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  1. 12 Team - PPR - Dynasty Team A gets: CeeDee Lamb Team B gets: Tee Higgins, Juju, 1.09, 1.12 He really wanted CeeDee I guess.
  2. Trade in my friends league: 12 Team PPR - 12 Keepers Team A gets: Zeke 2021 4th round pick Team B gets: Chase Edmonds David Montgomery Team B then immediately trades Monty in the following deal.... Team A gets: Monty Team B gets: 1.09 2.04
  3. The guy who traded for Cook is loaded at WR. He still has AJB, Ridley, Scary Terry, and Lamb. At RB he had Mixon, Monty, and Edmonds. I guess he wanted to strengthen his RBs.
  4. 12 Teams - 12 Player keeper - PPR League Team A gave: WR Davante Adams Team B gave: RB Dalvin Cook
  5. 12 team - 12 player keeper league - Full PPR - IDP I missed the playoffs by 11 points (so this trade is more for next season) and am very weak at the RB position. My WRs are stacked so I made the following trade with someone who needed help at WR in the playoffs: Received: RB Antonio Gibson 1st round pick Gave: WR Davante Adams
  6. Two trades happened today in one of my dynasty leagues Full dynasty - IDP - PPR- 12 team - 24 player roster Start: QB 2 RB 3 WR TE Flex - 2 DL 2LB 2 DB Trade 1: Team A gets WR Calvin Ridley (They’re in playoff contention and need a win) Team B gets WR Lamb (rebuild mode) Trade 2: Team A gets RB Montgomery and DE Chase Young Team B gets WR Anderson, 2021 5th rd pick, 2022 1st rd pick
  7. He’s taken Thursday off for the majority of the season.
  8. That one was tempting. I’m 7-4 and fighting for the playoffs and just couldn’t give Adams up.
  9. Just wanted to let y’all know about a couple of offers I received in two different dynasty leagues. Both leagues are 12 team PPR full dynasty Was offered Keenan Allen and Jacobi Meyers for CEH in one league. Was offered Diontae Johnson, Claypool and a 4th rd pick for Davante Adams. I declined both.
  10. Trade from my buddy's league. 12 team - Full Dynasty 24 players rostered -IDP- PPR - (1)QB (2)RB (3)WR (1)TE Flex - (2)DL (2)LB (2)DB Team A gets: WR Golladay RB Swift Team B gets: CEH AJB 4th round pick
  11. 12 team PPR - IDP - Full Dynasty League Not mine...... Team A gets: WR Tee Higgins DB Jamal Adams Team B gets: WR AJB
  12. Not mine. 10 player keeper ppr league. Team A gets: Zeke AJB Team B gets: J Taylor Golladay
  13. What is DJ Moores value right now? Obviously low but would it be worth attempting to trade him for say RB Swift? Is that selling too low? Also, someone sent me an offer of WR Boyd and a 5th rd pick for him. Maybe I'm crazy but I still like Moore quite a bit.
  14. Was not involved with these trades: Trade 1: CEH AJ Dillon for Lamb D Henderson Trade 2: Juju for Eckler
  15. Yeah, I hope you didn't start Green! I would go with Thielen, Kupp, and Slayton. Little help please https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/788592-dj-moore-trade-offer/
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