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  1. Makes me irrationally mental. If I’m on the end I generally stand in the aisle so people behind me can’t go until everyone in front of us has cleared out. I also don’t get the hurry to get on the plane either. I’d rather walk 10ft to access my carry-on than swarm the gate like an inconsiderate #####.
  2. On one hand, I hate them. On the other hand, I love them.
  3. Our course is clearly marked. White is 2 strokes, red is 1. Lost ball is same as OB (2 strokes), and I don’t care how “sure” you are that it “should be right here”.
  4. This has always been the rule in our league. I usually say “you can hit 3 from the tee or 4 from where it went out” and they look at me like I’m being some kind of ####.
  5. My buddy told me that a girl can get a free ride to a D1 school if she can average 90. That's is a legit 90 though. Not a "90" like the way most golfers play. Still seems like an easier path than many other sports if they have an interest. Im always amazed at how much most people cheat. Ive been in the same league for 20+ years and most guys still ask "what's the rule on this?" whenever they lose a ball. SMH. Really? This is the first time you ever lost a ball playing golf?
  6. Smoked chuck is my new favorite thing. Seasoned and on the grill 3 Hours in Finished product Smoke @ 250 for 3 hours. Put in foil pan and add half beef broth / half banana pepper juice. Cover tightly with foil. Put in oven at 325 for 2 hours. Turn off oven and let rest for 2 hours. Remove fat, pull beef, strain liquid and put it in the fridge overnight. Remove layer of fat and add liquid back to beef. Served it over cheese grits. Uh-mazing!
  7. Sounds like maybe he was mending the line?
  8. You stoners sure eat a lot of flour tortillas.
  9. Culdeus mentioned in the other thread how desperate some people are to be a contrarian. So desperate that they'll willingly put their kids health at risk.
  10. I dont use public transportation, visit homeless shelters, or work in a crowded workplace. I went maskless in the grocery store today for the first time and it was very liberating. I really dont foresee any scenario where Ill ever wear a mask again. Mentioned this in the other thread, but I'm actually feeling bad for those people who refuse to get the vaccine, but intend to continue following the rules. They will be wearing masks for a very long time while everyone else is moving on.
  11. Timing of this has been awesome for me. Grocery store announced yesterday that they are no longer requiring masks for anyone that is fully vaccinated. Coincidentally, yesterday is also the day I became fully vaccinated. Did my first mask-free grocery trip today and it was very liberating. Also noticed they removed the social distance stickers from the floors. Love it. Id say customers were about 60% masked, and probably some of them just didnt know the new rules or see the new signs. Employees were probably only 20-30% masked. I'm actually starting to feel bad for people who truly dont w
  12. Yes, for the unvaccinated. Just like the CDC recommends. If you’re vaxed, it’s over.
  13. What are you talking about? Pennsylvania is adopting the CDC’s newly relaxed mask-wearing guidelines, meaning fully vaccinated people don’t have to wear masks in most places.
  14. Does this encourage some additional people to vaccinate, or does this just mean the end of masks for good because no one will care anymore? Im good with either.
  15. At my first job, almost all of our orders (PO's) would come in via fax. Whenever the fax would ring, all the salesman in the office would come running, hoping it was for them. Every Tuesday morning like clockwork, the fax would ring, the salesman would swarm, and out from the fax machine would pop copies of our roosters from FF Leeg. They were a bunch of old crotchety copier salesman. I can still hear the #####ing and moaning from here.
  16. I assumed he bought a wooden peel and just didn’t know what it was called
  17. For sure. Most that I know think they're smarter than the doctors too. Like, they're doing the doctors a favor by telling them all about there great new product and the doctor would be an absolute idiot not to use it. Its laughable.
  18. Its more of a process than a recipe. I use a combo of smoker and dehydrator. You may have better results on an electric smoker? I use a whole eye round roast, freeze it slightly, and slice thin on slicer (cant be done by hand). Side note: my local Asian market has it for half the price of the grocery store and it comes meticulously trimmed. Put meat in (2) one-gallon freezer bags. Add enough marinade to coat, but not completely submerge meat. My family likes sweet/savory, so my marinade is soy sauce, brown sugar, maple syrup, cherry juice, toasted sesame oil, garlic powder, red pepp
  19. Made some jerky yesterday. If this stuff wasn't such a PITA, Id make a ton of it and be rich. Rich I tell ya! Ready for smoker - I think Ive maxed out capacity Finished jerky
  20. It was high 60's, low 70's here (Central PA) on Monday and Tuesday. Yesterday morning, it was 64 degrees. Then a massive cold front moved in. By the time we got to the final hole at league last evening, it was 41 degrees and sustained winds of 22mph. In my 35 years of playing, it was the coldest Ive ever been while golfing. Just miserable.
  21. The problem is, the people who refuse to vaccinate are often the same people who refuse to wear masks. I'm more than happy to continue wearing a mask around ANYONE that is also wearing a mask. I am not going to continue wearing a mask around anti-vaxers who refuse to wear masks.
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