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  1. Agreed. I would take Claypool and Mooney in a heartbeat, particularly if Chicago upgrades at QB. I think Mooney has talent.
  2. I think he caps it...a bit. As in, I’m not sure I ever see Chubb hitting top 3 as long as Kareem is there, when I believe he has RB1 overall potential easily. I think Chubb might be the most talented back in the entire league. But Kareem is pretty darn good in his own right, and takes just enough away from Chubb with targets and red zone opportunities I think it does cap what could be absolutely monstrous seasons for Chubb.
  3. Tough crowd. I thought he looked pretty good getting thrown in as a rookie. Looked better than Tua to me, only difference is Tua’s defense was winning him games.
  4. Small sample size sure, but he averaged around 27 points per game in a three-game stretch last year. So yes, in 2QB or SF(which that trade was) you better believe that’s a bargain for a 22 year old player.
  5. To be fair, Seattle has had many, many years to remedy the OL problem and largely have just chose not to, instead choosing to do things like draft a running back in the first round.
  6. I don’t absolutely hate this, but I have to believe you could’ve got him to throw in a little more. At least like a 2nd or a couple 3rds.
  7. Vick, along with Hunt, I'll give you. While what Vick did was despicable, he seemed genuinely apologetic and sincere from the beginning about what he had allowed to happen. I'm glad he was able to overcome and I think he's transformed into a great analyst. I never really thought what Hunt did was overly egregious, personally. Should he have done it? Certainly not. You have to use better judgement than that. He was a bit of a knucklehead early on in his career but he seems to have put all that behind him. But Rice and Brown? Not a bit of sympathy for either from me. Rice's i
  8. It’s a gamble, but I like the move for the guy getting Hurts. I would be very surprised if Philly drafted a QB, and the 1.05 could be a small price to pay for Hurts nine months from now.
  9. Well, I just look at the success Dak had. And Russell>>Dak.
  10. I agree...I think he would put up massive numbers in both Dallas and New Orleans. But Dallas, especially. I would be shocked if he wasn’t a top 3 QB there.
  11. Yuck. What’s the guy giving away Hopkins and Saquon thinking?
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