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  1. Agree it comes down the scarcity... Williams for me.
  2. People seeing Pitts traded at all post rookie drafts. Would Pitts owners move him for Kelce or Kittle Straight up?
  3. I was surprised as well. He was drafted at 1.08 two weeks ago and I don’t think I could have ever gotten the 1.08 for Julio on the clock. I think that 8 pick was after a tier break and maybe he wasn’t thrilled with Sermon after the fact. Not sure...
  4. Just moved Julio. Had an offer of 2022 2nd and 2022 3rd but instead offer him to different owner for Trey Sermon and KJ Hamler and was accepted. Thought Sermon had the upside to be worth more than 2nd and 3rd in a year. This is a rebuild team for reference...
  5. I have Adams in a FFPC and would not do this deal even if Rodgers was traded. I guess we value Mixon different even with super flex making the 2nd little better
  6. Additionally just because something is fair doesn’t obligate you to take the deal...
  7. It’s especially crazy because the asset he obtained was awful but also liquid that every other owner could have bettered. It was a lesser, specific player that team B wanted for Ekeler. Therefore he could have gotten the 4.04, 5.04, 6.04, 7.04 .... or better yet he could have gotten 4.03, 5.03, 6.03, 7.03... or better yet he could have gotten ... so in and so fourth. I am generally one for not overturning trades but this needs to be overturned IMO
  8. Love Fant side in a landslide. Used undrafted rookie's good season to flip for a player with pedigree. Writing is already on the wall for Robinson so I am shocked you were able to make this deal post NFL Draft.
  9. I disagree. In 12 months I think Lamb and Moore might be the two most valuable assets in this deal. Not something that multiple owners should be protesting IMO
  10. I’m trying to take advantage of any ETN owners that don’t like the sounds of it but with little luck this far
  11. Future 1 over Burrow all day in 1QB league. If benches are short, like FFPC, I love this deal for you
  12. Won’t know until you feel out your league GMs. Get word out you’d be willing to move three 2nds to creep into the late first and see where it potentially gets you.
  13. This is exactly why inside info is so crucial in IDP. Having mediocre talents blow up in a ripe situation can lead to big pay offs down the road if you can capitalize and sell at the right time. Hicks completely fit this bill and that’s not say he won’t have value somewhere else but he was a sell high last off season IMO. Similarly, I liked Oluoken heading into last season because of the cost bs upside and got him for a 5th but am now ready to move him for considerable profit. He might buck the trend and be a mid round draft pick that produces at last years level for multiple years but I’m hedging my bet and trying to cash out.
  14. Use the 1.10 and your own presumable later 2nd (than 2.02) or future 2nd to move to 1.07 and get Javonte. Or hold out hope that Sermon is there at 1.10. Carter might be a consolation prize but I'd rather Williams or Sermon for sure.
  15. I'm not seeing it being extremely tilted enough in one direction that it's egregious... non PPR
  16. I am sending offer in all my leagues for ETN where he was drafted after 1.3 hoping just this... his owner undervalues him because he won't be undervalued by mid season is my guess. When we see his usage I think it will be too late to get him.
  17. what's the latest pricing of D Adams? Anyone see any movement lately or is everyone waiting to see about the Rodgers situation. I'm wondering if I should shop and try to sell at a slight depreciation of value. Looking to start with a guy like Etienne as well as some additional pieces (future 1st,
  18. Like Moore better, couple that with non PPR and Moore is a smash accept for me
  19. Wow... I posted he’s available and haven’t heard anything. That would be a haul if 1QB league
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