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  1. FFPC gave: sermon, 3rd got: Terrace Marshall, 2nd saw how Sermon looked when given the shot last week and decided to cut bait.
  2. I am still a big believer in Miles so I'll take that side with the two better, proven WR assets to boot
  3. Barnes in DET is getting lots of positives for his play in preseason games 1 and 2. One to keep on eye on, especially with the LB core that they have in place.
  4. What is the price for anyone thinking about taking advantage of the news and moving their Michel share - possible to the Henderson owner? I would for a 2nd but think it might be difficult at that price. For a 3rd I'm more inclined to hold and see things shake out. Thoughts? Michel and a 3 for a 2nd?
  5. why would swapping Mixon for Gibson leave your RB group thinner? More injury prone in your opinion.
  6. For me Mooney and Viska are a push so it gets trimmed down to Aiyuk vs Carter and Davis - two Jets. And in my opinion its Aiyuk in a landslide!
  7. FFPC, 1 QB Team A Gets: Ridley, Z. Moss Team B Gets: Rob Anderson, Deebo, Darrell Henderson and Bateman
  8. Obviuously without knowledge on what every team is trying to accomplish but I like Team A because they have 3 chances (2 big ones with the rookie RBs) to hit pay dirt. Team D - decent cash out on Gaskin who I may be completely wrong about but don 't think he'll be the answer in Mia, even this year. Team Y - I must be the only guy on Earth who still believes in Jacobs Team E - This is criminally low for Thomas IMO (just saw this was SF, still take Thomas, though)
  9. RB Depth still looks solid for this year, but might want to get some RB lottery tickets on the end of your bench for 22 and hope someone hits. As far as the deal, I love Aiyuk to show out so I love the deal. By the way your WR core is sick!
  10. Probably want to get him on the field and utilize him as a weapon... sorry wrong thread.
  11. Seems very even to me, so not getting the "smash almost any way you slice it" statement. Jamin landing spot certainly added big value to him but I prefer Diontae to Deebo easily. fair deal just depends on player preference.
  12. I personally like the Williams and Woods side and by a good margin. Woods' shown nothing but constant production and Williams stock this time next year might be through the roof.
  13. Agree. Not often you can get a future 1st when dealing picks this late in a start up.
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