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  1. Going tomorrow at 8 PM. Won't have to worry about spoilers. Got our tickets the first hour they went on sale. Whole bunch of us going should be fun. Nothing to drink at least 2 hours before show time. No need to make a bathroom run.
  2. Both Marvel and Fox have denied this. Fox swears they have a sequel in the works.True, but they denied the Spiderman deal until the last second as well, which gives me hope.I was never a huge FF4 fan. But I would like to see Marvel get a shot at it.
  3. Just heard Spidey will be 15 in the reboot. And apparently Uncle Ben will already have been killed.
  4. Holy #### that looks awesome.Looks like they are not keeping continuity with the X-Men series though, which I think is a mistake. It does look good. Was that Colussus I saw?
  5. You can't chase the first movie high. Each of these has to be judged independently. I am looking forward to seeing this in the next few days. My expectations are decent story and lots of characters I never thought I'd see on the big screen doing their thing. Can't wait.
  6. text at the end of the credits. Didn't read your spoiler but didn't they say the same thing about the first Avengers movie then Wheedon delivered the post credits shwarma scene after it was distributed to theaters?I seem to remember reading that recently. Pretty sure he saw the movie yesterday.
  7. Saw the Fantastic Four trailer for the reboot. Looked interesting. Was never one of my favorites so I didn't follow it closely but it looks like they are messing with canon a bit. I mean more than the black Human Torch.
  8. Disagree. I'd sacrifice any actor as Spiderman (and I do like Garfield more than I liked Toby) if it meant getting him back into the Marvel movie universe. im saying losing Garfield would suckHis portrayal is pretty meh. Not terrible, not great just meh. I'd love to see someone who could act take over the role.
  9. That is sooooo awesome. Yeah this makes me feel pretty good that the character will be taken seriously. With Cumberbatch in it there will be a lot of pressure to turn out a top shelf film.
  10. May have some chance to catch Titanic at 2.1 but I don't think it has 2.7 in it to beat Avatar. Those both made the vast majority of their money overseas. In Avatars case it made nearly 75% of it's money overseas. Titanic almost 70. Avengers does well overseas but relies on a solid domestic market. Considering the first Avenger movie made 1.5 billion, Iron Man 3 made 1.2, and Winter Soldier a little over 700 million I think it definitely beats the First Avengers movie but getting to 2 billion is feat.
  11. Absolutely. Pure brilliant casting. Big question then will be how good will the future Avengers films be if Downey isn't in them? It was brilliant casting. And that's a question they don't want to answer. That is why they backed up the money truck to keep him in it this far.
  12. Should be really interesting to see how they mesh Civil Way and Infinity War....two HUGE crossovers. So excited to see how they handle Dr Strange, Panther, and the Inhumans!!! Wow. dr. strange, black panther, ms. marvel and the inumans? wow... i guess if Guardians can work maybe anything can work... but at some point they are going to push things too far. At what point does America get comic book movie and TV'd out? I love comic book crap... i still read all the spider-man stuff, daredevil, deadpool, and moon knight... and Guardians was a pretty decent movie despite the fact that I think th
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