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  1. I'm not seeing it being extremely tilted enough in one direction that it's egregious... non PPR
  2. I am sending offer in all my leagues for ETN where he was drafted after 1.3 hoping just this... his owner undervalues him because he won't be undervalued by mid season is my guess. When we see his usage I think it will be too late to get him.
  3. what's the latest pricing of D Adams? Anyone see any movement lately or is everyone waiting to see about the Rodgers situation. I'm wondering if I should shop and try to sell at a slight depreciation of value. Looking to start with a guy like Etienne as well as some additional pieces (future 1st,
  4. Like Moore better, couple that with non PPR and Moore is a smash accept for me
  5. Wow... I posted he’s available and haven’t heard anything. That would be a haul if 1QB league
  6. I agree it would be two assets that are either in legal limbo with an uncertain future or unproven rookie, respectively. Not many potential trade partners in a 12 team 1 QB league ...
  7. To which part of the question (if in fact it was to my post)?
  8. I am one of these owners that undervalues the QB position in FFPC 1 QB leagues. I just acquired Hurts which makes Mahomes expendable for the right value. I am thinking about trying to move him tot he Deshaun Watson owner. but am not sure about the needed add on for a solid return. Just how valuable is Mahomes in FFPC format for those that do in fact value QB. Something like Watson, Javonte Williams+ seems reasonable or am I selling short?
  9. FFPC 1QB league Mostert, J Wilson, Hardman (to Sermon owner) for Terrace Marshall, Hurts, 5.xx (took B Edwards)
  10. moved Melvin Gordon, Bryan Edwards and 3.07 to new J. Williams owner for Lavishka and 2.02, where I got E Moore. This team of mine has no RBs, so I am more or less punting to the future.
  11. some seem down on Jacobs, but that would be a home run for you IMO.
  12. Assuming the 1 QB format... This seems like rookie draft love to an extreme. Montgomery needs to get some credit for what he's done thus far. This is great value for the 1.10 and the 2.3 and Watkins in this deal are throw aways
  13. Great get for J Rob. Neither Davis or Engram are league winners but great depth pieces for a back up RB.
  14. Don't you mean... I'll take "How do bad teams stay bad?" for $1,000, Aaron.
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