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  1. I was/am a fan of sublime.... senior year in 87, we had a lot of licensed to ill on; misc ska (untouchables, fishbone, specials, english beat, etc)
  2. Just a variable. people will list a thing or place “for the win.”
  3. Moved a family ski trip to lake Tahoe from New Years to late March. Have Maui booked for June, but may reschedule based on what they are doing for quarantine at the time (maybe akumal). edit: need to see what is open in September for FFPC draft. Might do New Orleans instead of Vegas
  4. We typically drive, but one year we took the train from Germany to Venice. Wonderful experience
  5. going to do 2 racks with a maple rub, the other 2 will also have a chipotle bbq glaze german potato salad mexican corn with tequila lime rub caribbean bbq baked beans
  6. simple week: chicken lettuce wraps honey/lavender roasted chicken gumbo tonight
  7. And for anyone not in a rush to get the car, I am a big advocate of Euro-deliveries. I have done two of these. Saved about 10% on the cars. Pick it up in Munich at the factory and have many drop off options. It took about 6 weeks to make back to the US.
  8. I’d go Audi or Lexus, but that’s me edit: actually, I am a BMW guy. I have an m3, wife has an x3.
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