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  1. I agree it would be two assets that are either in legal limbo with an uncertain future or unproven rookie, respectively. Not many potential trade partners in a 12 team 1 QB league ...
  2. To which part of the question (if in fact it was to my post)?
  3. I am one of these owners that undervalues the QB position in FFPC 1 QB leagues. I just acquired Hurts which makes Mahomes expendable for the right value. I am thinking about trying to move him tot he Deshaun Watson owner. but am not sure about the needed add on for a solid return. Just how valuable is Mahomes in FFPC format for those that do in fact value QB. Something like Watson, Javonte Williams+ seems reasonable or am I selling short?
  4. FFPC 1QB league Mostert, J Wilson, Hardman (to Sermon owner) for Terrace Marshall, Hurts, 5.xx (took B Edwards)
  5. moved Melvin Gordon, Bryan Edwards and 3.07 to new J. Williams owner for Lavishka and 2.02, where I got E Moore. This team of mine has no RBs, so I am more or less punting to the future.
  6. some seem down on Jacobs, but that would be a home run for you IMO.
  7. Assuming the 1 QB format... This seems like rookie draft love to an extreme. Montgomery needs to get some credit for what he's done thus far. This is great value for the 1.10 and the 2.3 and Watkins in this deal are throw aways
  8. Great get for J Rob. Neither Davis or Engram are league winners but great depth pieces for a back up RB.
  9. Don't you mean... I'll take "How do bad teams stay bad?" for $1,000, Aaron.
  10. Akers owners have blindly moved past this Henderson thing but reality might tell us otherwise.I own no shares of Akers and only a lonely share of Henderson but I’m baffled at the crowning of Akers already..
  11. People love picks over proven NFL talent. I’ll take Sanders and Moore easily here
  12. Unfortunately I think the opposite will happen as he will start to shoot up boards based on landing spot. Mid to late 1st might be where he starts to get taken in some drafts. I think you are going to have to pay to get him in this thin RB draft.
  13. I don’t think Bateman should free fall to mid - late 2nd IMO
  14. I kicked almost all of my 2021 picks in my five leagues down the road for increased 2022 draft capital. Not sure what that class holds but I only currently hold a 1.05 and 4.04 in all of my five leagues combined. With a few of the landing spots I'm okay with this. I'll have to pick up some scraps off the WW week 1 but maybe can use 2022 capital to get slow starting rookies in bad "situations" that I like talent wise for cheaper in season than would have in the draft itself. we will see.
  15. Even in a 16 teamer, this is a nice haul for Tonyan before the news of Rodgers started swirling.... Now it feels like possible theft.
  16. I Realize Ekeler's appeal in PPR formats but I'll take the upside over the proven here with Dillon, Reagor and the 1st pretty easily for me.
  17. I think many abandoned teams in the past, both bad and good (and everything in between) - that were sold off of myffpc's site under their orphan link - featured deals that could be had because myffpc wanted to get something out of them while never folding a league. It will be interesting how these same types of teams will be sold on DD in the subsequent off season. The market will be flooded with these often cheap teams by DD themselves and those looking to turn profits may find a flooded market.
  18. TE premium I have a tier 1 with 5 players, so I don’t like this particular move. You are simply staying within my tier 1 and shipping off a solid dart throw at 1.10 . If I made this deal I would definitely be the one receiving the 1.05 and 1.10 and be thrilled about it. Everyone has varying tier breaks though and ultimately that is why these deals get done.
  19. or since you are playing the long game, try to move 1.10 to an interested party during the draft. Maybe borderline playoff team for 2022 1st. Then it could really be worth it if you end up at the top of 2022 draft with it. I know, I know- easier said than done, but worth the try.
  20. I prefer Lamb but can see both sides and preference here. Sometimes I get too caught up with age and miss out on production because of it
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