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  1. My bad boys. Too drunk I guess. Wasn’t even drunk though. Just sucked balls. Need to practice more
  2. Nothing special with my menu. Just a pig out session ribs wings gonna try crab cakes in the air fryer nachos & beer
  3. My son started playing this new game called rogue company. 4 player squads. Looks pretty good
  4. Today i was toying with my daytrade bot on Think or Swim (paper money) i got into UVXY today from 12-3 141 transactions profit $647 still have a problem with it buying too many shares and not dumping them all. hoping to fix that today and unleash it monday
  5. sold out of doge at .08 last night, doubled up. will be hopping on again right before teh market closes for some overnight/weekend volume
  6. Not stock news but WSB is all over doggecoin. It’s rocketing
  7. in robinhood you can still trade them, just goto top 100
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