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  1. The Pigskin Empire cleaned house and got rid of some less active owners and allowed current teams to dissolve their assets and participate in the dispersal auction draft. Looking for 5 active, dedicated, energetic replacement owners for a cut throat, competitive league. Dispersal Assets & Offseason Schedule are attached. 5 new owners + one current owner will participate in dispersal auction. 12 Teams 17 Starters: - 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 2(offensive)FLEX - 2LB, 2DL, 2DB, 2(defensive)FLEX $75 Buy In Scoring Link: https://www76.myfantasyleague.com/202
  2. TL/DR: Every league has a core of solid committed players. Let's start using those to patch broken leagues and create new ones. First off, there are many, many forums and resources for finding new league members or finding a new league to join. The thing is, none of these resources do much to help solve the problems that come with bringing in a new member or joining another league as an outsider—and it's not their fault. The main issues are as follows: Creating: You cannot expect a league of strangers from around the interwebs to magically form a bond that fosters a lasting league f
  3. YOU WILL NOT BE TAKING OVER AN ORPHAN TEAM, but drafting your own with the pool of players and future rookie picks from the three teams as available assets. This way you get to make the team your own with what's available, not what someone left you 👍 APPLY HERE: Link to New Owner Application Link to Replacement Draft Asset Pool Link to Bylaws Replacement Owner Accommodations: You be afforded roughly 20% to 10% leftover cap space after your introductory draft and the rookie draft, which you can utilize in free agency and trades to further customize your roster over the
  4. Hey man, curious if anyone in your league may be interested in something of similar ilk but that includes IDP? I have a league which just booted three people for inactivity and we're looking for one final owner but having trouble. The three new owners will do a replacement draft where they draft from the pool of players and rookie picks the original three teams had. Makes it more fun for new owners. Let me know!
  5. The Pigskin Empire: League Invitation 🤩 The Pigskin Empire was created to simulate owning an actual NFL Franchise. With rosters of up to 52 players (40 active, eight taxi, four IR) and 17 Starters (QB, 2RB, 3WR, 2TE, 2oFLEX + 2LB,2DL,2DB,2dFLEX), as well as a rabid trade market, offseason free agency, rookie drafts, increased cap penalties and cut penalties, adjusted scoring per position, as well as much more… The Pigskin Empire has turned into what many of our members consider their absolute favorite of many leagues. We started out as some family, some friends, and some random
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