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  1. Wouldn't be surprised if they drafted a center, Creed Humphrey in particular.
  2. also... OC decision has been made. continuity after all. bolded for emphasis...
  3. I'm near ready for a complete overhaul of the WR unit... re: Albert Wilson: after sitting out 2020 I'm left wondering if there's still meat on the bone. Injured in 18 with the hip, it limited him in 19. I found this tidbit interesting.
  4. https://youtu.be/Cqqn32nI6B8 that’s the full interview. It’s nothing IMO
  5. Easy to forget that in the same calendar year, Tua celebrated being able to walk again and started his first NFL game.
  6. Jeremy Fowler @JFowlerESPN · 58m The #Steelers are finalizing a deal with Matt Canada to become their offensive coordinator, per source. Deal is considered imminent.
  7. rumors about Bills QB coach Dorsey getting the OC job. The recently hired QB coach Frye and Dorsey played together in Cleveland. Bucky Brooks had favorable feedback on the Frye hire. https://twitter.com/BuckyBrooks/status/1353054558314926080?s=20 Another point on the Frye/Tua connection... Frye is one of the best teachers and communicators that I’ve been around. He is OUTSTANDING with young QBs and he simplifies the game in a way that makes it easy for them. A+ hire with Tua’s long-term development in mind.. Quote Tweet Bucky Brooks @BuckyBrooks · Jan 23
  8. @ ProFootballDoc thoughts... https://www.outkick.com/mahomes-concussion-will-he-be-cleared-for-conference-championship/
  9. I'll be honest, it'd be hard to let him pass Miami at 3. 5 if Cinci moves up for Sewell
  10. Miami will coach in the Senior Bowl. Always seem to come out of those weeks with some gems.
  11. Albright reported 3 - 1s, 3 - 2s, and a player. Jeremiah saying 3 - 1s. all the talk is coming from the Watson / Houston camps... Since Watson has the final say, it'll be interesting as it progresses.
  12. Albright and Jeremiah have reports saying at least 3 - 1s
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