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  1. The iPhone has been in the enterprise market for all of 12 days. I'd say it's a bit premature to say they don't do it well. So Windows Mobile is on 150+ phones and they only beat iPhone 1.0 by 2 to 1? Yikes, no wonder Microsoft appears to be panicking.I work in the industry and the iPhone is not tracking well in the Enterprise yet. Apple has started an Enterprise sales team but it's still early. A few companies have IT departments that are embracing it but it's not nearly on the same level as BlackBerry or Windows Mobile for security, applications, and device management. Big companies take a long time to make decisions about new products. This will take time and Apple has an uphill battle. The other problem is price. The iPhone is the most expensive 'subsidized' smartphone in the industry once you factor in all of the service costs. And it's only on AT&T in the US Market. International roaming costs are another headache. And end-to-end corporate application support just isn't there yet. But Apple is taking market share in the retail space. It's really quite amazing to observe what they have been able to do in the US with one product on a single carrier. Over time this demand will creep into the enterprise market and force IT departments to make decisions about supporting it. But remember that the competition is continually making better devices too. RIM is the current leader in the enterprise space and other players are stepping up. The HTC Touch Diamond is an absolutely killer phone. In my opinion this is the best Windows Mobile phone yet and is enterprise ready out of the box. Then you've got Samsung, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Palm, and others all making better devices too. Apple will not be able to dominate this space just like Microsoft has not been able to dominate it. Even RIM is starting to show some cracks. The fierce competition is always driving down margins and the U.S. wireless operators ultimately have too much control over the success of any product. And don't forget about the Google Android platform on the horizon. That will make this space even more interesting. You will see 4 major operating systems: Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Apple, and Android (Linux based) that will compete for major market share in the US over the next couple of years. Nokia's Symbian platform will continue to be strong overseas. Each will have distinct advantages and disadvantages and I don't see any single player being able to dominate this space.
  2. iphone is a great consumer phone, and just to follow the article above. Apple for all its impact, just does not do enterprise well. http://www.computerworld.com/action/articl...;intsrc=hm_list
  3. No. YouTube switched their catalog over to H.264 video last year. That's why the iPhone and AppleTV can play them.As for Flash, Adobe seems to be dragging their feet on it. There's been lots of rumors but nothing of substance. Steve Jobs has been publicly critical of Abode not getting a full version of Flash going for iPhone. I believe Flash will eventually be available on the iphone. It wasnt made any easier when Steve Jobs said, in March of this year, that Flash isn't suitable for the iPhone. Adobe has indicated they are more than willing to work with Apple on Flash for the iphone.
  4. 'splain pleaseThis is the phone I was trying to find back when I originally replied:Sony Xperia X1 ho...leee...shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhwe have a winner. well, as long as SE has learned their lessons and actually makes it perform as well as it specs out. release date? Never mind, looks like its a Mid Sept launch according to the rumor mills Speculation is the X1 will retail for $1000. Sounds like they will have to find a partner to subsidize the price with an overpriced data plan.
  5. Loving Pandora right now.How the heck does the industry make money off of this? There are no ads? Do enough people chose to buy the songs? Business Model - Volume
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