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  1. I’m sure many of you use NFL Game Pass or something similar. I never have before and I’m sure most of you probably use it to watch games live. This season though I am working on Sunday’s and am looking for a way to watch replays of games potentially on my off days. I have seen NFL Game Pass has condensed replays which would probably be perfect for me. I’m curious though if they are just 45 minutes of highlights or if it is every single play from the game? If anyone has used Game Pass before any response would be greatly appreciated. Also if anyone else has been in my situation before or a situation like mine what’s a way you watched replays of whole games or condensed games? Thanks
  2. 2 qb PPR Traded: 1.10 (he took Javonte Williams and that’s who I would’ve taken) Received: Aaron Jones My team is pretty loaded, won the league last year. Figure this trade helps me try and win it again.
  3. Just a quick side question, do you think this injury will linger and make Wentz more injury prone, not as good of a player? Does his overall injury problems scare you off now that he got hurt again? Because it seems like he should be back sometime early in the season
  4. 12 team PPR 2qb Drew Lock, 22 1st (won league last 2 years so late) for Carson Wentz, Julio Jones
  5. I wouldn’t need Wentz right away I have options until he comes back. What about when he comes back? Or does the injury scare you off dynasty wise?
  6. Targeting QBs to trade for in 2 qb dynasty league. in what order would you rank these 3 QBs, Wentz, Daniel Jones, and Sam Darnold. And perhaps why if you care to explain. Thanks.
  7. Wentz Montgomery and a 22 1st for Hurts and Lock note: I said could be adding 2 firsts as I think I could flip montogomery for a first
  8. I agree it probably wouldn’t help my team this year but I also do not think it would hurt it and could make it better down the road. The second trade could be adding two firsts who could hit their prime in 2-3 years when maybe tannehill or cook/kamara start to decline a bit, at worst it would still be adding 1 first and Montgomery. I also feel like it wouldn’t totally be crazy to see Wentz have more or equal value to Hurts a year from now, which would make the trades slam dunks. Just wanted to reach out see if I’m missing anything by not smash accepting depending on how other people view Wentz and Hurts. I agree tho with the point about not planning for trades ahead. I’m analyzing it as with Montgomery being in the trade. I would definitely try to flip him tho I think. @Gally
  9. @RC94 @PantherThunder @JoeSteeler Thanks for the input y’all. how would y’all feel about an offer of Wentz and Montgomery for Hurts? Or possibly Wentz, Montgomery, and a 22 1st for Hurts and Lock? I honestly don’t know who I value more between Hurts and Tannehill so I don’t know if I like it anymore than the previous offer, so I feel I may counter with the second offer above. I do feel like I could flip Montgomery for the 1.07 in this draft which would makes things more interesting when assessing this trade. I feel like there’s a solid top 8 in 2qb (Lawrence, Chase, Harris, Pitts, Lance, Fields, ETN, Wilson)
  10. 12 Team PPR Dynasty League 2 QB and 6 pts per passing TD so good QBs are very valuable. Was offered Wentz and Julio Jones for my Tannehill I feel like it is an okay offer but does not make much sense given Wentz play last year and Julios likely downward trajectory, plus Tannehill was QB8 last year and my roster is very solid at WR. My roster QB: Josh Allen, Ryan Tannehill, Jalen Hurts, Drew Lock RB: Saquon, Kamara, Cook, Hunt WR: Diggs, JJefferson, ARob, Corey Davis, Pittman, Reagor, BCooks Thoughts? Guy has also been trying to move Lockett and D Montgomery this offseason so maybe I could counter for them instead? Thanks
  11. Need 2 of 3 playing tonight out of Kwiatkowski, K Murray and Rayshawn Jenkins 1.5 point for tackle, .75 for assist, 1.5 for pass defend, 4 point for sack 6 for int any thoughts?
  12. Bruceman6


    Full PPR Brandin Cooks or Jerick Mckinnon
  13. 12 team PPR IDP League Gave Aaron Jones, Tee Higgins, Kj Wright Got Alvin Kamara, Alexander Mattison I own Dalvin Cook. I’d say Wright is worth about a mid 2nd early 3rd rookie draft pick in this league for those not familiar with idp.
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