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  1. I went a couple weeks ago and was playing poker all day, every day (obviously masked up). I’ll be honest - I kind of liked it. Playing poker with a mask on is kind of fun. I hope it becomes the norm going forward. And this coming from someone who doesn’t like wearing masks.
  2. At least they were minis! That’s like the equivalent of one full candy bar.
  3. I'm really tired today and swamped with work. The last thing I want to do is a workout right now but I'm going to push through it and knock out a 30 minute body combat. Snacked too much today but avoided booze. Will hit my 600 calories.
  4. Link below 4 week plank challenge Day 1 - Warmup and then 4 minute plank challenge Day 2 - Warmup, 4 minute plank challenge and upper body challenge (under Day 2 you see 3 links for each of these) Day 3 - Rest etc Then you move on to week 2.
  5. Just started Day 2 of the plank challenge. I finished the warm-up and the 4 minute plank challenge. I don't know if I'm supposed to go straight into the 12 minute upper body challenge but that seems a little insane. So I'm going to take a break and do that later.
  6. Also completed Day 1 just now and finished all 30. I thought the first day of workout challenges are supposed to be easy? Damn that was harder than I thought. I can already feel myself stronger. Peeking ahead at Day 2 and that upper body challenge looks nasty. Again not a great day eating (obviously something I need to work on) but limited the snacks (outside of those 2 pumpkin chocolate chip cookies ) and no booze. Walked 2 miles today at around a 15:30 pace which helped me hit my 600 calorie goal.
  7. Steelers D in this 2nd half was an absolute embarrassment.
  8. Seattle running for a minimum of 5 yards every single play. Unbelievable.
  9. just a pathetic quarter by that defense
  10. Steelers D folding like a cheap suit this half.
  11. Well that's what Seattle needed to start the 2nd half. Let's see if the Steelers can answer.
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