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  1. I went walletless about a decade ago and never looked back. This phone case holds a drivers license, credit card, and a folded up bill. And it will still charge on a wireless charger. Not for Costanza types, though.
  2. I've done it a few times. Its a long process. I definitely prefer (double) cold smoked over the quick smoke method. You also need a slicer if you want to do it right. For me, its tough to top my local butcher's bacon, so I just stick to smoked belly anymore. Good luck!
  3. swag lit vibe, vibes, vibed, vibing These words are currently 50% of my daughters vernacular.
  4. Kinda hard to plan anything without knowing exactly when we'll (last grouping) get the vax. What does airfare look like so far for this summer compared to pre-COVID?
  5. Lol, literally my 2 fav fruits that I eat tons of. To each their own, sounds like you figured out what works for you. That’s all that’s important. Good luck!
  6. We get like 10 dozen ears of the good stuff over the summer and process it into freezer bags. Use it for soups, salads, etc all winter long. So much better than the regular grocery store stuff.
  7. When I’m dieting, I have a bowl of grapes + a sugar-free chocolate pudding every night before bed. Very satisfying and something to look forward to after dinner / before bed. Think it helps with regularity too.
  8. I started cutting my butts into chunks about 3-4 years ago (I cut them even smaller and put them in a foil pan). Havent cooked a whole butt since. Cooks MUCH faster, WAY more bark, and more smoke flavor. Its a win-win-win, IMO.
  9. Dove Ice Cream bars are only 60 calories. They're pretty small (obvi), but they're great for cravings.
  10. You're right, its not. I know a few people that have used (abused) connections and a few others that have blatantly gamed the system when I still know age 65+ people that haven't gotten an appt. Thats pretty gross to me. If the opportunity just fell into my lap, or I knew of excess due to lack of demand, I suppose I wouldnt pass it up though.
  11. Undeserving may have been the wrong word. How about unqualified? Im referring to the people not currently eligible who are gaming the on-line systems to get ahead of those that are qualified just so they can go on some tropical vacation next month. Its just all so predictable. People suck, whatever.
  12. That's because some states have less complicated distribution channels. West Virginia has like one major healthcare system to work through. PA has like 20. Not hard to see why PA is taking longer than WV. I agree with the general sentiment, but Im not talking about being on a standby list for leftovers. Im talking about underserving people taking appointments when there are still tons of older (qualified) people who cant get an appointment. How would people refusing to get it cause any delays? They'll just get skipped over.
  13. There are lots of self-centered people out there with no moral compass who will gladly push their way ahead of deserving people who actually qualify for the vaccine. Shocking, I know.
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