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  1. Don’t think Wentz is worth more than a 2021 4th, at least IMO, in 1QB format. I wouldn’t even pay that. He doesn’t move the needle much and I would definitely give more for Hurts now because the added element of running. Draft a starting QB in the 6th/7th like Carr/Cousins/Brady. They all as good as or better options to Wentz.
  2. Pretty easily Watson for me. Don’t play Devy but my understanding is the draft is watered down due to top 2021 prospects already being rostered. Watson.
  3. Why on Earth would anyone pay these prices (5x the buy in) for someone else’s team? I can’t wrap my head around this, especially with something like fantasy football where nothing is a sure thing.
  4. Team that acquired Kelce and Ridley knocked this off season out of the park, IMO. FFPC consolidation time and he did just that. Gave up bunch of depth and got two huge difference makers which is what FFPC is all about. Good on him to put his roster in a position to make moves like this and then being able to get them done.
  5. Depends on the league size. In FFPC, yes, because everyone cuts down to 14 position players and a third can get you better (before cut down and in the draft). Something with deep roster spots maybe it’s not an overpay.
  6. Youll get plenty of starts outta him in the next 2 years with Cooks injury history. It’s real... at least I believe it is.
  7. I’m trying to move Burrow and or Tua before cut down in FFPC (1 QB). Everyone is fairly stingy this time of year before cut downs. Hoping to get a 3rd for Tua or a 2nd for Burrow. Maybe Burrow for piece like AJ Dillon or RoJo? Thoughts
  8. FFPC Right now I’m projecting to keep one of Penny, LeVeon, Gus, Cohen or Trautman they all seem fairly interchangeable with Trautman being the most intriguing with upside type guy cohen and Trautman got nibbles
  9. We all know consolidating before FFPC cut downs is the goal. I have a handful of fringe guys and need to keep 1. The two I like the most are the two getting nibbles, albeit for crumbs, but my question is when we’re talking about guys that don’t hold much value from one to the next- do you move the slightly better tradable asset for dirt cheap and keep the next best thing so feel like you squeezed the most out of your roster before cut downs?
  10. I know that CEH is locked in KC for the next 4 years and he’s coming back off an injury, but I can’t help but be worried about his outlook going forward. Why run when you can throw every play with Mahomes. The numbers bear it out that it’s more efficient to have Mahomes throw the ball. On top of that Damien Williams might be back in the fold next year, Darrel Williams is possibly carving out a role and trust in this playoff run and they could even consider signing another cheap vet (like LBell this year).
  11. I’m sure he did that and this was the best haul available in his particular league. Calculator values aren’t accurate when it comes to a player’s perceived value in a small sample size of 11 other owners...
  12. I guess it all comes down to where you value a guy like Goedert. While this past draft might have seen some names like Gibson and Aiyuk in the 20-24 range it was full of land mines as well, with the likes of Hamler, Edwards, Vaughn, Tyler Johnson, Eno Benjamin, McFarland, Prople-Jones, depending on that site you get your ADP from. IDP format might push a name or two back in the top 22, but doesn’t change my outlook on this trade. not that these guys should be judged after a single, weird rookie season either, but their lack of current value doesn’t help in your rosters current flexibility, either. I for one prefer to accumulate good football players then play the flexible roster game. And I view Goedert as a good football player. I fully understand if someone doesn’t agree on this point as He does need to put together a full solid season.
  13. What do you consider the 2.10 if not random chance at a starter? As was mentioned earlier I’m not moving Goedert for the 2.10. Not even close. This is a wonderful time of year to poach players like this because people just love draft picks!!
  14. Dropped pass rate was characteristic of his time in college if I recall correctly.
  15. Wondering what other value RoJo at moving forward? Was offered the 1.12 in FFPC and think I should take it. Vaughn there to take some work next year.
  16. If Dillon looks at all the way he did last night next week or during their playoff run you better believe they will be moving in a direction that gets him at least a 50/50 timeshare next year. Why pony up the $$ for AJones when a combo of Dillon/Williams can get it done for cheaper.
  17. I believe Dobbins ends next year with better numbers than Gibson if both have a full, healthy season. I understand his lack of pass catching caps his value but I wouldn’t move a talent like Ruggs , who hasn’t gotten a chance to show himself this season, AND Dobbins for Gibson. Dobbins pops when I watch him.
  18. I moved Jon Taylor for him a month ago so I am glad he’s finishing on a decent note without Burrow. This past week gives me a level of confidence the trade was at the very least a win-win for both owners.
  19. Along these same lines (Morrow, Nick K on C- list) Raekwon McMillan might be a plug and play /desperation start for anyone in deeper league who needs a WW flyer. I just scooped him up in a 16 team dynasty as a stash. Still a 2nd round talent, 25 years old that might catch on somewhere this off-season and develop a roll. Value has nowhere to go but up getting a start or two to end the season and maybe a new destination to compete for starting job on 1st and 2nd downs. Below is taken from article when Raiders acquired him in August... “The Dolphins used a second-round pick on McMillan in the 2017 draft, but the Ohio State product tore his ACL during the preseason and spent his entire rookie campaign on injured reserve. He returned to the field in 2018 and started all 16 games, making 69 solo tackles. Last season he started 12 games and advanced metrics ranked him as one of the league’s better run-stopping linebackers.”
  20. I think Rashard Higgins might be that guy. Not sure about contract status moving forward but I think he’s establishing a bigger role in the offense than Donovan Peoples Jones.
  21. I mean I like Jacob Phillips like the next guy but 35. I hope you are right but I’m not sure what led you to regard him this high? Seems like you gave a lot of love to all the rookie LBs- many of which haven’t produced at this level yet.
  22. BigAl21

    Titans IDPs

    Rashaan is my LB2 in dynasty and I just expected more production out of him this year. I was considering trading him on name value and the fact he’s still young but if Jayon leaves town he might soak up more tackles and such. Is holding Evans probably the right move, Bri?
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