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  1. That probably isnt too far off either.
  2. I think we're at the tail end of the season around here. If you want to try one, checkout Threefold Farm
  3. Who else here loves these things?!?! Some people call them "hillbilly bananas". I honestly didn't know much about them until a couple weeks ago. Stopped at an amish farm stand to pick up some corn and they had a few laying on the table, so I bought them. Girl there said to treat them like an avacado (ie: wait until soft and then eat immediately). I had VERY low expectations, but followed her instructions anyway. Whole pawpaw Cut in half Eating with a spoon Holy ####! I was blown away. Super sweet and tropical with a creamy/custardy texture. Tastes like a mix between a banana, pineapple and mango (3 of my favorite fruits). I cant believe these things grow wild all up and down the east coast. Went out yesterday afternoon with my buddy to a patch he knew about and started shaking trees. We found 34 So freakin good!
  4. Got an Ego about 4-5 years ago. It takes me about an hour to mow. It used to make it the whole hour. Just this year, it started being hit-or-miss depending on how high the grass is and whether Im bagging (stopping and starting more often). So battery life is an issue. I also had to have it repaired once (cable broke). It was under warranty, so I took it back to HD. Took about 2 months to fix it, so that was a PITA. I really do like it much better than a gasser though. All things considered, I would buy again.
  5. Agree with this. Nod up is a genuine "happy to see you" reaction. Nod down is more "damn, you caught me looking". Im definitely more of a nod-downer.
  6. I suck at fantasy baseball and hated the entire season. See you next year!
  7. lol, I avoided this thread all season because I was behind and didnt want to see spoilers.... surprised by all the hate... my fam all thought it was a great season. I get that people didnt like the cookout dynamic, but I thought the cast was great. Very memorable / polarizing characters all the way around. Not many "throw-aways". That's what makes a good season to me, the cast, not the strategy, twists, game moves, etc. Looking forward to celeb BB too!
  8. My wife's employer (J&J) just had a town hall meeting to clarify their vaccine policy. They're saying you either get vaccinated or have to test daily and mask-up. Otherwise they will consider you "voluntarily" leaving your position. I assume this was to clarify that you will not be eligible for unemployment if you do not adhere.
  9. Yes, however, IF he has a legit "exemption" (health reason) would that be considered dismissing him due to a "disability"? And Im still not sure if this means he'd be eligible for unemployment? Honestly, Im not sure how this manufacturing company can put out a blanket rule like this with no exceptions? My wife works for J&J. Their rule is that you either provide proof of vax OR you get tested 3x a week and have to wear a mask.
  10. Is he "fired"? Is he "laid off"? Is he voluntarily "quitting"? Is he eligible for unemployment? Does he have any grounds against us for whatever happens?
  11. I assume this is going to become a bigger issue moving forward, but what are employers to do with employees who refuse vaccination? We do contract work for a manufacturer who recently sent out a letter saying that no one can enter their building after 11/1 if they aren't vaccinated. We have 2 employees who go there several times a week. One of them is refusing vaccination. He says he will get an "exemption certificate" (I'm not exactly sure on what grounds although I know he does have some sort of heart condition), but the letter we received from the manufacturer does not list any other options (exemptions/regular testing/etc). The letter simply says if you do not provide a vax card by 11/1, you are terminated. This guy was basically hired for the sole purpose of servicing this account. He's not irreplaceable. How do we handle this as an employer? I'm going to check with our corporate attorney, but thought Id check here too for some feedback. TIA
  12. Need some drug reps in there too. I prefer to take my medical advise from someone with a degree in communications.
  13. This. You're not going to be able to fix this with random phone calls from 5 hours away. She likely wont listen to you anyway. These people are trained for this and deal with it all the time. Have her work with a counselor for a day/week/month. If she still wants to transfer after that, you guys will figure it out. Need to at least give it a try though. Good luck. Nothing tougher than seeing your kids struggle with something.
  14. You wont even see (or hear or get notified of) the call if its not a contact. It just goes straight to VM (then you get a notification). If its important/legit and they leave a message, I call them back in 2 minutes. Works great for me, but I dont get many legit calls from unknown numbers.
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