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  1. Ugh you mean Robby was awful. Darnold wasn’t great by any means today, but his receivers didn’t do him any favors. Robby was by far the worst. Three horrendous drops if I remember correctly.
  2. Chuba had at least one bad drop as well. Anderson was horrendous.
  3. This. He’s simply the better player.
  4. Been going back and forth between Russ and Tanny in 2QB league. Kyler is my other starter. I have Tanny in now because it looks like Brown will play this week.
  5. Then honestly I think he’d be crazy not to accept.
  6. I think that’s pretty fair considering Kelce and Hock’s age. Either one of you own Dalvin?
  7. Man. If you can’t make it on that depth chart, good luck.
  8. First 4 games last season: 101 carries for 376 yards, 3.7 ypc, 4 tds. 6 catches for 32 yards. First 4 games this season: 113 carries for 510 yards, 4.5 ypc, 4 tds. 14 catches for 125 yards. 😳😳 Long live the 👑
  9. I added Brate in the two leagues I have Kittle so I can pivot to him if Kittle sits since Gronk is out. I feel like he plays, though.
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