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  1. Based on what we have seen from the Biden/Harris administration before they even were sworn in, the Reichstag Fire seems quite appropriate.
  2. Apparently someone here did not like pointing out the fact that there are lots of examples of politicians (and hollywood, athletes, priests, etc) who are arrested for pedophilia and sexual assault every year. Do you actually think that politicians are immune from illegal behavior? Immoral behavior?
  3. Funny how many so called conservatives hate Trump. I just learned today that cofounder of Lincoln Project was removed because he was sexually harassing young men in DC, while pretending to be a "conservative" "hetersoexual" "christian" "married" "father" "with values". Question for the "conservatives who hate Trump": What specific POLICIES of his went against your conservative values? As for the OP, Trump hating conservatives will just realize they were not really conservative to begin with and vote Democrat going forward. It makes them feel good. Trump/MAGA is the future of the conservative political movement, the counter balance to the impending socialism (which always leads to communism) pushed by the left. Why do you think they are so desperate to digitally exterminate and black list anyone who ever supported Trump?
  4. Anyone find it odd that there are nearly 30k troops in DC (3x as many as Afghanistan and Iraq combined) for a virtual inauguration (aka zero attendance) of a guy who apparently got more votes than any presidential candidate in history, including the first black and the first woman candidates? And now 2k NG deputized as US Marshals? And 1.2k prison riot team members? Not a single Trump supporter has promoted attending the event despite the media's fantasies of a violent MAGAQ coup. Not a single Biden supporter (do they actually exist?) is attending out of fear of COVID. It will be 500 of America's least favorite people (according to favorability polls) and their +1s. That equals out to roughly 30 soldiers per guest. Odd times indeed. Here's to a peaceful day with no real or government sponsored violence.
  5. Surprised nobody added Ashli Babbit, who was executed at the Capitol building on 1/6. Unarmed. Peaceful protester. Woman. Air force veteran. All she was doing was exercising her first amendment rights that our beloved BLM/Antifa did for 100+ days this summer and she was executed at point blank range. Despite the fact there were a half dozen Capital Police in riot gear within arms reach of her, who had no apparent issues with what she was doing.
  6. 4414 Jun 04, 2020 7:49:59 PM EDT Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 866b8a No. 9473673 EAM LOYALISTS: RED1: POTUS twitter removal RED2: Central communications blackout [continental US] RED3: CLAS movement PELOSI or PENCE RED4: Movement of MIL assets [10th Mountain_1st Marine_CPSD_Marine_QVIR] to central locations under guise of citizen riot control. RED5: NAT MIL COM CEN RED6: SEC OF DEF _instruct1 USSS CASTLE_ROCK Q I don't know what RED means but according to the Q crowd it goes in reverse like DEFCON, who knows. So we are at RED1 We will know in the next 11 days if Q was 100% full of #### or if the establishment politicians who have sold our country to line their pockets are going to face justice. I wouldn't have given the Q post above any thought except for the behavior of those in DC the last few days. For a party that just won the presidency, the Senate, and the House, the Democrats sure are in a panic. Impeachment 25th Nukes Silence all wrong thinkers We are 2 weeks away from the left getting everything they want and they are going bat #### crazy. I'd say given what happened the last few days there is a 10% chance that the military rounds up the traitors to this country and they face justice or 100% chance that Trump declassifies enough documents to permanently destroy both parties. The declas is what terrifies them. 90% of them have skeletons in their closet that would make Arizona Ron and CTSU blush.
  7. https://youtu.be/DZCBRHOg3PQ 3.5 hours of Joe Rogan and Tim Poole letting Jack Dorsey and Vijaya Gadde hang themselves with lies and hypocrisy. (filmed last March, before they began mass censorship of COVID, BLM violence, and Hunter Biden banging prostitutes, smoking crack, and cashing millions from Ukraine and China) If you don't have time for the entire video the first 10 minutes is enough to show how full of #### Jack and Vijaya are and how we ended up here. Twitter (and their handlers in DC and Beijing) overplayed their hand with the mass exterminations today. Lots of normal people realizing how ####ed up they are and how close we are to communism.
  8. 2015: Biden threatens to withhold a billion dollars from Ukraine (on video) unless they fire the prosecutor investigating the company that pays his son millions of dollars while smoking crack and getting footjobs from prostitutes (plenty of records verifying the payments, never denied by Biden, videos of the drugs and prostitutes) 2019: Trump impeached for quid pro quo 2020: Democrats encourage 100 days of Burning, Looting, and Murdering ($2billion in insurance claims, half a dozen political assassinations/attempts) including defunding the police, All Cops Are Bad, destruction of federal property, violence and murder against law enforcement officers 2021: Trump impeached for inciting violence against the country 🤡
  9. Looks like Twitter hired the FBG Mod team. Congrats on the raises guys!
  10. Remember when BLM/Antifa was burning down cities, looting private businesses, and murdering people for having different political beliefs? That went on for 100 days and was at best ignored by the media/politicians and at worst was encouraged by them. I got a 2 month ban here for merely posting about the violence. Remember when the angry mob of women stormed the Capitol during the Kavanaugh hearings? They were labeled heroes. Forgive me, and half this country, if we don't believe a word of your hypocritical outrage over what happened in DC. You reap what you sow, and after what you encouraged/let slide for months on end last year you should not be surprised if the other side decides to take up your tactics. (I don't condone any violence, burning down cities, looting private businesses, or assassinating political opponents. I didn't last summer when it was BLM/Antifa, and I don't in the future should the right stoop to their level)
  11. BLM/Antifa celebrate assasinating a white conservative: https://twitter.com/MrAndyNgo/status/1299960525120352258
  12. 32 minute video of BLM peacefully beating and robbing people in Portland (when BLM kicked a dude in the head as he was on the street begging to be left alone) For anyone who still pretends this is not a hate group/domestic terrorist group, check out this video. Warning: the peaceful protesters say the N word about 500 times. I also posted in the Portland thread, a BLM/Antifa guy assasinated a guy in Portland tonight because he was wearing a Patriot Prayer hat. Walked up and put 2 shots in his chest and ran away. So peaceful.
  13. 1. As we watch BLM/Antifa terrorize America for 100 days and counting, including millions in property damage from arson, millions in stolen property from looting, hundreds of violent attacks, many killed. And politicians either encourage this terrorism actively by ordering police to stand down or passively by turning their head. And a media that promotes it falsely as a heroic civil rights movement. BLM is a Marxist (their founder is a literal Marxist) anti American hate group masquerading as a civil rights movement (and money laundering scam, where has that billion dollars gone? you want to clutch your pearls at Bannon over a few hundred k?). BLM forces white people to get on their knees and lick their feet. BLM surrounds people with different skin color and harasses them at dinner. BLM silences anyone who dares to say that All Lives Matter. They treated Drew Brees and Ryan Tannehil like ISIS forcing a hostage to go on camera and profess their allegiance to the caliphate. Yet you want to claim that conservative white males are being radicalized into violence. That is nothing short of absurd and ignorant. 2. The irony is that a site like FBG will delete/censor/suspend someone for pointing this out. 3. As for 4chan, it is a troll board. And honey pot. 80% of the people who post there are losers with nothing better to do in their life than post racist/anti-Semitic memes to troll normies like you who think they are serious. And people who masturbate to anime and trans porn . The other 10% are law enforcement trying to bait people into posting child porn or making violent threats. And the last 10% is lookey loos. Why do the Christchurch and El Paso shooter post their "manifesto" there? That is a great question. Why do you think? They also posted to Facebook (Christchurch literally livestreamed his massacre on Facebook) and Twitter and Instagram. Do you question those platforms as well? There are only 2 reasons a terrorist would post something to 4chan or 8 chan, to troll normies into thinking it is where they got radicalized or because intelligence assets are involved. 5. Reddit is a Communist China Platform. China owns it, China controls the moderation. Every sub there is anti freedom propaganda. Go check r/politics. Or r/worldnews. Or r/Australia. Or r/anycountry. Anyone who posts a dissenting opinion is "reported" and deleted or banned within minutes. They make Aaron, Clayton, and the anonymous FBG Moderator look like saints. 5 years ago Reddit was a place for diversity, now it is nothing more than communist propaganda. They banned the most popular sub on the site because it supported Trump and became the #1 sub. (they used the typical fascist/communist cover story of "violating terms of service" which are arbitrarily applied and usually based on infiltrators posting stuff that breaks the rules). Unfortunately for Reddit r/the_donald saw it coming a mile away (after they started shadow banning the sub, changed their algorithms to prevent r/the_donald from reaching r/all, manipulating the up vote counts, and even taking a page out the FBG playbook and having mods tweak the software to alter people's posts -- remember the scandal last year when Joe caught a mod doing that?) and created a new uncensored site. 6. Tigerdroppings, specifically the Political Talk board, is what you get when you have a forum that does not censor or inject their political beliefs into their moderation duties. It is majority conservative because it is an SEC board, but they still allow liberals to post. There are plenty of UT and Arkansas posters who hate Trump and are not shy about it. They will ban you for racist or violent posts or habitual trolling, but you are free to speak your mind othwerwise. It is a rare thing these days to find a forum that doesn't censor/heavily moderate political topics. See Surly Horns. See the Aggie board. See the 247 forums. When you have a place on the internet that allows free discussion it will by nature shift to the right in this era of political correctness and communist level censorship. And that is fine, some people who run forums depend on that money and can't afford to be cancelled. Tigerdroppings is 10x, maybe 100x, bigger than FBG so Chicken and the other owners don't really worry about that. They are also LSU boys and Chicago boys who aren't as sensitive to decorum as a southern Christian like Joe. TD, as a whole not just the PT board, will appeal to a certain type and FBG will appeal to a certain type. There is some crossover, I know a handful of decade old posters here who post there. But to insinuate TD is a breeding ground for radicalization is just insane and should cause you to grab a mirror before pointing a finger. 6. This thread seems to be spurred on by the Kenosha happenings. No surprise that posters here would think it was an act of white supremacy terrorism, as that is what CNN and blue checks and nobodies on twitter have convinced you because it fits the failing anti-Trump, defeat Trump at all costs agenda. I'd encourage you to go watch the livestreams from that night. They clearly show a raging pedophile (spent 14 years in AZ prison for sexual conduct with a minor) screaming at a group of guys to "shoot me n***a". Then he is on video chasing Kyle, throwing something at him, his buddy fires a gun, he continues to pusue Kyle, then catches a bullet in his brain. A mob of people with a proven history of violence (burning down buildings that night, carrying weapons) chases him down. He is kicked in the head, bashed in the head with a skateboard, and has a glock pointed at him. Every person who was shot deserved it as they were the aggressor, trying to grab his rifle and harm him (medic with glock admitted from the hospital he wished he had pulled the trigger and killed him) and the facts (video, witness testimony) have already shown this. It is sad and disturbing that people read something on twitter without complete information and accept it as fact. That is why we are where we are in 2020. BLM/Antifa violence and terrorism is applauded. A guy defended himsel from a raging pedophile screaming "shoot me n**ga", an anarchist who hit him in the head with his skateboard then tried to take his rifle, and a member of a WI Communist group (and multiple arrests in his past) who pointed a glock in his face at point blank range is somehow considered a "white supremacist terrorist radicalized on Tigerdroppings". I doubt the majority will even bother to read this post or seek out complete information on their own, that is much more difficult than just accepting whatever you are spoonfed and then bathed with in your echo chamber, wherever that may be. But for the sake of this board, the sake of this country, the sake of your own sanity I would highly recommend it. Just like FBG was 100% wrong with Jussie Smollet, and 100% wrong with Nick Sandmann, and 100% wrong with Russia Collusion, they are 100% wrong with this idea that white conservative males are radicalizing into white supremacists on the internet with Kenosha being Exhibit A. You want a discussion about where people are being radicalized? Start with social media. It is a cancer to humanity and we are watching it play out in real time. Maybe find out where that Bernie Bro who shot up the Republican baseball practice spent his time. Or the Las Vegas shooter. And if anyone is too lazy to look something up themselves, assuming I don't get suspended for posting this, I'll be more than happy to overwhelm you with video evidence of everything posted.
  14. Watched the livestreams and twitter videos of what went down. It will be interesting to see how the msm covers it. Summary: 2 dead, 1 wounded, all white. Shooter white. One dead, bullet to the head, was on film yelling at group of armed guys screaming "shoot me n***a, shoot me n***a". He was held back by what appeared to be BLM/Antifa. He was bald, facial hair, very short, wearing extemely long jorts. Not your typical BLM/Antifa type. An hour or so later he is on film chasing one of the guys with a rifle into a parking lot and throws what appears to be a molotov cocktail at him (something on fire). Chases him behind a car, other guy puts a bullet in his head. People come up to administer aid, shooter loops around a few cars and comes and checks on him too. Gets on his cell phone, then walks away, you can hear him say "I killed someone", he runs off. He is running down street and a group starts chasing him yelling for someone to stop him. You can see a guy with a backpack grab something from his rear waist. Shooter stumbles and falls, and is immediately surrounded by 2 people. One slams him in the head with a skateboard. Shooter puts a bullet in his belly, this is presumably death #2. The other guy puts hands in the air and backs off. Next, the guy who earlier grabbed something from his waistband approaches, tries to grab the rifle, and points handgun at the shooter, who is still on the ground. Shooter puts a bullet in this guys arm. This guy stumbles away and receives medical attention from a nearby livestreamer. He is missing a huge chunk of his arm and apparently drops his handgun here. He is likely the survivor. Shooter stands up, nobody else attacks him, you can hear gunfire in the distance, he raises weapon and looks around, then lowers weapon and leaves, heading up the road towards cops. Cops head past him towards the shooting scenes. There is also video of the shooter hanging out with the cops and getting a bottle of water prior to all of this going down. There are tons of videos out there of everything described above. Based on the video evidence, it appears to be clear cut self defense. There is no evidence the shooter is "white supremacist" or "militia" or "Qanon" or "bugaloo" or any other boogeyman. He was just a local boy, who appears to be a teenager, out standing his ground for his community that was under attack (there is video of vandalism, looting, fires, on multiple businesses). A roided out guy was causing a ruckus and begging for violence, then started the violence, and received a dose of karma. Fortunately no blacks were involved or harmed as that would likely only be used by the media and politicians to further their agenda of division. And fortunately for BLM/Antifa the hot head who started everything did not appear to be "one of them" but just a local moron out raging. The dead skateboard kid and one armed Steve both appeared to be Antifa. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Will the media sweep it under the rug since it was all white people and there is video of the "victims" attacking the shooter? It will be difficult for them to spin this as anti-BLM or Qanon or white supremacist motivated, although some will surely try. Will BLM/Antifa continue to riot/loot/burn/vandalize communities? Perhaps some of them got a reality check that destroying cities is all fun and games as long as you are collecting social media points but not everyone is going to roll out the welcome mat like the PNW. eta: the 2 dead is based on NYT article from 30 minutes ago, I assume that is verified, but it is the NYT. From the videos, bullet in head guy was conscious after getting shot, bullet in stomach/chest guy was on ground not sure if moving, bullet in arm guy looked horrendous but survivable. Hospital was literally across the street for bullet in head guy, and a few hundred yards for other 2.
  15. Apparently 2 domestic terrorists (aka "peaceful" protesters) out looking to loot and burn a private business ran into a group of Wisconsin folk who were not having any of it. The domestic terrorists attacked one of the WI guys and caught some lead.They played the ol game "f around and find out". Domestic terrorism works well in liberal sanctuaries like Portland and Seattle, not so much in middle America. Hopefully the media and politicians stop encouraging this behavior. Twitter thread with the lead up and action (nsfw obviously): https://mobile.twitter.com/Julio_Rosas11/status/1298474730966659072
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