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  1. listened to the John McClain interview with Joe Rose, he sounded like a puppet for the Texans. ETA I've no doubt that they're talking but dude sounded like a shill
  2. I don't see how anyone can objectively say that Tua is what's wrong with this team. I absolutely can point at poor personnel choices by Grier, Flo's coaching decisions, let alone his dual OC and cycling through them. Myself, I don't want them to trade for Watson at the rumored cost. Wanna make Grier the scape goat and hand the keys to Marvin Allen, sure. Insist to Flo that has stability in the OC etc... I'm on board. Hemorrhaging the future by trading for Watson screams a last ditch effort to save jobs, and isn't the best way forward IMO.
  3. Both starting CBs out. Noah Igbo active for the first time all year.
  4. Gesicki is gonna crush when he leaves Miami and someone schemes for him.
  5. I'll check back in after. Read someone's take that they'd wished they'd Tremper's Staying Alive in avalanche terrain prior, so I'm following that advice.
  6. Has anyone taken an avy course? I've signed up for the AIARE 1 over Christmas break (chose then so I can be in the snow while avoiding the crowded lifts) and I'm kinda excited about it.
  7. The grand Jakeem experiment seems to be over. he, his fast feet and his stone hands going to the bears.
  8. Yay, the Dolphins scored. Boo, that means more Jacoby.
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