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  1. Same here. Didnt want him but the DD was screaming at me to draft him. Offer him and they always counter with a low ball for Gurley.
  2. I need Ben, AB and Connor to go nuts. And then score me a little more. Down 100pts in a crazy mad scoring league.
  3. Tough one is right. I like Allison as well. Looking at GB Wrs in front of him. One Adams is already hurt, and Cobb seems to get hurt a lot too.
  4. No! Luck will be top 5 of his shoulder holds up.
  5. This, but I put a health amount of garlic in with the sauce. Picking up wings today for tomorrow!
  6. I have both as well. I feel I can't start either. Stuck, thinking of dropping Breida for Lindsay to break the questioning.
  7. I'm leaning toward Ben and Stafford. Ben for the home games and Stafford for Bens road games and to feed my bit of homer streak I still have in me through 26 year playing Lol. But it's not a bad combo, in my main league (3 keeper) I can get both after the 9th rd. The "sharks" I play with here in Michigan stay away from Stafford, regardless of value. Which I'll grab up and take the homer jokes. Stafford won me a championship last year after Rodgers went down.
  8. I'm going CMC over Cook 1ppr, both after Barkley in a 2 keeper league. Guy let CMC go back in for Hopkins and Zeke. I have CMC as a keeper in my main league. I'm in deep with him. Those goal line carries last game has me excited, although regular season, Cam might take them.
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