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  1. I like what you found on Amazon. I think you just need to figure out what you want for your house. I rarely listen to the radio while at home, but I stream music a bit. I am using google home, with 4 speakers around the house (and can add more if I like). I can stream to all, a few, or one speaker.. and different sources to different speakers. So my wife can stream to a speaker in her office while I am streaming in my kitchen or while outside.
  2. New Orleans? many fun sites, historic, great food, and it shouldn’t be too hard to avoid the adult attractions.
  3. Only about 10 more minutes than vail (more or less)
  4. @MTskibum i am still partial to vail and beaver creek for the full experience. I like trees/glades, and the bowls. you might have some fun at the further parts of keystone.
  5. What is the level of the group you are skiing with? if you like moguls, winter park a-basin gives a nice challenge. Keystone, breck, vail, bc has more range... can be advanced or family friendly
  6. I was/am a fan of sublime.... senior year in 87, we had a lot of licensed to ill on; misc ska (untouchables, fishbone, specials, english beat, etc)
  7. Just a variable. people will list a thing or place “for the win.”
  8. Moved a family ski trip to lake Tahoe from New Years to late March. Have Maui booked for June, but may reschedule based on what they are doing for quarantine at the time (maybe akumal). edit: need to see what is open in September for FFPC draft. Might do New Orleans instead of Vegas
  9. We typically drive, but one year we took the train from Germany to Venice. Wonderful experience
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