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  1. Walked 1.8 miles at a 15 minute per mile pace (I.e. the Otis NYC walk). Well on my way to hit 600. Also, ate better than I have all week (although that isn’t saying much). On the other hand, Friday evening is here. Sigh
  2. Not a chance. They seem stubborn to say the least.
  3. Brown hasn't lost a beat. He's still a stud receiver (and now apparently out of trouble).
  4. That's not what I saw. He may have been taunting him but Fournette definitely leaned into him with the helmet (not the other way around). Defender was just standing there yapping away. Didn't make a single move towards Fournette.
  5. That's something Doug would have done. Analytics say it's the right move though.
  6. They ran that clock down to 5 before calling that play. They ran a lot of time off for being inside the 1.
  7. Hopefully the Eagles coaches learned a thing or two from this drive. Better late than never.
  8. Not a great day eating (snacking a little more than I would like during the day) but better than yesterday. Hit my 600 calories of exercise and most importantly no booze! I've noticed that I haven't snacked once all week past dinner time. I think that's strongly correlated with not drinking. Also threw in a 100 pushups for kicks.
  9. Eagles defenders looking to flip the ball as if there was 0 seconds left on the clock. WTF?
  10. I honestly have little interest staying on the strip anymore. Downtown is so much more fun and affordable. The vibe is just so different.
  11. Didn’t eat well today and will just leave it at that. But I did burn the 600 calories and refrained from booze! Tomorrow is Friday eve and Thursday night football. Willpower here we come!
  12. Thanks Krista. We have been married for 13 years and together for 18 years and overall have had a pretty strong foundation. I’m sure we will get through it.
  13. I ate pretty well today (not great). I had to make Mac n Cheese for dinner for my kid's school "project." Also ate a pretty big lunch (although not too unhealthy of one). Snacks today were carrots in the morning, less than quarter cup nuts and 5 mini pretzel sticks (oh and a mini size 50 calorie pack of Mike & Ike ). Most importantly - no booze. I had a really hectic day of meetings so only got in a half mile walk but also did a little yard work. I have about 150 calories to burn to hit my 600 calorie goal. About to put in a 30 minute strength workout to hit my goal. On another note, life has just been so stressful lately. My wife and I are in a funk where we're either arguing (today in front of the little kids) or just not talking at all (which is more common). I don't really even know what triggered it but it's been going on for over a month now. Fortunately we have our first couples therapy session this Friday so really hoping that helps (but doubtful). On top of that, work has been incredibly stressful. Anyways that was a digression and sorry for venting. Just need an outlet from time to time.
  14. I just got back from Vegas early this morning. I said that after this trip I would hold myself accountable by posting daily updates so here we go. My main focus will be on cutting out booze (during the week) and exercising enough to burn 600 calories per day. I'm not really planning a diet but still trying to cut back on sodium. One thing I'll focus on is limiting snacks and then trying to eat more healthy snacks. I was exhausted today but did a good job of limiting the snacks, didn't drink and burned off the 600 calories with a 1 mile walk and short body combat session.
  15. It could also just be daddy time catching up to him. It happens to the best of them.
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