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  1. I have kelly and jackson and dropping kelly for the aforementioned Johnson or Higgins. Kelly just has looked off the past couple weeks and jackson seems to have the trust of the coaches.
  2. same owner in my league got both fulgham for $25 and claypool for $18 out of a $100 FAAB budget. He dropped higgins and Dionate Johnson in the process. sign me up Diontae Johnson
  3. @Joe Bryant, last year the draft dominator was included in the subscription price, was that just a one time incentive and this year back to being a separate purchase? I already subscribed for this upcoming year. I enjoy the content that is produced.
  4. Hey sig Championship game! Ppr flex pick 1: maclaurin, metcalf, fuller, crowder or mosert Do you trust dj moore or would you use 1 of the above aforementioned wr that you didnt pick for the flex spot? Thank you!
  5. Hey sig Ppr flex question pick 1: mosert, metcalf, fuller or mclaurin. Qb: wentz or winston I appreciate your insights and answering my questions this year Thank you!
  6. Hey sig, Just wanted to thank you for the articles, pods and information this year. Got me into the playoffs with your advice. I am the only person in my league who knows about this website, it's my secret and keeping it that way. Thank you again
  7. Hey sig, Hope you had a great thanksgiving. I am fighting for my playoff berth even tho I am top 2 in points in ppr head to head league. Win and I am in, if I lose need some help Qb: wentz or winston (my opponent has mike evans) Wr- need 2 of these 3: alshon jeffery, Dk Metcalf and will fuller Tight end- I have ertz, if he plays I am using him. I picked up jack doyle. If ertz doesnt go would you use doyle, fant, jonnu smith or fells. Thank you
  8. Hey sig Flex spot ppr who would you choose between debo, dk, tevin coleman, brian hill or Bo? Qb: winston or wentz Thank you
  9. Hey sig Week 11 off to a bad start with chubb in do or die. I need 2 out of this 3 in ppr league: tevin coleman, brian hill or debo Samuels Thank you!
  10. Hey sig Ppr this week for tight end streaming option: gesicki, jonnu smith, vance or oj howard? How would you rank this qb ROS: wentz, Stafford, Winston I have the 1st waiver claim for this week: would you use it on mattison or Pollard? Thank you!
  11. Hey sig, For this week I started coleman(dud), got Julio on a bye which wr would you start Metcalf, diontae johnson or amendola More of future question: Week 10 I have ertz and wentz on bye Who would be good streaming options at tight end and quarterback for week 10? Also now I own both josh Gordon and Dk Metcalf. Is there enough targets to go around with both to be fantasy usable or should I get rid of one of them? If so who or let it play out and keep both for the time being? I could drop either for mark walton, diontae Johnson, amendola (along those lines). Thank you
  12. Amendola ,24%target share in lions now pass heavy offense
  13. Hey sig Need 2 out of this group for PPR (need 1 wr): dk Metcalf, tevin coleman, chase edmonds, latavius murray, aj brown or keke coutee? Defense for this week: saints or bills Thank you!
  14. Hey sig Ppr flex question: chase edmonds, dk Metcalf, tevin coleman. Thank you
  15. Hey sig, Ppr ROS WR: how would you rank these guys: Emmanuel sanders,albert wilson, preston Williams, diontae johnson and dk Metcalf Thank you
  16. Hey sig, Ppr flex question: hines, pascal, Emmanuel Sanders, dj moore or Hollywood brown. Also ros in ppr which rb would you stash between: Edmonds, mattison or pollard Thank you
  17. Yeah that's true, only reason was because of connor possible injury, hope something is released later today on him.
  18. Since jaylen Samuels is available in my ppr league would he be worth the number 1 waiver claim? That is what I am currently deciding.
  19. Howie needs to go and acquire ramsey. There has to be someone better then spence on the streets, and maybe convince chris long out of retirement. Great win last night.
  20. Hey sig: Ppr pick two: dj moore, james white, Hollywood brown and mecole hardman Thank you
  21. Sig What's your thoughts on phillip dorsett for the ROS? What's your thoughts on ty Johnson? Would you worry about the weather in KC and fade skill players? Thank you
  22. Hey sig, Need two in ppr out of these guys: dj moore, Emmanuel sanders, hollywood brown and james white. Who would you rather have ROS: Hardman or diontae Johnson? Thank you
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