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  1. Kyle Feldscherā€¸Verified account @Kyle_Feldscher FollowFollow @Kyle_Feldscher More BREAKING: Michael Cohen is "willing to give info" about President Trump, per several friends who spoke to CNN.
  2. Yashar Ali ?ā€¸Verified account @yashar FollowFollow @yashar More Over the past 24 hours I've heard from several sources that Defense Secretary Mattis has been iced out by POTUS and has increasingly become isolated. 2:01 PM - 19 Jun 2018
  3. Oh okay. He was just using racially charged language to troll a poster.
  4. He was using "bad hombres" to describe brown people for the better part of three years...
  5. His own source corrected itself and he's continuing to double down.
  6. He's only been using that term for about two years now. I'm sure they'll get right on it!
  7. "It was funny to you. It was the definition of trolling and you know it. Don't do it. And please report it when you see anything like racially charged terms to describe hispanics and African Americans. We obviously don't want those and never have."
  8. Oh look. Another Trump supporter that doesn't understand what asylum seekers are.
  9. Are you just starting now? Because that's definitely not the first.
  10. He'd rather troll than admit he's wrong. Same as it ever was.
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