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  1. I assumed he bought a wooden peel and just didn’t know what it was called
  2. For sure. Most that I know think they're smarter than the doctors too. Like, they're doing the doctors a favor by telling them all about there great new product and the doctor would be an absolute idiot not to use it. Its laughable.
  3. Its more of a process than a recipe. I use a combo of smoker and dehydrator. You may have better results on an electric smoker? I use a whole eye round roast, freeze it slightly, and slice thin on slicer (cant be done by hand). Side note: my local Asian market has it for half the price of the grocery store and it comes meticulously trimmed. Put meat in (2) one-gallon freezer bags. Add enough marinade to coat, but not completely submerge meat. My family likes sweet/savory, so my marinade is soy sauce, brown sugar, maple syrup, cherry juice, toasted sesame oil, garlic powder, red pepp
  4. Made some jerky yesterday. If this stuff wasn't such a PITA, Id make a ton of it and be rich. Rich I tell ya! Ready for smoker - I think Ive maxed out capacity Finished jerky
  5. It was high 60's, low 70's here (Central PA) on Monday and Tuesday. Yesterday morning, it was 64 degrees. Then a massive cold front moved in. By the time we got to the final hole at league last evening, it was 41 degrees and sustained winds of 22mph. In my 35 years of playing, it was the coldest Ive ever been while golfing. Just miserable.
  6. The problem is, the people who refuse to vaccinate are often the same people who refuse to wear masks. I'm more than happy to continue wearing a mask around ANYONE that is also wearing a mask. I am not going to continue wearing a mask around anti-vaxers who refuse to wear masks.
  7. I think the better question is "why burn perfectly good bacon grease and paper towels when you can pay 40 cents for a cube"?
  8. Yeah, this is a good idea. Unless your concern is losing it over water (or just losing it in general - which I almost did when I wrecked mine), because I think you need to have the broken carcass in order to get a new one.
  9. They are easy to fly right out of the box, however, it takes lots of practice to be really good and comfortable flying it. I find it all pretty stressful, tbh. Of course, I wrecked mine (DJI Spark) the 2nd time I took it out, so maybe thats why? Flew it waaaaaaaay out of view and was just watching through the phone and ended up backing it into a tree. Bought another and have been more careful since. I've taken it lots of cool places (fishing, beach, boating, etc) and got lots of cool video. Not hard to fly, just a bit stressful for me when its out of sight.
  10. My daughter's boyfriend started tying his own flies over the winter. He just watched some youtube videos and started making them. Wasnt even fishing with them yet. Put them on etsy and started getting orders. Obviously not getting rich, but I was surprised he actually sold some. Good luck to little ChiefD!
  11. Well, no idea then. The announcers were in total agreement with the replay booth (inconclusive) while it was going on live.
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