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  1. Anyone else try "American Vandal" on Netflix? I have to recommend it, pretty darn funny.
  2. I have a crazy Uncle (by marriage) in Tampa who will not leave.... which that is up to him, but he won't let my Aunt leave without him so I hope she is going to be ok.
  3. I got Exploding Kittens and Joking Hazard for my birthday. The family had grown tired of "Trouble" and "Crazy 8" so I got those. The family liked both, probably liked Joking Hazard a little more, we all have a dark sense of humor.
  4. $25 Texas Roadhouse gift card... looking for other gift cards.
  5. If you would like, I could see about having my 16 year old daughter and her classmates fix him up a card of some kind.
  6. Listening to a lot of Bowie lately. Friggin genius... I really F'd up not seeing him live.....
  7. A friend of mine is in the CPAP industry , selling the machines I believe. Anyway she is hot.
  8. Gotcha. Well the hauling away they will have easy, the neighborhood spot for that is the next lot over.
  9. To cut trees and bushes, de-stump area, and bring back yard to grade with 2 loads of topsoil ... $2500 Without topsoil... $2000
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