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  1. If you head further west let me know... I am running around a bit, but might be able to break away at some point.
  2. Great info. Thanks. Daughter is 15, and we may have one of her friends with us. While mrs and I enjoy wine tasting, it may not be part of this trip.
  3. We have a lacrosse tournament in Santa Barbara in June. Thinking about a couple of nights in one of the places mentioned. looking for suggestions for lodging, restaurants, and water activities. thoughts?
  4. My daughter made varsity as a freshman in lacrosse after taking 2 years off. Very excited for her
  5. No HD today grocery store daughter’s lacrosse game at Novato @SFBayDuck @CGRdrJoe
  6. I need to head north at some point. One of my hs friends is owner/winemaker at archery summit,a to z, Rex hill, etc
  7. I cannot comment. I am in industry and haven't paid a tasting fee for 10 years (and they offer pricing better than Wine Clubs)
  8. i am not sure about uber/lyft. might want to hire a driver/limo. maybe there is a forum for wine country transportation
  9. I am not far from Novato. Let me know if you ever want to get together
  10. We have done some around sonoma co, santa cruz, big sur... really excellent events.
  11. .... and if you decide to strain the cloves out, you have an infused oil
  12. @Drunken Cowboy Also, the area is heavily policed and has a high % of DUIs. Don't put yourself in a bad position. I have the advantage of being in the heart of it and over the years my best experiences have been finding a few that your really like and being able to linger with staff talking about the wines and vineyards. There is no need to do a blitz. Do 1-2 in the morning. Grab a nice lunch somewhere and see where you are... maybe 1-2 more afterwards. Left turns can be a bear, so you may want to plan accordingly (wineries on the east side first, then west side on the way
  13. @SFBayDuck something you (and others) might enjoy... https://outstandinginthefield.com
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