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  1. As I read a bit of what happened its very clear to me the Hammonds are getting ####ed by the feds.
  2. I can just picture the script workup for the first pilot. "Say, uhm, Bill.... any reason that Dr. Huxtable is an ObGYN? And shouldn't he like have a clinic somewhere, you know, not in his house?" {silence} "How about a jello pop, everybody?" "....Bill?" Let's guess: no one questioned the all wise and powerful superstar. Truly looking back on it the whole thing must have been a sick fantasy for him. Has Bill Cosby's Spanish fly routine from 1969 been posted in here yet? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAorIG6MZnc
  3. He played a character that took women down to his basement alone, where he then examined their ######s. How did we all not know?
  4. I would guess that at least 99 % of drunk drivers make it home without harming anybody either... If you look at statistics, terrorism has been increasing. It is not a positive trend. It would be good to see peace on earth instead of shrugging our shoulders and saying "the odds of me dying by terrorism are still pretty low" Do you have a link? I would be curious to see the trend.
  5. Analysis: Islamic State's public mage is greater than the group itself Good Jerusalem Post article that basically states the ISIS terrorist threat is overstated by the media and public reaction. There has been no uptick in global terrorism.
  6. Annually, I get a letter that explains how much SS I will get assuming it is funded. Here are the max amounts: https://www.ssa.gov/OACT/COLA/examplemax.html
  7. That won't happen until he's invited to the debates. And neither side wants that. OF course the first parties don't want to make changes. They have to be forced to do so. http://www.changetherule.org/
  8. The big news from a few days ago. The LP is always a circus. McAfee will run as Libertarian Party candidate for president
  9. It should be an interesting cycle in 2016. The two leading first party candidates are pretty well disliked, both sides are building campaigns based on bigger and bigger government and taking away civil liberties. Gary should be able to greatly increase his support in 2016. There will be a lot of talk about 15% but I think you will need to consider his campaign tremendously successful if he can break 5%.
  10. It would be good if uber let me pick the driver I want. Something like show a list of available drivers, their score, pic, car type, and distance from my location.
  11. After 30 years that investment would be worth about $500,000. Wow that's it? When you deduct taxes and fees that's not sustainable at all. I want to retire with at least a million in retirement dollars. Invest more money (when you can) or invest for a longer period of time. After 35 years that same $500/mo is worth $700,000. FWIW, I assumed 6% annual return. Also remember when you are ready to retire your investments will continue to grow, even while you start withdrawing money, so it can last much longer.
  12. Fake. You expect us to believe Canada isn't secretly supporting ISIS?
  13. How the Great Ebola Panic Became the Great ISIS Terror "Stupidity has a knack of getting its way; as we should see if we were not always so much wrapped up in ourselves." —Albert Camus, The Plague There was some undeniably good news on Tuesday. The World Health Organization declared that the Ebola outbreak that killed 2,500 people in the West African country of Guinea was over. Guineans are expected to celebrate the landmark with concerts and fireworks… A country is considered free of human-to-human transmission once two 21-day incubation periods have passed since the last known case tested negative for a second time. "It's the best year-end present that God could give to Guinea, and the best news that Guineans could hope for," Ebola survivor Alama Kambou Dore told AFP news agency. Local health workers echoed a warning from the WHO that vigilance was still vital despite the mood of celebration. "We have to be very careful, because even if open transmission has been stopped, the disease has not been totally defeated," said Alpha Seny Souhmah, a Guinean health worker and Ebola survivor. Luckily for us, many of our politicians, and many of our high-priced television coiffures, Daesh came along in the nick of time, just when we were all starting to feel ridiculous about how we had fallen for all the bustling in the hedgerows about Ebola's threat to "The Homeland." We needed another all-powerful bogeyman. Exceptional America must be exceptional in its night terrors, too. Exceptional America requires exceptional enemies, or else what's our self-delusion for? Can you remember what idiots we were encouraged to be last year? By the middle of October of 2014, Chris Christie was ordering citizens into quarantine at a New Jersey airport. Members of Congress speculated that the influx of children from Central America might contain walking little Ebola bombs, even though the epidemic was occurring an ocean and a continent away from, say, Honduras. George Will told the nation that there was a danger that Ebola would become airborne. (There wasn't.) There were calls by ostensible national leaders to stop all people from the affected areas of Africa from coming into the United States. "Stop the flights!" said the picketers outside the White House, as the president tried to be the only calm person in the government (again), while a candidate named Joni Ernst out in Iowa maintained that he didn't care about the safety of the people of the United States. And this is what Donald Trump, a vulgar talking yam, but not yet a Republican frontrunner, tweeted: "The U.S. must immediately stop all flights from EBOLA infected countries or the plague will start and spread inside our 'borders'" Look on it as a dry run, I guess. What an easy template it is to use. A contagious disease is contained, but the contagion of fear mutates easily—a virus one year, a masked man in a pickup truck the next; tourists from Liberia one year, Syrian refugees the next. In both cases, the president is accused of being similarly negligent in his duty to help us panic. Sometimes, it seems to me that the only thing we really want our politicians to be good at is scaring us to death. I leave the good people of Guinea to their music, and their fireworks, and their caution. They've earned them all.
  14. rallying before EOY -.057%. My current 401(K) mix: LargeCap: Vanguard Russell 1000 Value Index Trust 25% MidCap: Arisan Mid Cap Account 25% SmallCap: DFA Small/Mid Cap Value Account 25% International: Russell International Growth Account 13% International: Russell International Value Account 12%
  15. Good thread, can't believe I have not read most of it. I'm going to catch up on it. -.062% on my 401k YTD. Good news is my employer is increasing their match 50% this upcoming year.
  16. I used uber in Dublin (ubertaxi) and Amsterdam. The ability to hook up and charge to the corporate Amex card is outstanding.
  17. Not on this site, but last year I was very critical of Doug Baldwin, but his streak with Wilson is pretty incredible. He tied Jerry Rice as the only receiver in NFL history to catch 10 TD passes in four games. He also joined Cris Carter and Calvin Johnson as the only players to produce multiple receiving touchdowns in four straight games. Even prior to this streak, he was doing (blocking, running tight routes, being his usual sure hands self) and saying all the right things by being a tremendous leader for the receiving corps.
  18. Iraqi army to start attack on ISIS-held Ramadi city in coming hours: Commander Iraq's armed forces will start an operation to retake the western city of Ramadi from Islamic State militants very soon, army chief of staff Lt. General Othman al-Ghanemi told state TV on Monday."There is an ongoing operation to control a sector in preparation of the onslaught on the city center within the coming hours, God willing," he said.An Iraqi Defence Ministry spokesman said earlier that Islamic State militants were preventing civilians from leaving Ramadi before the planned attack on the city, which fell under control of the organization in May. Iraqi military planes on Sunday dropped leaflets on Ramadi, asking residents to leave within 72 hours and indicating safe routes for their exit.Iraqi intelligence estimates the number of Islamic State fighters that are entrenched in the center of Ramadi, capital of Anbar province, at between 250 and 300.
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