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  1. And for anyone not in a rush to get the car, I am a big advocate of Euro-deliveries. I have done two of these. Saved about 10% on the cars. Pick it up in Munich at the factory and have many drop off options. It took about 6 weeks to make back to the US.
  2. I’d go Audi or Lexus, but that’s me edit: actually, I am a BMW guy. I have an m3, wife has an x3.
  3. does your climate matter (snow, rain, ice)? Space requirements (for size of family)? How much driving will you be doing for work? are you related to funky cold?
  4. Pretty happy where I am, but miss the Colorado mountains. I could also go the other way and be happy in Hawaii or the keys
  5. 14 yr old daughter. not easy finding common ground these days
  6. Yeah.... we all did a teams draft for FFPC. Not nearly as fun. For several years I have been advocating for us to rotate the draft site (New Orleans, Cabo, etc), as we started doing it online vs the draft room. This year I missed Vegas.
  7. Akumal, thailand, bali, hawaii... for tropical France, Italy, or Austria for Europe (would depend on the season) New Orleans or Vegas for domestic (missing the annual vegas trip)
  8. My set is pretty mixed. For heartier jobs I like my heckels. For more precise, delicate slicing I prefer my globals. For fabrication, I prefer my wustoff boning knives.
  9. Ham with pineapple glaze mashed potatoes with creme fraiche and chives yorkshire pudding pan seared green beans with lardon, crispy shallots, sherry vinaigrette mixed berry crumble (streusel topping)
  10. I frequently put on my "80's Christmas Radio" pandora station this time of year
  11. Use the syrup or brandy. Also good in gastriques for duck
  12. I grew up in San Francisco and have enjoyed Molinari for as long as I can remember. For cured meats, I am a big fan of speck, duck and boar products (prosciutto, wurst, salumi, etc). a couple of other vendors i have been fond of: La Quercia : wonderful cured meats Stiglmeier : excellent wurst Dartagnan : foie, pate, truffles, game I general, I really like game... I have a couple of places near me (Sonoma County) that are fantastic, but dartagnon is a great resource
  13. When I was cooking, I used to use these (and griottes) for sweet and savory dishes. Love them
  14. This. It is possible that, aside from ChiefD, I have likely only "ignored" 2-3 people over 20+ years across 3 boards. I don't report, though over the past 4 years on another site, I have thought about it.
  15. rescheduled for spring break... we'll see if we will have to bump it again. edit: if it doesn't happen, we'll try a tropical trip in the summer. I really wanted a little snow though.
  16. Mountains remain open. Lodging is closed, except to essential works for about 3 week...then reassessed.
  17. 😡. Have a trip to Lake Tahoe planned for New Year’s. Will need to cancel due to sip. mrs and I deferred our 25th anniversary in September. We really need a break from everything.
  18. yes.... good hub. Can do day trips to vail, beaver creek, georgetown, denver, glennwood springs, boulder
  19. KC to Breckenridge= 10 hrs I did that drive to see @ChiefD about 15 years ago
  20. You will have a good experience in Colorado or Utah. I lived in breckenridge for 10 yrs. I think keystone is very family friendly, and you can get a decent amount of everything in vail.
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