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  1. Just secured DMC in a trade to help my RB situation. Who's considered his backup. Taiwan Jones is on the WW and someone owns Goodson.
  2. No Lollys Stokeworth in that riot. I'm digging the departure from the books, adds a nice bit of characterization to some people I despised in the novels, like Tywin. The dragon theft scene must have to do with the House of the Undying. The Ygritte bump and grind scene never happens in the books.
  3. #### yes.I wasnt sure after your previous comment! I'm off until 2012 and hopefully I can get a good part of it done!That's the best of the bunch IMO. Trudging through book 5 and I think GRRM has introduced way too many characters at such a late game. Hard to keep track of all the plots and sub plots. Major characters go, minor characters become major characters, and some characters disappear only to reappear thousands of pages later. It's maddening sometimes.Still one of the classiest fantasy epics ever written.
  4. Van Alden moved to Cicero Illinois. Capones turf. Bet he goes all Death Wish on those guys.
  5. I can't believe they did that. Yea let's just write off the most intriguing character on the show. Now I have to watch Buscemis wooden acting all next year. At least we still have Richard Harrow.
  6. Do you like other fantasy, or just GoT?The Kingkiller series is awesome. I will say I don't know how he's going to wrap it all up in three books.
  7. No I'm talking logging into the actual website. Keeps rejecting my username and pass. Apparently others are experiencing the same thing.
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