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  1. I think he's a game manager. Nothing wrong with that if you can run and play defense. Defense has been a problem and now running may be. I do love our new wideout though.
  2. Seems like a bad call. Cam looks like Cam again while Teddy looks like a game manager. Nothing wrong with that if you're stacked otherwise, we aren't though. And now CMC needs an MRI on his ankle. This could get ugly quick.
  3. Yeah my regular long term group has been on hiatus because we are at a juncture where there was a big reveal(my previous character was resurrected much to my surprise) and we need everyone for the role play. But one of our guys refuses to play online. So we are doing a short adventure without him and I just picked up a second quest on Friday nights. They were all pretty new and the DM wanted me to come in and help them get past some of their bad habits.
  4. Aa long as he is used properly he could be a weapon. Makes great catches, does well in traffic, talent for high pointing the ball. He does have trouble separating but he does make contested catches regularly. So red zone, slants, or late developing long ball plays you know he's the third option type thing. Also a good run blocker with a tendency to slack a bit if he doesn't think the play is coming his way. But it isnt an ability thing just a coaching thing. So I could see him as a credible roster addition. Ceiling is probably WR2 after he puts on a little more muscle in an NFL program. He did lead college football in several categories last season. That says something.
  5. I feel like in a different draft both our second round picks could've been first rounders. I would like some Oline but if the plan was rebuild the D, mission getting accomplished.
  6. And really he has done some nice work. Speed like Ginn but better hands. I'd like him to stick around.
  7. If Tua is available I'd be shocked if they let him fall. Wonderlic is really meaningless at the end of the day. Lots of HOF level players scored poorly on it.
  8. Yeah there is no disputing his impact on the team or city. Never a troublemaker off the field. Big on charity work. I hope he lands somewhere and has a nice restart to his career. He should be the healthiest he's been in a long time with the big layoff. The 2 regrets are how poorly we handled this first in how Cam was treated and how we got nothing for a 1st round former MVP.
  9. Well the timing of the release is going to make it hard for Cam. He may end up unsigned until training camps. He may even have to wait for an injured starter. Because I dont think Cam is wanting to be a backup.
  10. I also liked the Whitehead signing. 2 seasons in a row over 100 tackles. Seems like a solid player.
  11. So I have to admit I was amongst those who thought that Cam would play at least 1 more year. I think TB is an interesting signing. His short to medium accuracy is way better than Cams, he knows the system, considered a solid leader, good teammate, etc. There is no reason to believe we can't play well on offense. Walker seems like an upgrade at the number 2 spot and someone TB could mentor.
  12. I agree this has been horribly handled and seems like Steve Smith all over again. I get this is a business but this isnt even good business. They have really flubbed this I mean no one is doing a trade now that would be stupid. We didnt pay TB 20 mil a year to be the backup.
  13. Well it seems they are listening to our new OC who worked with Teddy in NO. There will be one benefit in that Bridgewater knows the new system because he was in it for 2 years and produced in it. So the cancelled workouts will be less of a negative for him.
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