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  1. That's the type of move that should go on the Jets draft blunders video. Wrong team though 😑
  2. Hopkins came really close to Andre Johnson's numbers last year(finished with 1572, Andre had 1598). He'd be a solid bet. Also, if Beckham plays the full year, it wouldn't shock me to see him pass Gordon's numbers.
  3. RB Brian Westbrook’s brother was Byron Westbrook of the Skins
  4. And if he played hockey, he’d be sitting on a $50 million total deal. Not sure I’m making a point or anything, just think it’s interesting comparing across the sports
  5. Gallman and Stewart for the Giants have a combined 5 carries for —10 yards
  6. It’s amazing that someone’s first response to a story about a terrorist training kids to be terrorists, is to defend the Nazi’s. #MAGA
  7. The HOF looks pretty lame there. I’m no fan of TO, but entry to the HOF should be based on what they did on the field. Turning it into “You don’t want to join our club? Well, we don’t want you anyway” is pretty petty and childish.
  8. "Please, a little respect...for I am Trump, Lord of the Idiots."
  9. Supplemental pick Beal already out for the year. Luckily it’s a shoulder injury, which has to be better long term than an ACL or Achilles injury or something like that. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/07/25/giants-lose-supplemental-draft-pick-sam-beal-to-shoulder-injury
  10. Trump thinks so. edit: or would if he is capable of reading books.
  11. In my county in California, there are plenty of towns with bans on marijuana businesses as well. Plenty of dispensaries still operate, they just have to do it in the unincorporated parts of town. It would be cool if it weren't the case, but it doesn't impact my ability to get what I need/want, so it's not a tragedy. I type this as I enjoy some Girl Scout Cookies.
  12. Reality is getting so close to 1984, and a third of our country is happy about it.
  13. Yep...the past few years have changed a lot about how I thought our government works, especially in regards to checks and balances. It’s a sad situation right now.
  14. I think, without the money, his upside would be being Jason Spencer. Most likely, he would be Rodney Dangerfield’s character from Natural Born Killers.
  15. It’s scary that I had to pause for a second, thinking that it could be a real quote.
  16. I'm sure it's not, but I'd love it if that diplomat happened to be Woody Johnson.
  17. Today I learned that Trump’s military parade is still on schedule. I was naive to think that idea had been tossed aside. $12 million...what a bargain! http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/ny-news-trump-military-parade-korea-exercises-20180718-story.html
  18. I would say it makes you President, but apparently not in her case.
  19. Obama was responsible for Russia hacking us, AND for Russia invading Crimea. Sounds like the dude really owned Russia...what a great president.
  20. It’s so funny that Trump supporters act like he’s some tough guy. I’ve never seen a tough guy cry about everything being unfair as much as he does. If he’s not crying about how unfair everything is, he’s lashing out at people by resorting to childish name-calling or claiming the truth is a lie. He absolutely can’t handle any criticism. They want a tough guy, they have a 5 year old.
  21. Kim was fine with “Rocket Man” being on the signed CD, but the inclusion of “Short People” by Randy Newman crossed the line.
  22. I’m so old, I remember way back when in June 2018, when Trump told the Republicans to stop wasting their time on immigration laws.
  23. There’s some very fine people on both sides.
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