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  1. Looks like we are heading down to a lacrosse tournament in June. Haven't been to Bacara since it's changed ownership. Should be a fun weekend
  2. Sonoma county: kin/kin smoke lombardi’s butcher crown roadhouse
  3. this. though my favorite week was the one right after christmas-new year's ended. mountain gets pretty quiet and for those out of town rates drop a bit
  4. Personally, yes, I prefer beaver creek, but .... .... for a family trip with kids your age I think breck and keystone are more fitting. You can visit the other towns on non-ski days for a change of pace. Frisco, Dillon, Silverthorne... all good central locations if you want to rent a house/condo
  5. I worked at Vail Cascade for 4 years. We had 2 rental places at the resort. Staff was great with me. I would pay a flat fee, and they would let me try different skis throughout the season. At the end, if I purchased, they would knock the fee off of the discounted purchase. I recall being surprised by disliking certain ones I thought I would love (ie: there were some volkl I really wanted to try but felt terrible on the mountain), and vice versa. It worked out well for me.
  6. Do you have a local place that will let you rent for a season, and exchange demos? I used to do this, then purchase used demos I liked at the end of the season
  7. Alpine was a sheet of ice from 9-11.. then softened. Great warm day at 51*
  8. Yeah... we are very conscientious about school and activities. So, yeah... there are the financials, but in this case we need some time away as a family. SIP started last year when we went up to Tahoe for her spring break. We have not had a family trip this year and have had to cancel other trips due to covid.
  9. The coach is young and doesn't comprehend navigating family vacations. I get that they have new routines that need to be practiced, but it was going to hinder future events after spring break. Covid was a big influence on this. Since summer, everything has been unpredictable with practices (live vs zoom). The football season just started here. The school has not had any history of mandatory activities during spring break, and we even reviewed this with her 2 weeks ago. My only issue was the spontaneous decision to have mandatory events during spring break ...5 days prior to our t
  10. We had some drama with this trip. Daughter is a freshman on cheer and lacrosse teams. on Monday, cheer implemented mandatory games and practices over spring break. We had a chat with the coach.. compromise is: -daughter is going to a game today in Marin (so leaving at 1p instead of now) - she will do a zoom practice on Monday - we are going to come back on Wednesday for an afternoon practice (originally Saturday)
  11. Heading to north Lake Tahoe tomorrow alpine on Sunday... just the guys. Homewood on Monday with the kids
  12. Roughly: San Diego/la jolla laguna santa Barbara carmel/Monterey San Francisco tomales/bodega bay your choice of Anderson valley/Russian river/Sonoma/Napa
  13. We are taking up my daughter's BFF with us .... 1 bdr and pet friendly for 6 nights. It worked for this trip.
  14. Coivd has not been kind to our family's income. We are staying at a place we used to frequent when we were in grad school 25 years ago.... Cedar glen lodge Edit: for the past few years, we have been going with another family and rent 4-5 bdr homes. They cannot make this trip, so we went smaller, but need to accommodate our dog.
  15. heading up for our family vacation on 3/27... alpine and northstar
  16. Truckee is about 10 min to Donner 15 min from Northstar 20 min to squaw valley 20 min to kings beach (state line is little further if you want to gamble) 25 min to Tahoe city 45 min to Emerald bay
  17. They are all different... sunnyside is on the lake olypmic village is right at squaw river ranch has a nice rustic feel (close to alpine village) sugar bowl is also rustic, but more of a destination spot. Rooms are elevated (take a gondola to get to them). Further from the lake and towns. check them out to see what vibe works for you
  18. I agree with deadhead. For our last 5-6 trips we have Airbnb, or vrbo in truckee, donner, Tahoe city, incline. hotel/inns we have used in the past have been river ranch, sunnyside, Olympic village inn, sugar bowl. hikes and picnics on the mountains are my favorite summer activities up there.
  19. I like what you found on Amazon. I think you just need to figure out what you want for your house. I rarely listen to the radio while at home, but I stream music a bit. I am using google home, with 4 speakers around the house (and can add more if I like). I can stream to all, a few, or one speaker.. and different sources to different speakers. So my wife can stream to a speaker in her office while I am streaming in my kitchen or while outside.
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