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  1. In his honor, I'm going to start wearing my hair like he does.
  2. It was Instinctive. https://forums.footballguys.com/topic/732119-wr-cooper-kupp-lar/page/17/
  3. I don't have Williams, so I picked up St. Brown as an emergency flex stash in case Swift can't go.
  4. You may be right I may be crazy But it just may be a lunatic You're looking for
  5. Not a bad receiver, but moving to a new team with a lesser QB is rarely a recipe for success.
  6. I was about to say "wrong forum", but I could be wrong.
  7. This is what I should have done but was sorta asleep at the wheel.
  8. On the positive side, it's a Monday Night Game. On the negative side, it's a Monday Night Game.
  9. Streaming kickers is a tough way to make a living, way more variables than streaming defenses or even QBs. Keep looking for the right guy and then set and forget.
  10. The Jared Goffs and Taylor Heinickes of the world need love too.
  11. Can he make it to at least 6? https://thejeopardyfan.com/2021/09/bialik-jennings-tapped-to-host-season-38.html
  12. Canada would be ok but I really don't want to learn French.
  13. It should not matter, but Cinci invested a 5th round pick in this guy. So getting him on the field to prove themselves correct might be a priority for them.
  14. Had a good game vs. WFT, so he should be even better vs. Dallas? I know with this guy it's no cinch to happen.
  15. It's a typo. They really want you to join this: https://th.bing.com/th/id/R.484cdf31e30e8b78341a89cc768c8647?
  16. Some songs might have to be left alone since it might actually be their best song. But there are dozens that could be upgraded.
  17. You could keep the same artists but replace the songs and come up with a much better list.
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