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  1. I wouldn't make too much of this. Nothing frustrates an NFL coach in the moment like a player's unavailability. As soon as the player proves to be healthy for a stretch, that frustration tends to vanish.Last July, Kubiak said he thought Tate was capable of becoming "a top player in this league." Reliable beat writer John McClain quickly shot down the Tate-to-Browns rumor last offseason because the Texans are so high on Tate.
  2. I would be interested to get confirmation of this. 20 pounds, especially for a guy with his frame, already in world class shape, is a lot to put on. I could see 193, but 203 would be major for him.I read 203 on a fan site this preseason, where they were talking about how he's bulked up a bit. Huddle and Draft Scout list his combine weight at 192. Percy's personal site lists it at 195. Either way, in the same neighborhood as the 6'0", 203 pound Reggie Bush. Or the 5'11", 200 pound Jamaal Charles. And way, way bigger than the 180 pound Warrick Dunn. If his coaches think he can handle the workload, I see no reason to doubt them, especially given his history.Harvin is more streamlined this year than last. You can tell by the film. He also told CBS game analyst Solomon Wilcots before Game 1 that he had dropped 8-10 pounds.
  3. Tend to call the shiny and new roster owners "easy money." They don't play to win in any year even though they are telling themselves that they are.My sentiments exactly. Especially draft picks beyond the top-5 in a given year. Laugh your way to another title with Antonio Gates and Steve Smith this year while other guys overvalue Jermaine Gresham, Brent Celek, Antonio Brown, and the rookie WRs. I'm not saying all older players are undervalued. Most aren't even worth the roster space. It's the aging players that can still be expected to give you an upperhand every week for the next 2-3 years that are Dynasty gems.
  4. Great job, Bruce. I can't quibble with the individual rankings. Philosophically, though, I believe you generally short-change difference-makers with 2-3 dominant seasons left in favor of younger players who may never reach that level at any point in their careers. The primary directive is to wave as many banners as possible, not build the prettiest young roster.
  5. I'll ask about extending the Dynasty 200 to make it 300. And I'll try to get to the tiers at some point.Now extended to 300 in Draft Guide and Season Pass.
  6. Sorry, guys. Didn't know this thread had jump-started again in mid-August. It's not really that I'm "dedicated" to keeping my work at Rotoworld, though having them as my employer certainly does factor in. My lack of Dynasty-related output over the past couple of years has more to do with what Jason suggests here: For all of our efforts to the contrary, Dynasty leagues still comprise a tiny slice of the fantasy football pie. Rotoworld has to concentrate more on pumping out redraft info because that's the market demand. Rosenthal and the higher-ups are great about letting me post whatever Dynasty content I want. That's not the problem. The stumbling block is time. I used to come to this thread and pump out rankings as a retreat from the real world. Now fantasy football is my real world. My retreats no longer involve following or writing about professional sports. Silva and I were working 100-hour weeks during free agency. We're now down to 55-60. When the whistle blows at 5:00 (or more likely, midnight), I need an escape from football. It's sad but true. Every week, I make tentative plans to sit down and grind out Dynasty tiers as a free article on Rotoworld. It's still in the plans. But I always end up having a beer and throwing a little corn, or playing softball, or trying to salvage my relationship with my girlfriend in my time away from Rotoworld's news shifts, Draft Guide updates, and mandatory articles. I know ... labor pain/baby and rough seas/ship. Just letting you know where I'm coming from on the lack of Dynasty content.I'll ask about extending the Dynasty 200 to make it 300. And I'll try to get to the tiers at some point.
  7. I just don't understand your Jonathan Stewart ranking. By my count he's only the 6th most productive running back of his own class (2008). I realize you can take a long view here, but how long can you wait on a guy? A running back is a position that doesn't tend to get better with age. He's not shown the ability to ascend the depth chart. I realize DeAngelo is a very good player, but he's not a hall of famer by any stretch. When he's healthy, Stewart is an afterthought. He never practices. He's always dinged and he just hasn't matched the production of his fellow classmates.Anyone know when Stewart can become a free agent?Rotoworld's Contracts page: Stewart is signed through 2012, free agent in 2013.
  8. Absolutely.I have Nicks 10th on an all-position cheat sheet. The one thing that concerns me is durability. I might end up dropping him a few spots, but I don't think there's any question he's a top-5 dynasty WR.
  9. Seems like kind of a throw away article to me too. For the record, that article took about 2-3 weeks of research and twice as many writing hours as most of my articles do. You just can't have draft losers like Knowshon Moreno and Steven Jackson when their teams didn't address the position. The draft isn't going to bring Dynasty winners at running back and wide receiver very often. The nature of the draft helps established QBs and hurts veteran RBs and WRs.
  10. I use DoggCatcher, too. Very satisfied with it for $6.99. Probably the one app I use on a daily basis.
  11. Martin Scorsese's 2005 documentary on Bob Dylan, No Direction Home, is now streaming. Watched this on PBS when it came out and thought it was excellent. Received a Peabody Award in 2006 and a Columbia-duPont Award in 2007. Holds a 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.
  12. I'll expound in the article, but the gist of it is that I think: 1. His talent is worth the risk. 2. I don't think he's a bad seed. Just immature with a bunch of idiot friends. I'm not all that concerned about a 2-3 game suspension in Dynasty leagues.
  13. This was the latest I could find: http://www.rotoworld.com/archives/nfl/69/dynasty-rankingsYep, those are the latest rankings. Nothing has really happened since then except labor talks.I suppose one could say that a few things have happened, like Demaryius Thomas achilles tear, or Kenny Britt's arrest. Your rankings has Thomas at WR #23 and Britt at #11. Obviously, you will be moving Thomas down - however, have recent events caused you to downgrade Britt any?Yes, both players moving down. Thomas by a lot. Britt by a little. I'm doing a Twitter mailbag for a Rotoworld article this week, and the Britt/Dez Bryant issue is one of the questions. Hope to have it finished by Monday or Tuesday.
  14. This was the latest I could find: http://www.rotoworld.com/archives/nfl/69/dynasty-rankingsYep, those are the latest rankings. Nothing has really happened since then except labor talks.
  15. Last year was easily Orton's best fantasy season. It says a lot about him that he still couldn't crack 60 percent on completions (58.8) for the third time in four season as a starter. Long-term NFL starters must top 60 percent, preferably at least 62-63 percent. Orton is a stopgap, not an answer.
  16. I'm with thriftyrocker on this one. Philip Rivers' ceiling may not be much higher than Schaub's, but his floor certainly is because Schaub has been a much better fantasy QB than NFL QB. No QB in the league has shown a more head-scratching inability to make plays when it matters. If you further believe that a decent portion of Schaub's fantasy value comes from the Kubiak offense, stability is an issue there as well.
  17. He finished an underwhelming QB13 in points per game, which I believe is far more telling of fantasy value in a given season. For the majority of 2010, he was a disadvantage in head-to-head fantasy matchups.
  18. I think Reed is "just a guy." Do you really believe he's going to be the No. 3 WR in 2011? The Ravens have made it clear that they're going to import a downfield playmaker as a high priority this offseason.I don't think the Ravens are any higher on Reed than other teams are on their project receivers. He was a star in non-contact practices, which puts him on par with the likes of Tiquan Underwood. I'm not saying Reed can't eventually succeed Derrick Mason or carve out a niche as a slot receiver, but I've seen nothing to believe he's a top-100 receiver in Dynasty right now. In other words, he's not near the top of my deep sleeper list.
  19. I had him 39th in early February. I'd probably bump him 2-3 spots right now, so mid-30s. I'm high on him for the reasons you laid out.With what is happening (or likely to happen) with the league voting whether to have kickoffs moved from the 30 to the 35 yard line and touchbacks move from the 20 to the 25 yard line, wouldn't it make sense to downgrade him? (And others like him.)I don't play in return-yardage Dynasty leagues, so there's no way I'd downgrade him. Fewer kickoff returns might mean the Raiders give him more offensive snaps instead.
  20. I had him 39th in early February. I'd probably bump him 2-3 spots right now, so mid-30s. I'm high on him for the reasons you laid out.
  21. I don't think the bolded can possibly be right. Jones had games of 0, 5, 13, and 20 yards in the second half and just two TDs. I know he fell off the radar in the eyes of many during the season, but I'm still a believer. I ranked him 50th in early February, and I'd probably put him 5-10 spots higher right now.
  22. Also, heard back from John Oehser, who covered the Colts for the Indy Examiner and the Indy Football Report last season. His response: "Don't recall him saying that. To my knowledge, Collie wasn't quoted after concussion except in a press release by Colts."
  23. Slight concerns but there is a big difference: The league protects QBs from those hits to the nth degree, more than it should, really. And Rodgers isn't Mike Vick. He does run some but it's not the prime makeup of his game. Collie's game is the tough catch in the middle of the field. He puts himself in harms way all the time. Add to that fact the issue of how easily he seemed to get that concussion against JAX and the fact that he is somewhat "replaceable" (Blair White looked pretty good in that role and Gonzo 'could' recover) and I think you have to downgrade him. So let me turn your question around: How can you not downgrade Collie as an injury risk, especially more than you would downgrade Rodgers?I have downgraded Collie for risk. He'd be considerably higher without the concussion issue.I have not downgraded Rodgers. He can't go any higher than No. 1. But I do think there is some risk there. OK, my mistake then. I thought there was a comment about how high you had Collie compared to others in your last rankings. Agree about Rodgers. And as a side note, I want to make sure for those reading this that Chris has done a fantastic job with dynasty rankings over the years and you're probably better served following his opinion on Collie than mine. Thx, ConstruxBoy.I think I do have Collie considerably higher than most Dynasty lists. That's with the risk factor thrown in. He'd be borderline top-10 for me if not for the concussion issue. I've preferred him to Pierre Garcon going back to early 2009. I should mention there is someone higher on Collie than I am. Mike Clay of Pro Football Focus has Collie projected as the No. 5 WR for redraft leagues in 2011. IIRC, Clay actually had him at one or two and then made an adjustment.
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