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  1. The team did not quit on Wentz...The team, coach and play calling STINK!
  2. I think it hurts both Dolphins and Gaskin point total. More RPO with Tua taking it for a run and less pass attempts (No dump-offs)
  3. Redraft league or Dynasty. Is there a reward for the toilet bowl game? More details are needed. If you give any kind of reward for the toilet bowl game, trades should be allowed for all!
  4. Opinions... We're allowed to have them. You have yours, I have mine
  5. Bush league. But if your league rules allows for it....than, I'm hope for 3 INT's and 2 fumbles!
  6. What else can I ask for? Henderson hasn't been on this field
  7. Totally agree, but I think those who are relying on Boston might be disappointed if/when Clement gets the start. Just a gut feeling as an Eagles fan.
  8. Am I the only one that thinks Corey gets a strong look and Scott remains the change of pace?
  9. Broncos-Patriots game is being moved to next Sunday, sources tell ESPN. Broncos were supposed to play Miami; that won’t happen. That game is being rescheduled. Per Adam Schefter
  10. Is there such a list of all players in one spot?
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