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  1. 3 races in 5 weeks is too much. I always liked the idea of spacing it to the Preakness around Memorial Day and the Belmont to July 4th.
  2. Fitting punishment would be to be dragged around the track by a couple of his horses. Not someone else's horses, they wouldn't be juiced up enough.
  3. Well it's well known that TEs take time to mature. Sounds like Tim has been around plenty long enough.
  4. I would be all over that but it sounds like a sucker bet if Maryland decides to block him from running.
  5. Don't forget it's sandbox. https://th.bing.com/th/id/R47697409b8a88e7712223b22516a46d0?
  6. I wouldn't go that far. Those of us that drove beaters enjoyed having the backup of a free jump start.
  7. I need to make a playlist out of songs that mention Reno. So far I've got this and that Johnny Cash song.
  8. Patricia was the worst from several different angles. I'm just glad he's no longer there to poison the team. The new coach & GM are automatically better people to lead things going forward.
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