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  1. That’s just the point. The 5th player you draft this year would literally be a depth pick on your roster. The ability to have two 2022 1st could potentially yield great draft capital on its own next year or could be combined for a top 1-3 pick and a ‘stud’ if that’s what you value the most. It takes some patience to play the long game which can be hard to do this time of year but sometimes it can yield the best value.
  2. My thoughts are with all these early-mid first rounders already in your pocket I personally don’t see the need to move into that tier (top 8 for me) for the 5th time when the 1.12 will still yield a solid player (maybe even Lawrence - depending on your league) my move with four top 8 picks already would have probably been to move the 1.12 on the clock for a future 1st (maybe +) while also keeping my own future 1st. But there are a thousand ways to run a dynasty organization.
  3. Curious to know what you’d take for him right now
  4. FFPC team A gave: Samuel, Lavishka, 2022 3rd & 4th Team B gave: Diontae Johnson, Reagor pick your flavor
  5. FFPC Team A got: Sutton, Trautman, 3.10, 2022 4th, 2022 4th Team B got: Mims, 2.05, 2022 1st, 2022 3rd
  6. I was recently trying to acquire more shares of Dillon with no luck and then the AJones news breaks and I am relieved to not be over saturated with Dillon on all of my rosters.
  7. I love what you did. It’s early but I see a tier break there, as well. These are the small moves that can pay dividends
  8. Roster clogger or not I was just offered Big Mike for my 3.05. I had the roster spot so I took the deal. Dude is a beast and while he is often plagued with nagging injuries (back, etc) I still think he can be a late career bloomer.
  9. I wonder if you could even get him for a 1st at this point. In season playoff push I could understand paying little extra but I het the sense this off season his value is depressed.
  10. What his trade value in terms of 2021 pick? what would you want vs. what would you take?
  11. Gave 2.06 and 2022 2nd Got Gallup and two 2022 4ths with Dak definitely returning I know there will be a more than competent QB under center and he’s proven in the league. I know there is competition for targets but he’s a good football player
  12. Gave 2.06 and 2022 2nd got Gallup and two 2022 4ths
  13. FFPC got Mooney and Hamler for 2.08. Needed to fill a few spots on an orphan. Its no Sutton, but...
  14. If i got a 3.09 offer for Sutton I wouldn't even bother countering. You got lucky!
  15. As a Sutton owner I would most definitely say that’s a steal, IMO.
  16. I much prefer Hockenson to Pittman so it comes down to do the pick upgrades cover that difference. IMO, I don’t think they do...
  17. Seems like your roster are probably larger based on you trading for the likes of Jordan Love. I’d personally take Johnnu, Samuel and hope Wentz takes a step back to previous form. In a 1QB you couldn’t get a QB you were comfortable with for less??
  18. I do not value QBs at all in this FFPC 1QB format. I took over an orphan that needs some work and had Cousins, Burrow and Tua. The goal was to move 2 of the QBs. Since Cousins hold no ones interest I’ve been trying to slowly move Burrow and Tua for the past few weeks. I moved Burrow and 2022 3rd for Landry and 2022 2nd first because he was more sought after. Tua was not getting any bites. But after an owner made a trade that left his roster at 15 I quickly moved on the opportunity to fill out his roster for him for cheap. I got what I could, which was Tua, 4.05 for two (2) 2022 3rds. In total Tua and Burrow 4.05 (I don’t value anything past the 3rd) for Landry, 2022 2nd and 3rd. Not great return but it shows how little I think these two are difference makers at this position in this format. Anyone else have a league trade open up a selling window because the team now had below the 16 player cut line? I guess you just really have to pay attention for these small selling windows.
  19. At first I like the Henry side. Think Ertz is donezo and a roster clogger. 2.07 is nothing to sneeze at so I guess this boils down to if you hit or miss on that pick. I don’t draft well so I would take the side getting Hunter. after thinking about it, though, Henry isn’t special either. Not a difference maker. He’s never gonna elevate into what he’s occasionally shown us in flashes. If you are confident in your drafting ability I’d say take a shot with the 2.07. Also gives you some flexibility.
  20. I feel like the idea of getting players cheaper than usual before the cut down period for teams with some available spots to fill has been discussed. Any way to try a similar approach before cut downs to 20 prior to the season opener? some teams seem to have between 10-15 picks to go along with their 16 keepers. Those teams have to cut down to 20 before the season starts and young talent ( that might not get the camp hype) or middle the road vets both have the potential to be cut and therefore can be had for very cheap, as well. I’m trying to move most of my picks for 2022 bumps this year and see if I can get talent before the season for even cheaper than I can during the rookie draft season. im aware I’m talking about guys with even lower shot of hitting (although rookies are now added to rosters) but feel like the profit from getting pick bumps from 3rd-5th rounders might off set the one gem available in these rounds and then use future 6-7s to fill out those last 4 spots prior to season opener. Is this a crazy stupid idea on my part or worth exploring? having a large handful or future picks can also help in the appeal if you wanted to sell that team the following year. At the very least consolidating your picks to a total of 4 in the current year and bumping the rest for future draft gains should be considered.
  21. You squeezed value to get Davis alone for the 3rd and 2022 third. Maybe other owner wasn’t going to keep them so got what he could but it meant a nice discount on Davis for you. try moving those other two but doubt either brings back anything.
  22. I think RoJo IF you can get a future 2nd throw into the deal. I own him in one spot and tried to move him for 1.12 but was shot down. Therefore, you might want to get some icy on top for the 1.10. Since then I’ve come around on him and if Fournette doesn’t resign I think he’s in store for a really solid year.
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