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  1. I’ve compiled a list of democratic officials who have condemned maxines comments:
  2. Buddy forgot his drivers license, and couldn’t get his Vaccine. And it was in Georgia. No joke.
  3. Well, google won't show any Blue Anon search results (compare to duckduckgo) and Urban Dictionary has removed it. What a bunch of snowflakes.
  4. FLA has the 2nd oldest population, CALIF has the 5th youngest, they both roughly have the same deaths per capita. CALIF unemployment rate is 9%, FLA 6%. Won't even get into how many businesses have closed in CALIF.
  5. We have never had a statewide mandate in SC, and have been completely open 100% since Oct. go check our numbers.
  6. People who think like massraider are the biggest problem today in politics. Let's stop this "Well they do it". Or we will never heal this divided country. Oh and today I overheard a very well educated lawyer talking about Cuomo and how it "was a set up by Donald Trump Jr".
  7. MSNBC and CNN have yet to air anything on TV about Cuomo. But we have Stelter and others on the air wanting to ban Fox News.
  8. We regularly hang out with 2 other couples, who we all assume are safe when going out of our neighborhood. Well 3 weeks ago Fri, after playing Pickleball, then going out to a restaurant, then hanging out at friends playing darts, 1 of each of the couples (my wife not me) started feeling sick a few days later and all tested positive (rapid test) on Wed. Of course 2 days later I started showing symptoms and tested positive that Friday. Other 2 never got it. My wife (youngest at 52), totally healthy, never had the flu or a fever in her life, had the worst go of it. Was sick for 2 weeks. Ther
  9. Looking more and more like the Big Ten will start in October and be eligible for the playoff per @SirYacht (has inside source). And then we have the Pac 12, where not one coach, player or parent has voiced any opposition to not playing.
  10. Why did it take a lawsuit to get this info out? Where is the transparency? Complete disaster by Warren
  11. It looks like a pro-Trump guy was murdered by someone with a BLM tattoo in Portland last night. Cold blooded murder. “We got one right here...American flag!” *Gun shots* https://twitter.com/stillgray/status/1300100292558516226?s=20
  12. Its the players and the coaches driving this, so not sure them wanting to play is all money. Of course the President's don't want to play due to liability issues. I doubt it was about player safety since most have students back on campus. Bottom line, as many players have said, they feel safer in a "football" environment than with no football and being elsewhere.
  13. You'll never find it on CNN, MSNBC or any MSM blatantly hiding this from the public. Its all over twitter. Here is Fox News https://www.foxnews.com/us/portland-protest-turns-violent-brutal-assault-caught-on-video-report
  14. Turn off CNN, and climb out of your bubble. Plenty of evidence of molotov cocktails, mortar shells, commercial grade fireworks, etc. Twitter is your friend there. Here is a report from an actual reporter who was in the federal building this weekend: https://twitter.com/MikeBalsamo1/status/1287606651491516420
  15. The ZTI conspiracy theory Its been debunked, sorry you fell for it with Susan Rice and others.
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