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  1. I do not value QBs at all in this FFPC 1QB format. I took over an orphan that needs some work and had Cousins, Burrow and Tua. The goal was to move 2 of the QBs. Since Cousins hold no ones interest I’ve been trying to slowly move Burrow and Tua for the past few weeks. I moved Burrow and 2022 3rd for Landry and 2022 2nd first because he was more sought after. Tua was not getting any bites. But after an owner made a trade that left his roster at 15 I quickly moved on the opportunity to fill out his roster for him for cheap. I got what I could, which was Tua, 4.05 for two (2) 2022 3rds. In total
  2. At first I like the Henry side. Think Ertz is donezo and a roster clogger. 2.07 is nothing to sneeze at so I guess this boils down to if you hit or miss on that pick. I don’t draft well so I would take the side getting Hunter. after thinking about it, though, Henry isn’t special either. Not a difference maker. He’s never gonna elevate into what he’s occasionally shown us in flashes. If you are confident in your drafting ability I’d say take a shot with the 2.07. Also gives you some flexibility.
  3. I feel like the idea of getting players cheaper than usual before the cut down period for teams with some available spots to fill has been discussed. Any way to try a similar approach before cut downs to 20 prior to the season opener? some teams seem to have between 10-15 picks to go along with their 16 keepers. Those teams have to cut down to 20 before the season starts and young talent ( that might not get the camp hype) or middle the road vets both have the potential to be cut and therefore can be had for very cheap, as well. I’m trying to move most of my picks for 2022 bumps this
  4. You squeezed value to get Davis alone for the 3rd and 2022 third. Maybe other owner wasn’t going to keep them so got what he could but it meant a nice discount on Davis for you. try moving those other two but doubt either brings back anything.
  5. I think RoJo IF you can get a future 2nd throw into the deal. I own him in one spot and tried to move him for 1.12 but was shot down. Therefore, you might want to get some icy on top for the 1.10. Since then I’ve come around on him and if Fournette doesn’t resign I think he’s in store for a really solid year.
  6. Don’t think Wentz is worth more than a 2021 4th, at least IMO, in 1QB format. I wouldn’t even pay that. He doesn’t move the needle much and I would definitely give more for Hurts now because the added element of running. Draft a starting QB in the 6th/7th like Carr/Cousins/Brady. They all as good as or better options to Wentz.
  7. Pretty easily Watson for me. Don’t play Devy but my understanding is the draft is watered down due to top 2021 prospects already being rostered. Watson.
  8. Why on Earth would anyone pay these prices (5x the buy in) for someone else’s team? I can’t wrap my head around this, especially with something like fantasy football where nothing is a sure thing.
  9. FFPC, 1 QB Burrow, 2022 3rd for Jarvis Landry, 2022 2nd
  10. Team that acquired Kelce and Ridley knocked this off season out of the park, IMO. FFPC consolidation time and he did just that. Gave up bunch of depth and got two huge difference makers which is what FFPC is all about. Good on him to put his roster in a position to make moves like this and then being able to get them done.
  11. Depends on the league size. In FFPC, yes, because everyone cuts down to 14 position players and a third can get you better (before cut down and in the draft). Something with deep roster spots maybe it’s not an overpay.
  12. Youll get plenty of starts outta him in the next 2 years with Cooks injury history. It’s real... at least I believe it is.
  13. I’m trying to move Burrow and or Tua before cut down in FFPC (1 QB). Everyone is fairly stingy this time of year before cut downs. Hoping to get a 3rd for Tua or a 2nd for Burrow. Maybe Burrow for piece like AJ Dillon or RoJo? Thoughts
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