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  1. Seven spots still open. https://www.fanduel.com/entry/53389-242969225?invitedby=fatnate&cnl=maio&utm_campaign=User Referral&utm_medium=iOS&utm_source=User 3-20&utm_content=Link
  2. 10-man. $2. Top three get paid. 1/14 main slate contest. https://www.fanduel.com/entry/53529-242970261?invitedby=fatnate&cnl=mabo&utm_campaign=User Referral&utm_medium=iOS&utm_source=User 3-20&utm_content=Link
  3. 10-man. $5. Top three get paid. Sat-Sun slate. https://www.fanduel.com/entry/53389-242969225?invitedby=fatnate&cnl=mabo&utm_campaign=User Referral&utm_medium=iOS&utm_source=User 3-20&utm_content=Link
  4. $5. 12-man contest. Six game slate (Sat-Sun). Top three get paid. https://www.fanduel.com/entry/53153-242575894?invitedby=fatnate&cnl=mabo&utm_campaign=User Referral&utm_medium=iOS&utm_source=User 3-20&utm_content=Link
  5. 75 in 180 out. My best was 194. It was one of my best weeks of the year.
  6. Still need five. https://www.fanduel.com/entry/52913-242120031?invitedby=fatnate&cnl=maio&utm_campaign=User Referral&utm_medium=iOS&utm_source=User 3-20&utm_content=Link
  7. I checked last week for a reference. Ten QBs hit 20pts last week and two RBs hit 20pts. Taysom needs 20pts as QB to be viable and seems unlikely even if he is the full time RB this week. We also do not have evidence that he will even be in that role. Time to consider Ty at a discount and I even like the Car RB side with Smith too.
  8. I think Ten is tied most to Ind and they both play at 4p. There are scenarios that involve Mia and Bal. If we dig deep enough though we can also consider he needs like 220yds for 2000yds, so more narrative for playing him. GPP, I think you can fade him, but with all the value available, where do we spend up at? I am all in on Henry.
  9. I was all over Murray, so now without much thought, I am swapping in Brown.
  10. No Saints RB this week. Keeps getting interesting. Taysom is listed as QB, @ $6.4. Is he a viable RB option this week?
  11. We still have plenty of open slots for this week’s contest.
  12. Current Lineup: Lamar-Henry/Murray/Mattison-Adams/Jones/Coutee-Parham-Ravens
  13. Are we all just stacking GB/Chi-Ten/Hou-Min/Det? All the value available at RB allows room to fit Henry and Adams, along with relevant pieces from these key high scoring games. There are always a lot of ways to attack a big slate, but this strategy seems like it will be popular. Leading to a lineup that might look like: Rodgers-Henry/Mattison/Murray-Adams/Robinson/Hardman-Anderson-Browns Anyone have any unique plays? Or ways they will be differentiating this week? I am just banking on ownership being spread more than some might expect, because it’s a huge slate
  14. I will be building around Lamar, Henry, and Andrews this week and fitting everything else in around those three. I plan to play less this week, because of the uncertainty, but that never seems to work out for me.
  15. Last week with a full slate. $10. 12-person contest. Top three get paid. https://www.fanduel.com/entry/52913-242120031?invitedby=fatnate&cnl=mabo&utm_campaign=User Referral&utm_medium=iOS&utm_source=User 3-20&utm_content=Link
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