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  1. That's why you have to fill your bench this week with guys you can start next week.
  2. Never too early for a preview of the Lion's Superbowl. https://draftwire.usatoday.com/gallery/2022-nfl-mock-draft-3-rounds-steelers-giants-packers-bears-broncos/
  3. I don't have Tua, but I did claim Waddle for this game & matchup.
  4. Just another example of perhaps otherwise functional adults living their lives in la la land.
  5. You seem to somehow be implying that Q is not always accurate.
  6. As someone who doesn't have him on my team, he'll put up good fantasy stats as long as he keeps running in those TDs.
  7. I wasn't scared like most kids. I was used to bathing with a plastic shark.
  8. Give the guy some credit, he did show us his rooster.
  9. This would be better if she didn't look like Spicoli from Fast Times.
  10. Goff is usually good for a couple turnovers a game, that's all I got. Consensus ratings also prefer Cincinnati.
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