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  1. Now you want to talk fishing, here is an old April fools my daughter and I played on my mother. My daughter made her phone text as another number to my mom and said, " Welcome to cat facts! We will now send you free cat facts hourly!" So the next few hours we sent various cat facts. Moms didn't say anything, so we send , " we are glad you like cat facts, would you like the "premium" version of cat facts for $25 a month? You will receive cat facts every 5 mins. Text yes or no." She types "no" of course and we send back, " welcome to the premium version of cat facts, your credit ca
  2. Thats way over my head, honestly , my oldest told me to use Chrome instead of IE and installed those 2 adblockers for me. It works for me on both Pandora and Spotify.
  3. No, not fishing, was trying to help out. Sorry it didn't work for you. Working fine here though, so far anyway.
  4. Right, I haven't heard a one since I started Spotify. It works for Pandora too, although it does have to be re-loaded every now and then.
  5. adblockpro If you look in the top right hand corner, you will see it has blocked 30 ads since I started Spotify this morning.
  6. Wow, loving spotify so far. With my ad blocker...well there are no ads.
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