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  1. Let me start by saying that I do NOT use LeagueSafe but have a 26+ year history with these leagues and all you need to do is ask around and know that you are saving on fees / etc. Cost = $500 12 Teams Slow Online Draft for 26 rounds on MFL Draft 'em and forget about it - no lineup setting / no free agents just get the best possible scoring lineup each and every week Play through NFL Week #17 Prizes to TOP 3 (98% paid out) = $3,500 / $1,700 and $700 Leave interest here OR PM me! Jim
  2. Just need 1 last team - THANKS
  4. Just like that - 10 minutes go by and now only 3 teams left!
  6. Thank you very much Mark - will miss seeing you in Vegas this year!
  7. Let me start by saying 2 things: 1) I am NOT a business looking to fill leagues - I am an over the top FF fanatic and do run a lot of leagues that I also PLAY IN - join if you wish 2) I do not use Leaguesafe - I hold all funds and have been doing this since 1993 - check around with many folks and they will tell you never an issue with timely payments - BUT - I also understand if no Leaguesafe is a deal-breaker. *****IMPORTANT***** - I know that COVID-19 is making things a bit unpredictable right now BUT on each leagues message board, I have written up several scenarios based on the uniqueness of each league as to how we will handle 1) a regular season 2) a shortened season with notice 3) a shortened season with no notice and 4) a canceled season! PLEASE READ these before making any decisions - thanks! 220 SATELLITE - the first true redraft listed here - this league costs $220. It is unique in that it is POINTS ONLY for Weeks #1 - 14 and then the top 4 teams get seeded for H2H playoffs in Week #15 and #16. 1st place gets $1,250, 2nd gets $850 and 3rd and 4th get their $220 back. ONE LAST TEAM LEFT! Jim
  8. BUMP - just got owner #11 - will you be #12? Thanks for looking
  9. BUMP - this is a fun and DIFFERENT format - look at what you can win for $75
  10. We will run with 10 but would like to get to a full 12
  11. I have done one of these for a few years now (old Sporting News years ago and other sites more recently) - never do that well but I am always intrigued by them even though they pay somewhat poorly. FOR EXAMPLE - a 12 team $29.95 league takes in $359.40 but only pay out $145 in league prizes and roll some up into overall prizes. If you are like me - you know the overall prizes are a crapshoot and the true return on investment comes from simply wining a lot of single 12 team leagues. With only 41% of the league fees going towards league prizes - this is NOT where I want to play anymore. WE ARE AT 11 TEAMS SIGNED UP - NEED ONE LAST OWNER! So I am going to start my own 12 team salary league - cost will be $110 with $100 going into the prize pool. That's 91%! CLICK HERE TO BE TAKEN TO THE LEAGUE ON MFL - if you like what you see and want in - post here or use the "email commissioner link on the MFL site - THANKS Here's the league structure - brand new annual league - takes some effort and planning!. 12 teams - have 11 already - looking for 1 more! Head to Head for 13 weeks - 3 divisions of 4 - play within division 2x and 7 other teams 1x. 34 players to a roster - 22 would be active with 12 taxi squad players - ALL PLAYERS AVAILABLE TO ALL TEAMS! Active roster would be 3 QBs / 5 RBs / 5 WRs / 2 TEs / 2 Flex (RB/WR/TE), 3 Ks and 2 DTs/STs - taxi squad is any 12 players you want for bye week purposes etc. All NFL players would have assigned salaries that would stay the same for the entire year Your starting lineup cannot exceed $60,000 - only starters count towards your cap as you can put whoever you want on your taxi squad. You will be able to make 16 free agent claims for the entire season - once you use all 16, you are stuck with your team at that point for the remainder of the year. There is NO extra cost to get these players. We will use Victory Points for this league - 2 points for a win / 0 for a loss PLUS 2 points for the top 4 scores / 1 point for the middle 4 scores and no points for the bottom 4. Teams will make the playoffs and be seeded based first on Victory Points and then W/L followed by total points for if need be - DIVISION WINNERS ALWAYS MAKE THE PLAYOFFS NO MATTER VP. All division winners get $100 then we pay $400 / $250 / $175 and $75 to 1st through 4th.
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