold, akins
  4. Easy accept for me. Kyler and herbert will be your weekly options over wentz unless he regains his form from a few years ago. Take the pick, get a wr or trade up and take Pitts.
  5. Contract dynasty. 10 team. 0.25ppr There is a fairly large gap between the top teams and bottom teams for this league. My roster is top tier, and I have what will almost certainly be the 1.01 or 1.02 in 2021. I may have a shot at grabbing 2 additional firsts, possibly early and mid. Would you trade OBJ for two 2021 firsts? Qb, 2rb, 3wr, 1te, 2flex. Can start 2-4rbs, 3-5wrs. Wilson, big ben, stafford, lock Cmc, chubb, hunt, CEH, ingram, dobbins, montgomery OBJ, cooper, juju, ridley, aj brown, ross, boykin, pettis, etc Kittle, hock, knox, herndon, rudolph
  6. Contract dynasty, 10 team, 28 active, 10 taxi, 0.25ppr I have both the 1.01 and 1.02 this year, and likely the 1.01 next year. Based on my roster, would you take two RBs, or an RB and WR? If RB/RB I would go CEH and Dobbins, if RB/WR I would go CEH and Lamb. Next year I will almost certainly take JaMarr Chase assuming I have the 1.01 or 1.02. Starting rosters are - QB, 2 RB, 3 Wr, Te, and 2 flex. So i can start up to 4 rbs, or 5 wrs. (or 3 te if it was a strange week) Foles, Rivers, Big Ben, Wilson, lock CMC, Chubb, Hunt, Montgomery, Ingram, Penny, etc.
  7. Win now. 100% Qbs - Wilson, Big Ben, Rivers Te - Kittle, Hock, knox, Herndon I completely agree with your assessment, and its in line with my own thinking. on the other hand, the majority of the articles I have seen this off-season paint OBJ as going to have a similar or even worse upcoming season. He is prime age now, but if he doesn't hit this coming year and gets traded in one or two years from now, will his dynasty value be past the 'sell high' moment? In an ideal world, OBJ is healthy and Baker has time to throw him dimes. Chubb and OBJ start for me weekly and its fire and
  8. Contract dynasty, 0.25ppr, 28 active, 10 taxi I have Chubb, Hunt, and wound up with OBJ this off-season. I am curious where everyone sees OBJ in dynasty... HC is run and TE friendly, doesn't bode well for OBJ and Landry. Or is OBJ such a talent I hold him until he leaves the browns? I personally don't like starting rbs and wrs from the same team, would like feedback on this as well. CMC, Chubb, hunt, Ingram, Montgomery, penny, Edwards, Thompson OBJ, Cooper, juju, Ridley, aj brown, Ross, butler, boykin, Pringle I have the 1.01 and 1.02, and very likely the 1.01 or 1.02 i
  9. 0.25 ppr. I can start 4 rbs. I have Cmc, Chubb, Carson, Aaron Jones and Mostert. Torn between Jones vs Bears and Mostert vs Falcons. What 4 would you start?
  10. I am interested in trading for Pettis in a contract dynasty league. He is currently on Taxi, so his salary impact is tiny and I could cut without salary penalty. The owner has said he is avaliable for trade, and is wanting a 2020 2nd. He would be a non starter for me this season, purely a dynasty hold. With the Sanders trade, do you think Pettis value will decrease from now to end of season? If I can offer a 3rd at the end of season vs a 2nd now then I'm willing to wait. This league has the same trade deadline as the NFL so this week is my last chance to acquire him until after week 16.
  11. 10 team contract Dynasty. 28 active roster, 8 IR, 10 taxi. I am toying with the idea of offering a trade of Andrew Luck for Cooper Kupp. I have a pretty decent WR squad, but the owner of Kupp also has Robert Woods and has been trying to move one of the Rams wrs this offseason. Luck has an expensive salary by comparison to Kupp, and I have Rivers, Big Ben, Rosen, and could trade or draft a QB this year or next. Chad Kelly is on the roster... Thoughts on Luck for Kupp + pick? The owner of Kupp has Stafford and Wentz. Luck, Rivers, Big Ben, Rosen, Chad Kelly All
  12. From a talent stand point I like jackson, Keke, and Johnson. Bears would be the 4th option. Ballage and Sutton have more talent and team questions than the others. If trading is an option I would try offering a combo of those players and see what you can land. You may be able to turn two maybes into a for sure keeper.
  13. Cooper + 2020 First is interesting, especially if it looks to be an early first. I would favor Chubb, and see him as a top 5 dynasty back. His talent, the surrounding talent, etc. all make for a good dynasty RB. But the trade value of Cooper + 2020 first is higher. I would be happy not trading Chubb, but could see value in making the trade and turning cooper around early in the season. Especially if zeke holds out into the season, and the cowboys have to pass more, someone may overpay for cooper if he starts the season strong. The 2020 class is rumored to be a very good one, so I would hold th
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