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  1. The announcers were talking about how the Raiders learned a good lessen in the Jets game right before the face mask play.
  2. Cam against the Chargers or Rivers against Houston. UGH! I was gonna play Fitz but it looks like Tua will get the start.
  3. That sucks! That leaves me with Rivers or Cam in a must win. https://www.rotoballer.com/player-news/tua-tagovailoa-on-track-to-start-sunday/811446
  4. I'd go with Russ even though he has disappointed recently. They are both good so I just go with the biggest stud in this situation.
  5. I can win some dough if I end up with the most points after week 13. I need to outscore 3 other teams all within 30 points of me. One of them is just one point behind. I currently have Rivers as the starter with Cam on the bench. Rivers has a good matchup but they may just run the ball. He's been pretty solid lately. I can't trust Cam anymore. I picked up Fitz and if he is the starter I am going with him. He has plenty of motivation to play well and it's a great match up. The Miami RB's are banged up although it looks like Gaskin can come back this week. I think that would help Fitz with
  6. The Chiefs are being highly disrespected in the rankings this week. They are gonna smash the Raiders and Carr can't throw in the cold.
  7. I've had the Jets stashed for a few weeks but not feeling great about it now. Miami isn't quite the dumpster fire they were to start the year and the Jets are more of a dumpster fire. I'm gonna roll with them but tempering expectations. Or should I go with Pittsburgh who is on my roster as well?
  8. They're not an awful start against the Texans. Having them against Miami could win you the week.
  9. My gut say's Jones is gonna come back and run away with the job. I've never understood the Williams hype other than he is a good blocker(which is important). I remember watching Jones after I missed on him in my FAAB bid last year and instantly felt sick.
  10. I think Howard and Robinson are the best players. Cohen does a lot of running but doesn't seem to go anywhere.
  11. That was a horrific loss for the Bears, but I wouldn't panic. I fully expected the offense to get off to a slow start this year. New coach, new players etc.
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