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  1. Just saw The Sacrament. Underwhelming. Won’t watch again
  2. i did, our bump out dining area has a ton of windows anda huge half circle window above them. the evening sun was brutal it would warm up the main level and direct sunlight would warm up the fridge. i got the darkest they offer i believe it was 3m film, wasnt very expensive and ive noticed it helped quite a bit. i do wish they offered a darker tint though because about 60% of the heat still passes through
  3. covid is on the rise in all states and my agency is rushing us back to work.. gimme moar telework!
  4. kinda sucks your contractor went forward with the differnt wood and cut it to size. makes it harder to return
  5. first link i tried worked. clear cache and force close app
  6. That Jaguar f-pace svr . Supercharged V8 550 hp AWD show the soccer moms who’s bout it bout it
  7. Wonder if you can claim worker’s compensation for catching it in the office
  8. looks like a buy the dip opp on MRIN
  9. I’ve been cropdusting since day 1. Probably spread it to a few non vaxers
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