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  1. One of the few times I've seen Mel Kiper make sense had them trading back and taking Parsons + another pick.
  2. Trading back not only makes sense but fits in with the new GM. If they just let KG walk it would just be a 3rd round comp pick, so they must think they can get a 2nd for him if it ends up being a sign and trade.
  3. The flu stats are really quite interesting. We know from previous years how high those numbers used to be. If masks helped those numbers go down that far, how high could the covid numbers possibly be without them?
  4. I can't think of a better time. What better day to overthrow the government than when you would have been stuck paying your taxes.
  5. Police uncover ‘possible plot’ by militia to breach Capitol WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. Capitol Police say they have intelligence showing there is a “possible plot” by a militia group to breach the U.S. Capitol on Thursday. The revelation was detailed in a statement from the Capitol Police. It comes at the same time the acting police chief is testifying before a House subcommittee. “The United States Capitol Police Department is aware of and prepared for any potential threats towards members of Congress or towards the Capitol complex,” the agency said in a statement. “We have obt
  6. Updated odds: https://www.bovada.lv Donald Trump+250 Ron DeSantis+600 Nikki Haley+800 Mike Pence+1000 John Kasich+1400 Ted Cruz+1400 Tom Cotton+1400 Dan Crenshaw+1600 Josh Hawley+2000 Mike Pompeo+2000 Paul Ryan+2000 Tim Scott+2000 Carly Fiorina+2500 Donald Trump Jr.+2500 Rudy Giuliani+2500 Kristi Noem+3000
  7. Note to myself and most others in here: Next karaoke night choose something other than the SSB to sing.
  8. This part seems to escape many people. Maybe these other kids should have been smart enough to be born into a more well off family.
  9. I'd say that was a list of real winners, but then I'd be wrong.
  10. After reading some of this, I have no clue what is being said. SWC has the right idea, just listen to what you like and go from there.
  11. Even better than putting up goalposts, depending on your selection of movies.
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