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  1. I'm looking to buy a used car. Do I have any negotiating power? Based on this thread, it seems like used cars are in a lot of demand so not sure what I can do.
  2. My latest addiction appears to be sugar. I was good all week and didn’t snack at all after dinner. On Friday Jr, I decided to have one cupcake leftover from my daughter’s birthday. That led to a small bowl of ice cream. That led to a bigger bowl of ice cream. Stayed off the booze at least.
  3. It sure doesn't seem like that (from a pure talent standpoint).
  4. Yup very rarely will you hear the analysts say "wow what a horrible pick. this guy stinks".
  5. I’m guessing it’s cheaper to buy a full bottle of wine than 2 half bottles.
  6. In the least surprising news ever............. Just messing - keep it up.
  7. Through 3 weeks, this team actually isn’t a complete embarrassment. Shocked at their resiliency so far (though I know it won’t last).
  8. You're still a machine in my book. Jokes aside, kudos to you for getting your life in order. It's definitely forced me to reflect and change.
  9. Burnes has had one of the best starts to a season ever (maybe the best?). And the scary thing is it looks completely sustainable. Talk about a guy with filthy stuff figuring it all out.
  10. If I did the type of exercise that you do every day, I would give myself a pass to drink as much as I wanted whenever I wanted. Amazing!
  11. He wasn’t expected to hit that pitch but he could have made a half ### effort to move his foot out of the way. Yeesh - it was 8-0 in the ninth so I’m pretty sure they weren’t coming back.
  12. That was weak. Awful way to lose a perfect game bid.
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