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  1. I was thinking the exact same thing. No point in having a review system if something like that doesn’t get overturned.
  2. I finally figured out how to stretch out the dough and get it off the peel (looking like an actual pizza). I haven't bought an outdoor oven yet but that may be on my list if I can continue to perfect it. Made 4 twelve inch pies last night in our oven at 550 temp using a baking steel. My wife made a white sauce that was divine. I made the red sauce that was also very good (and simple). Used a bunch of different toppings (e.g. mushrooms, asparagus, onions, peppers). I think I'm addicted now!
  3. Great post. I think I read that Burnes has 5 plus pitches. The cutter is dominant and he has command of it. He seriously might be in the same tier as Cole/Degrom. He’s unhittable. Soto is already the best hitter in the game. No flaws at all. If he starts running more, look out! It was a pleasure having him on my fantasy team for a few years. Due to our keeper rules, I had to trade him for Bieber before the season but he helped me win the championship last year.
  4. Joe Musgrove just pitched a no hitter lol. Honestly I always knew he had the talent to be an ace but was hindered by this inept organization. Good for him. He will most likely become the best pitcher in baseball this season (next to Cole of course). #### this team.
  5. Former Pirates who immediately turned elite after leaving the team - Cole, Glasnow and now Joe friggin Musgrove. Can somebody shoot me please?
  6. Musgrove with a no hitter going tonight. You just can’t make this #### up.
  7. No that’s not possible but I think there is a real possibility that they don’t surpass 40 wins (which would make them one of the worst teams in the modern era). Without Hayes, they don’t have a single decent player on the roster.
  8. Thanks for this. At the beginning of Covid, I started doing a lot of body combat. When I used to do a 55 minute session, I would burn somewhere between 600-650 active calories. I've noticed that during the past couple months, I'm lucky if I burn 550. I wasn't sure what was going on (since I feel like I'm working out just as hard as before). I will also say that it's gotten a lot easier for me to complete 55 minutes. I guess I'm getting fit!
  9. Meanwhile Glasnow, Cole and Musgrove all pitching like Cy Young candidates in the early going. It must be a dream for talented pitchers to leave Pittsburgh.
  10. As I suspected, this team is a lock for the first overall pick. They have the potential to make history this year.
  11. Paxton hurt 2 batters into the 2nd inning of his first start. Never seen a player made of more glass than this guy. He seriously needs to retire.
  12. Visited the in laws for the past 5 days. Good news - didn’t drink a sip of booze over the weekend. Bad news - didn’t exercise at all and didn’t really watch my diet (and my mother-in-law’s favorite 2 ingredients are oil and salt). Back at it this week with lots of oats and fish/grilled chicken!
  13. Yup my mom was probably one of the healthiest people in the world. Never smoked or drank in her life. Pretty active and very healthy diet. No clue how it happened.
  14. My mom had this same surgery done at the age of 62. She unfortunately didn’t make it past 2 years. I’m really, really happy to hear your success story.
  15. I stopped somewhere midway through the first season. Just too much energy to figure out what the hell was going on.
  16. This team is going to stink monkey balls this year but Hayes could be the next star. From what we've seen last season and through spring training, this guy looks like such a disciplined hitter. Only bright spot in an otherwise mockery of a team. Go Buccos!!!
  17. I love picks 2 and 10. Kind of meh on the rest. In a non QS league, I would prefer using top 3 or 4 picks on hitters (especially given starting pitchers are expected to see a reduced workload this year). It might just be me but I’m avoiding Bregman like the plague. How much of his previous success was due to cheating? Granted small sample size but we saw regression last year. Tucker could become a stud (and a steal) but do I want to spend a 4th round pick on an unproven commodity? I like Biggio in OBP leagues but again a little unproven to go that early.
  18. I think there is a thread for this in the FFA.
  19. I’ve known this about you Djax but good on you for sharing your story. Lot of people around here are hard on you so hopefully this helps (not that you should worry about what others think).
  20. “I really hate fantasy baseball right now”. Forced to declare 8 keepers Sunday by midnight. Within 3 days, I’ve lost Gallen and Eloy to what appears to be very significant injuries. Guess it’s karma for finally winning my league last year.
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