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  1. Glad Grayson is gone, she was distracting. And not in a good way.
  2. We should never have gotten involved in Syria in the first place. Had we maintained a presence in Iraq, we might have been able to prevent ISIS from gaining the military power they were able to. We should never have been in Iraq. OK, but we were. Ok, we couldn't/can't stay forever. No one said forever, but clearly we left too soon. Clearly we left too late. every day we stayed in Iraq was a day too long..
  3. F, Marry, Kill Fargo I love all three, its really hard to do. But I guess I would F season 1, Marry the movie, kill season 2. Sucks I love season 2, too.
  4. Like they did Afghanistan? They have a lot of proxy forces on the ground. No need to do much outside of command and control, air support, supplies, etc. That's a lot different than it was in Afghanistan. I they can manage it, I'm good with Russia keeping all the Syrian oil to themselves.
  5. That State Farm commercial where the dude says, 'I'm never going to get married' and then bam he's married. The next scene he says 'we will never move from the city.' and bam he moves to the suburbs. "I'll never have kids" Bam he has one and then two kids. Finally the commercial ends when he says "ill never let these kids go" and I can't help but wonder why they don't show the next scene when bam, he is abandoning his family.
  6. Bad news. The Atlantic side and the Caribbean side are the same side.
  7. the best line was Are we gonna talk? Or are you just gonna quote the thesaurus at me?
  8. at least that's my wazoo speculation and one of my countless guesses.
  9. is it even possible to be as good as the 2 now? I dont think anyone really thought season 2 would be as good if not better .than season 1 ...yet it is I like season 1 better :old school:
  10. I disagree, that's exactly why it is s good. I wish more shows were short series, the quality would be much better. It's a lot easier to write 10 episodes than write some never ending story line.
  11. "That's it! We are raising the prices on the knockoff purses we sell to ISIS."
  12. the low bar isn't refugees it is people traveling on tourist visas. How do we stop European citizens from coming here on a tourist visa and doing what you are worried about?
  13. My favorite team is the US and whoever is playing ISIS.
  14. then he immediately and very excitedly shook Reagan's hand, which made it even funnier
  15. Patti's line about the magical black man at the edge of town being borderline racist had me
  16. whoa is right. And based on the coming attractions the next episode is going to be a Liv Tyler episode. They wont revist this until after that
  17. If we are willing to spend another trillion dollars, 2500 American lives, and tens of thousands of another round of vets with PTSD, missing limbs, and destroyed lives the US can invade Syria and clean up ISIS. Don't forget another round of unintended consequences before deciding.
  18. "Hey Boss, so you know how we're blowing up a bunch of stuff over in Syria, which is where the bad guys are headquartered? Yeah, well, turns out we found their command center, an ammunition storage, a training camp, and a recruitment center. Leave 'em be, ya think? Copy that." The US has been bombing that city regularly. You do also understand that France only dropped 20 bombs, because well... there is nothing there to bomb. Assad has also been attacking the city regularly.
  19. Its almost like you guys didn't pay attention to warfare in Iraq and Afghanistan.
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