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  1. there are a small number of people who's opinion I value who think that Slater might be better than Sewell. and Slater could be gotten later. just food for thought.
  2. https://twitter.com/SharpFootball/status/1384869747536375814?s=20 Miami's defense had one of the NFL's best pressure rates and they did it uniquely: rate of rushing only 3 defenders: #1 - Patriots #2 - Panthers #3 - Dolphins rate of rushing 4 defenders: #32 - Dolphins look at their defensive depth and draft needs: https://www.sharpfootballanalysis.com/analysis/2021-draft-coverage-miami-dolphins/ I like Sharp... always interesting takes
  3. I feel like this is going to far back. the current staff has shown the ability to teach up guys. where as previous staffs it was most definitely a weakness.
  4. @Jason_OTC · 3h Teams who will likely need to create cap space to sign all their draft picks: Dolphins Bucs Bears Saints Falcons
  5. QBs go 1-4 Sewell or Chase goes to Cincinnati and who ever they were looking at for 3 will most likely be available at 6.
  6. agreed. Really would've liked Curtis Samuel. We'll never know what the offer was but since he and McLaurin talking about playing together since Freshman year I gather they'd have had to overpay.
  7. per sports agent Robert Foster to the Fins https://twitter.com/_SportsTrust/status/1372297196062838784?s=20
  8. yet another reminder these are the win the FA battle Dolphins. Frankly, it pleases me.
  9. according to Cam Wolfe it’s a late round swap. dude needs to get his head on straight. *Late round pick swap. It’s going to be up to Wilson if he wants to salvage his NFL career but he gets a second change in Miami.
  10. https://twitter.com/rapsheet/status/1369081659711229967?s=21 Sources: The #Dolphins traded for #Titans 1st round OT Isaiah Wilson, with a swap of picks completing the deal. A fresh start for Wilson.
  11. relevant to KVN and lowered cap Dianna Russini @diannaESPN · 1h Just texted with an NFL head coach about the upcoming cuts and what he expects… “It’s going to be a massacre next week all around the league” @diannaESPN · 3h As we close in on the free agency signing period, I keep hearing more and more players will be added to an already competitive market as teams are making very tough decisions regarding their salary cap.
  12. I'm becoming more at ease with Pitts at 3 or 5 or 6, if there's a trade back. I haven't done a lot in terms of which WR may be available at 18 but I think Pitts can be dominant.
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