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  1. Probably a little light for Adam’s, but it’s not that bad and could be a lot closer if Mims and Shenault both make leaps.
  2. Too rich for me, personally. I don’t think I’d pay more than a mid 2nd.
  3. https://www.nfl.com/news/j-j-watt-on-signing-with-cardinals-signs-kept-pointing-back-down-here It’s wild...it’s almost like he had other reasons for choosing Arizona aside from the money.
  4. Okay buddy. You absolutely missed the point I was making bringing up the Bucs, but I digress.
  5. I guess their 23 year-old number 1 overall pick QB that was in the MVP discussion for a duration of the season last year can’t make another leap? Oh okay.
  6. You don’t know any of that, no more than I do. The Vikings and Niners just had losing seasons. Did you have the Bucs in the Super Bowl, much less winning it, after they got walloped by the Saints by 35 points in Week 9 last year? Probably not. Things change extremely fast in this league. Look at Miami. I’m just saying I’ll trust the judgment of a future HOF player more times than not over a random Joe like myself on a forum.
  7. Just read a report that the Browns and Colts offered more money than the Cardinals, and the Titans offered similar money. If that’s the case, it kind of debunks a lot of what you guys are saying about he just wanted the money, no? I do think the Cardinals are being underestimated here. We’re talking about a team that two years ago was literally the worst in football and just came within the final game of the season or making the playoffs.
  8. A lot going on here. I think I prefer the side receiving Tyreek and the 1.04, but it seems pretty fair.
  9. Yes. His name is Kareem Hunt. And even dealing with him and missing four games he still put up over 1000 yards rushing. No other running back has to deal with a complimentary back that if we are being honest would be the lead back on all but like 6 or 7 other teams in the league.
  10. None of my leagues have kickers anymore(thank goodness) but if they did I have to feel I would accept literally any rookie pick for literally any kicker.
  11. I can assure you I am far from a Browns fan but if someone asked me who the best RB in football was Nick Chubb would be in the running.
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