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  1. I prefer Lamb but can see both sides and preference here. Sometimes I get too caught up with age and miss out on production because of it
  2. speaking of Carolina, does anyone foresee Denzel Perryman having a significant role there or is he a 2 down guy/back-up player depending on their draft. Hoping to acquire him in one of my deeper leagues on the cheap. His price might be worth the gamble either way.
  3. Lawrence ain’t worth a top 5 selection IMO.
  4. I think people will quickly find that there won't be a huge market for buying teams for more than one could invest in a start up themselves. The market is there for people to buy heavily discounted teams - basically people who want out. Currently, I think people are assuming they can buy into a maiden, draft wonderfully and turn a profit in 1-2 months. Not going to happen for most. I think it's going to lead to a lot of people holding the bag and eventually selling for much much cheaper when hit with a real dose of reality. I could be totally wrong, but only the extremely stacked squads will turn a profit.
  5. If I was a Waller owner I’d flip Waller for Pitts straight up. I know Waller has the track record of production but in this case I’d take on the risk of Pitts becoming truly elite
  6. FFPC Gave: Thielen got: 2022 1st, 3rd Having a little sellers remorse but Thielen was likely to be my WR 4/5 and I think the pick will be top 6. Time will tell.
  7. I love accumulating future 1st as well but Allen is a difference maker at the position in my opinion, whereas Baker is an average option. If this is FFPC and you want to move Allen, again, move him for more draft capital and just pick up a Mayfield equivalency off the wire before the season or after the draft when some teams are holding 25 guys and three QBs for a 7th. Cousins, Fitz, Carr... whomever
  8. I think you gave too much to get Burrow. I realize it’s 14 team which bumps QB a little but that also bumps a RB like Hunts value as well. I think you should have rolled with Danny Dimes and Hunt. If you are completely not sold on Jones, I would have tried to get a Cousins type QB (steady play but someone’s back-up) for much less.
  9. I'd say Pitts has a better shot at being there than Williams.
  10. can't understand why? 1.3 is gold and this is not near value for it. Chase's year 1 will dwarf Cook's 2021 season. Right. Out. The. Gate.
  11. Wow some last minute craziness in a few of my league... Things went dormant the past 24 hours and then a few of my leagues popped off at like 10:00-Midnight / Deadline I took on 4 orphans this off season and was able to make a lot of deals and improve the outlook of each one. FFPC is wild with that cut down date. Level of activity and fun over the past week was high. Gotta get back to the real world, though.
  12. FFPC right at the deadline gave: 7.05 got: Hooper For bench depth
  13. Did a maiden draft last year and picked up like 4 orphans this year. So my first off season in this FFPC format. The past few days a few of those leagues popped off with activity. One league had roughly 20 trades, big and small, on Sunday. Sure exciting time if you are in these formats. I find even getting value in the small trades can add up. when repeated a few times.
  14. I’ve been hunting for big fish the past few days before cut downs Just landed another big time WR in FFPC got AJ Brown gave Evan Engram, Mike Williams, Juju, Gabe Davis now I have to find some roster fillers for cheap before cut down but I’m happy with the deal
  15. I wanted to wait on my 1.08 until the draft but this seemed like getting Watson on the cheap and didn’t want to wait Got DeShaun Watson, 2022 1st, 3.05, 2022 3rd Gave 1.08, Hamler, 4.08
  16. FFPC acquired McLaurin, 3.04 gave 2022 1st, RoJo and Gus Edwards... have no RBs and was actually counting on these two, but couldn’t pass up this value on McLaurin and I’ll figure out RBs eventually
  17. Any reason to try and acquire Watson right now.... so much swirling but I was offered him for basically nothing. Wondering if it is even worth it
  18. Speaking of Robinson, just went down in FFPC i got: Lamb, Diontae Johnson, Gallup i gave: Allen Robinson, 1.05 trying to get younger and I prefer using my picks on known NFL production. I try to punt all my picks for current NFL players- this is just another example of that.
  19. Allen Robinson over Edmonds and Shanault all the way. Easily for me.
  20. I’ll buy him all day where I can at his new reduced price....
  21. If he’s going to be a starter you literally have only a few good skill position players currently rostered, which makes the long game an even smarter play. If all these rookies are slotted in as instant starters you might project to have an early 1st in 2022, which makes trading it away questionable...
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