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  1. A friend asked me to go to game 5 tonight. Early meeting tomorrow not so easy getting into the city these days
  2. Not sure what you are considering as a splurge, but I would encourage you to seek out some places that offer cuisine most out of your ordinary... Some favorites of mine that I don't think were insanely expensive: Nobu Robuchon Hakkasan jaleo/e Aureole Michael Mina
  3. @Kanil my thoughts to your wife. Hope you are well otherwise
  4. we used to go often, but last trip was in 17. need a tropical pretty badly
  5. We just had a little family chat. Daughter wisely chose Maui.
  6. I fully admit that i have a hard time doing a real full day. Like to get up early... no lines... burn the legs and back in for lunch/bar/hottub
  7. We are in Sonoma County. I taught her at 3. She took a decent break, but enjoys it again. Our last trip was spring break (and we brought her friend). Three of us skied all day, but friend is a newer to it so i had to stay close to her. Music to my ears was at some point my daughter leaning in to say that she wished we had more time together...wanted some more instruction.
  8. I think Utah can be a lot easier due to proximity to the airport. Many great options in both States. I haven't done OR or Wash either. Whistler once.
  9. @DA RAIDERS Daughter is a sophomore. We are talking about "what's next?" Wife is leaning towards Capitola (near Santa Cruz). I keep bringing up Italian lakes (many alps are a close enough drive or train). Also possibly Lake Tahoe or back to Summit or Eagle Counties in Colorado
  10. Daughter’s activities are starting to dominate… with a shortened Christmas break this year. Not seeing many opportunities to break away. Already looking to rebook a Maui trip due to a lacrosse tournament
  11. on Maui, I have liked the pools at the Hyatt, Westin, Sheraton, and Marriott.
  12. grand Hyatt in budget? edit: sorry… Maui, Oahu, or Kauai?
  13. The dream was to open a small inn in Austria or Switzerland (possibly Northern lakes of Italy). Now thinking about going tropical and opening a small plate rum bar. Currently consulting in Sonoma County. I really enjoy what I am doing right now... just want to get out this state of Covid.
  14. Jagerschnitzel, red cabbage, german potato salad last night.
  15. I do not mind looking at it. My issue is with the drop downs when i am browsing the site.
  16. Already a paying member. How can we remove that Join Now banner? It's been a nuisance.
  17. Any word if Jules received his stalker package? Was supposed to be delivered friday 9/10
  18. Starting to get tired of this “no risk it, no biscuit”
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