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  1. Denvers D was good the first three weeks against garbage opponents. Now they are beat up and not very good.
  2. D’Ernest probably getting volume. Not so much volume for Sanders so far. The coaches have talked about using him more. I could see D’Ernest getting 6 pts and I could see him get 20. He has fresh legs and the Broncos are beat up on D. I’d think he would have the most upside but who knows.
  3. PPR….. Donavon Peoples Jones against Broncos Allen Robinson at the Bucs…Questionable TY Hilton at SF…..Questionable
  4. I feel like Stevenson will be very fantasy relevant at some point this season.
  5. What's Donavan Peoples Jones worth FAAB wise. He was a preseason darling who did nothing until a couple of weeks ago. He passes the eye test and has that cockiness good receivers need. I love the player but I hate the situation. Landry will be coming back soon. It's a heavy run team. I was gonna put a dollar bid on him last week but injuries forced me to go another direction. The hail mary bumped his price up since others will just look at the stats. I don't think I'm chasing points here, I think he is a legit talent. He would just be a stash although I may flip him into the flex this week if Jarvis doesn't play. He will need one of Jarvis or O'dell to be hurt to have a significant impact going forward. I'm just trying to gage the interest out there. Thanks!
  6. I agree! I know this because I was outbid for him and immediately felt sick to my stomach. Also, I think this is the year the always injured guy’s stay healthy. I drafted Chase Edmonds thinking Conner would be hurt by week 3. Nope!
  7. It has to be sustainable, especially this week during the byedemic. At least they let him play a little last week. Hopefully he has earned more touches again. I suppose you could have worse starts during the byeendoftimes.
  8. I feel like Mooney is the higher ceiling guy. It will be interesting to see how both he and Arob do if Fields is forced to throw a bunch. I assume they aren't gonna run much against that D. It's close between all three.
  9. I spent some FAAB on him last year when Chubb went down and he was a complete dud. If Chubb is out this week I see Johnson getting some volume but probably not doing much with it. If Chubb plays he is worthless. If Chubb plays I think Felton could be a boom or bust flex.
  10. Gordon is playing. I’d stay in the fire with Toney.
  11. They said they were gone limit Hunt’s touches. Felton can always break a big one. Also, they may go with shorter passes because of the wind. I don’t like the Harris situation at all. It’s probably not that big of a gamble given my awful choices.
  12. I have the same feeling about People-Jones. I wanted to pick him up but had to grab Felton so I have a pivot if Harris doesn’t go.
  13. He had some hammy tightness so they held him out of Friday practice "Out of an abundance of caution". It kind of sounds like the Ekeler situation earlier this year when he was held out and then played. I haven't seen him ruled out.
  14. I picked up Heinicke so now I have choices. My gut tells me he is not gonna live up to expectations. If Maclaurin doesn't play it's an easy pivot to Tannehill. Julio and AJ are back. Monday night at home could bring out the best in this team. I'll be going back and forth over this for the next 14 hours.
  15. My current matchup looks to be close so I should probably go with the more stable player which would be Mooney. If Maclaurin doesn't play I will be real tempted to go with McKissic.
  16. I agree! I currently have Amon in. I think his usage is a trend.
  17. Pick one for flex...PPR Darnel Mooney against Green Bay...Maybe he'll catch most of Fields 10 pass attempts. JD McKissic.....It's possible Terry Mac doesn't play. Somebody needs to catch the ball. KC is really bad on defense. Great game script.
  18. Please pick one...PPR AJ Green at Cleveland....Possible high winds, Murray has a sore shoulder, Cliff is out TY Hilton against Houston....He usually plays well against them. First game back so role is in question Amon Ra St Brown against Cincinnati....16 targets last two games. Offensive line is beat up so it makes sense for Goff to get it to the slot receiver.
  19. Not to mention having to travel from the West to the East and they are calling for high winds.
  20. Hilton usually tears up Houston. It's tough to know how much he will play. I may have to throw him in there to replace A Rob if he doesn't play and maybe even if he does.
  21. I think if I actually tracked my results I'd find I'm not as bad as I say I am. Nothing stings more than making a bad decision that costs you a win. Those are the ones I remember.
  22. I do the same thing with regards to changing my line up 5 or more times. I've cost myself two wins this year by tinkering too much. It's uncanny how often I get 50/50 decisions wrong. I've had a ton of success in fantasy despite my best efforts to sabotage myself. I think I need a fantasy sports psychologist.
  23. I wouldn't drop Williams or Jones in a 12 teamer. I'm probably gonna pick up Heinicke but I'll be dropping KJ Osborne. I do have a weird feeling that Tannehill is gonna have a good game. I'm just terrified of the Titans horrible offensive line going against the Bills. The games Tannehill has sucked have been the games Henry was able to run all over whoever they were playing. Tannehill should be playing from behind and could get some junk time points in this one.
  24. What size league is this? If it's 10 team I might hold on to Carson. I think you can replenish receivers much more easily. I wonder what adding Ertz to AZ will do to R Moore targets. I hate to drop him since he could be a superstar down the stretch. Mooney is probably a drop in this situation.
  25. TJ Hockenson is Questionable against the Bengals. He has had three bad games in a row with very low volume. The lions offensive line is beat up so it appears Hockenson is getting the Kittle treatment and being kept in to block. He probably will play but who knows. He plays at 1P.M. The Bengals seem tough against the TE giving up only 5/31 per game. Dan Arnold is playing early morning in Europe somewhere against Miami. I feel like he is gonna be a target hog for the Jags. Miami gives up 6/50. Dare I start Arnold over Hock?
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