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  1. Probably want to get him on the field and utilize him as a weapon... sorry wrong thread.
  2. Seems very even to me, so not getting the "smash almost any way you slice it" statement. Jamin landing spot certainly added big value to him but I prefer Diontae to Deebo easily. fair deal just depends on player preference.
  3. I personally like the Williams and Woods side and by a good margin. Woods' shown nothing but constant production and Williams stock this time next year might be through the roof.
  4. Agree. Not often you can get a future 1st when dealing picks this late in a start up.
  5. Jacobs in the Gaskin, Moestert, etc, etc, tier.... Is this dynasty? If so, that is insane talk. Alls he's done is finish top 24 his rookie season and followed that up with a top 12 finish in PPR. Don't care how many touches you get in order to do it.... that's impressive. He gets no love. I'll be buying if this is the standard price all off season.
  6. I just moved Kelce in an effort to rebuild and get younger. Won't be competitive this season. FFPC Gave: Kelce Got: Bateman, Deebo, 2022 1st, 2022 2nd, AJDillon The first projects to be late for sure as his roster will be super competitive. Hoping either Bateman and/or Dillon see a good increase in value over the next 12 months and maybe try to move Deebo.
  7. I realize Marshall is a longer term project and I am not expecting much in year one, but I think Pittman might become the Colts WR 1 this season whereas JuJu still has two other WRs to compete with for targets.
  8. FFPC gave: Juju, Corey Davis Got: Pittman and T. Marshall IMO Davis is a roster clogger at this point and I simply do not value juju as I once did. I think Pittman and Marshall as tremendous upside. Hoping in a year and look back on this deal and it was a winner.
  9. FFPC Gave: Irv Smith, Engram, Gus Edwards, Mooney Got: DJ Moore, Herndon, D Henderson and 4th
  10. I agree, especially with Mahomes as your QB. Don’t love Reagor, but Gus is solid in a pinch and you are cashing out Julio for 2 firsts. Most owners can’t move Julio for one 1st currently.
  11. FFPC that is an orphan rebuild. only real assets are Kelce and AaronJones Gave: Aaron Jones Got: Aiyuk, 2022 2nd, 2022 3rd not competing this year and by next off season I think Aiyuk is the more valuable asset of the two. Jones will be 27 yo
  12. I'm sure you have your reasons and know your league mates best but I think this is selling Taylor dirt cheap. If Allen is your target why not keep Taylor and float one of your 1st + for Allen and have a great core going forward. I for one punt QB in 1 QB leagues. Find on the cheap... for example - Ryan Tannehill will produce another top 10 finish this year and can be had for pennies that it cost for Allen.
  13. Superflex aint really my thing but I would have wanted more to give up Mahomes from what I understand in SF
  14. Just acquired Jacobs in FFPC Got Josh Jacob Gave AJ Dillon, 2022 2nd, 3rd, 3rd, 3rd as much as I like Dillon and think he carves out a larger role this year and next I preferred this value on Jacobs.
  15. Trying to acquire Adams because my current team is in a position to take a risk with a potential big payoff if I can get adams at a discount. Was offered Devonte Adams, Z. Moss and Toney for R. Jones, Lavishka, Diontae Johnson and future 1st I countered with Cris Carson replacing Moss. or replacing his haul with a 2, 2, 3, 4 instead of the 1st. Is the original deal worth the risk if I can't get him on either of my counters?
  16. If his perceived value increases heading into the season I think he becomes a perfect sell high candidate.
  17. considering moving my Aaron Jones share for Dillon ++ , but I also think I may be getting a little too cute. I do like Dillon to have some good games (perhaps 2 TD games) although they will be unpredictable without a Jones injury. It is a big value drop from Jones to Dillon and would therefore need good compensation to make the move.
  18. Unfortunately I don’t think this is representative of the larger picture, but rather anecdotal. He’s going for much more routinely...
  19. I would definitely give a mid 2nd for Lavishka. He proved he belongs on an NFL field. Beast with the ball in his hands. They will find ways to continue to get him the ball ETN or not.... what do you all think you can draft with that mid 3rd?? Nothing as good as Lavishka IMO
  20. Scarcity at the TE position decreases with fewer teams is what I think he’s alluding to.
  21. Additionally where would Dionate Johnson and JUJU fit within this list. Sutton, D. Johnson Jeudy, JuJu, Claypool Chark, Waddle Bateman, Gallup What does everyone think about those other two Pitts. WRs
  22. It’s FFPC so shallow roster, TE premium 1.5
  23. diggs easily for me
  24. Turning an older orphan into a young competitive team and am hammering out a deal to move on from Aaron Jones, who I don't particularly love. I would trade; AJones/E Engram/ 2022 2nd and receive; Aiyuk, Fant, Rojo I like Rojo's production last year and see continued growth in the offense. Downgrade from Jones for sure but need a RB2 this season while I wait on Sermon. I prefer Fant over Engram for sure... Younger, bigger upside (imagine if Rodgers goes to Denver).... Like what Aiyuk showed last year. Is the upgrade at TE and Aiyuk enough to cover the downgrade in RB??
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