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  1. It’s a question of perspective. Who is making the valuation and through what lens? 2 observers will have two different opinions, infinite observers infinite opinions. Are you pleasing a random observer or yourself? That is the only consideration
  2. What are the feelings on Miles Sanders? I wonder if he is teetering towards a 3rd down back/committee if he doesn’t take a fairly large step forward with his interior rushing. I wonder how a healthy line impacts that he was a favorite of a regime that is gone
  3. Robby Anderson. Minimal investment or for dynasty owners who’ve seen flashes of dominance and route running for years, one last shot in a new situation with a coach who believes in him. put up a remarkably consistent year even if it somewhat leveled out as the season wore on. Solid WR2 returns. Chance card as opposed to community chest moving forward very similar to John Browns campaign the year before
  4. Fair enough. My last point, if you look at each owner within the league as an individual market with unique determinations of asset values the analogy works fine
  5. Depends on how you look at it. You aren’t selling for universal currency, you are trading value for value. Essentially bartering. Everyone has differing perceived asset value. My extraordinarily simple point was that you use rankings and mocks to figure out how to exploit that perceived value difference in trades as much possible.
  6. I doubt we are disagreeing but meme away
  7. You have it backwards. You evaluate what the market thinks and if you are more bullish or bearish you arbitrage for value. None of these rankings are ‘right’, they are a snapshot of perceived value.
  8. All this is fair. I’d easily take Tua over Hurts for a couple of reasons. I want my backup QB with upside and job security. They will either play once a year on bye, or their value will ascend to a point they can be traded for an asset and the QB2 process begins again. if I’m worrying about job security I need to burn an extra roster spot on a QB with zero long term dynasty value. That roster spot has value in my league.
  9. I think Tua and Burrow will end up being fairly close. Burrows has Rodgers upside but will likely be a QB8-14 type. Tua’s range is wider but is more likely to be a QB12-16. I like Tua’s accuracy and his composure. I think he will improve outside the numbers but this is a ? my opinion on dynasty QB (like TE) is that there are the top 5 and everyone else. I’m not sure I feel very strongly either one is more likely to get there. guessing on Fields is premature without fit and commitment to build around him, but his dynasty position moved a lot closer to Lawrence yesterday
  10. Stations are into drumming up controversy to have hot takes and get people to listen. They are right that this issue will be prime content for them for the better part of the next year.
  11. I’m not aware of the local talk radio stuff. He should be the “#1” going into camp with a healthy team. Doesn’t mean he will leave camp that way, and the leash will be tight. My point was that they aren’t going to know the direction of their team until mid season
  12. He played with Dobbins, Campbell, McLauren. Chase Young and Nick Bosa amongst other NFL players. It was my concern with Burrow as well. Sussing out degrees of dominance against inferior talent is harder to figure out chicken vs egg when it’s an all star college team
  13. Couple different ways to look at it. If the OL was healthy Wentz wouldn’t have looked like that. Give him the job next year until he shows he’s the same guy with a good OL. Corollary is that Wentz has proven that he is a bad QB under pressure. He may be a great QB unpressured but playoff games are won and lost by under duress throws and decision making. I agree w DJax that who knows what you have with Hurts. He was more effective in a bad situation. Might be a great time to sell high, might be a better option than Wentz. I think this goes into 21 season, you know Hurts will ment
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