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  1. I believe many will use the value at RB to get the high price guys, specifically the KC trio (Mahomes, Hill, & Kelce). I believe I am going to go balanced at RB and hammer those $7000-$8000 guys. Also, plan to settle into that same tier of QBs. I am only considering four TEs this week: Seals-Jones, Allie-Cox, Kelce, & Andrews. I am avoiding CLE & IND defenses, because it appears they are going to come in way over owned for me. After all that, it looks like I will need some luck from Pittman or Meyers at WR, which I do not love. I should still be able to fit a Chase, Allen, Higgins, or Woods in there at WR. I will have some KC/WAS, but I am worried I may not have enough to compete. I believe I will be over weight on LAC, LAR, & IND, plus the CIN/DET game.
  2. Such a different route than I am going. Not right or wrong — just different than mine. Specifically, Cook and Jones, are not on my radar.
  3. I think Zeke is getting a little over looked this week. I believe Dallas will be in a position to the run ball plenty this week. He is on my radar, more as a contrarian play, but someone I want to work into a few lineups.
  4. FBG are projecting Hunt to be the most owned player of the week at over 30%. RG has not updated the projection, since the Chubb news broke. FanDuel numbers also.
  5. RG will have a big update tomorrow. Right now Williams is trending as RB1 ownership of 24%.Herbert is still showing at 1%, so I know that needs updated. FBG is showing them as RB7 & RB8 ownership at 17%. Booker isn’t on my radar, but he shows as RB3 ownership of 21% on RG, but only shows as 13% projected ownership on FBG. These numbers are for FanDuel.
  6. My data backs this up. Mixon hasn’t had the greatest per carry average and doesn’t always get the targets. But, has gotten touches and volume running, so with a good matchup and thin group behind him, I think he gets 20 touches or more. I believe the game plan and game script fits, assuming he is close to 100% healthy.
  7. I like CHI RB Herbert to hit value of around 15pts or more. I am not as confident with KC RB Williams, being able to hit that same mark. I will have some of each, but more Herbert. I also believe they are good GPP fades, since they are expected to be owned around 25%. I like several $7k RBs (Henderson, Taylor, Swift, Gibson, & Mixon) and will focus my builds around those more than the value RBs.
  8. Zac Taylor says Mixon will get his normal workload week six against the Lions. It has also been verifed that he participated in practice today, but I do not know to what level.
  9. Week 6 Contest -- $5 -- Main Slate -- 10 Person League -- Top 2 Get Paid https://www.fanduel.com/entry/65217-249889416?invitedBy=fatnate&cnl=ba
  10. I am not sure what is being reported nationally. Local reports are: Mixon was 'limited' at practice on Wednesday and he did NOT practice on Thursday. Coach was asked about it and gave a generic response that did not reveal anything, by saying "Mixon had good energy on Wednesday and moved pretty good." Thursday 'off' was proably just to rest the ankle, but the team did not provide much detail or explanation. We may learn more after today's practice, but I at this point, I think he will play and be limited Sunday.
  11. The RB situation in Chicago and KC provide a lot of value. Using them both unlocks those high priced guys in the KC/WAS game.
  12. One min cash. One no cash. 18 in and 15 out. My Smith MVP lineup had Brown. My Fournette MVP lineup had Evans. IF, a very big IF, I could have had Brown with my Fournette MVP lineup, I think I could have actually turned a small profit. But, instead I get my usual results, from the single gamer!
  13. I usually don’t have much luck, but I am also striving to not split the pot with many, if I ever do hit.
  14. I am in for tonight. I try to fade the most likely/popular game theory in the single gamer. Two FanDuel lineups for me tonight. No Brady. Fournette as one MVP. Smith as one MVP. Three Phily and two TB for both. Planning for ‘lower’ scoring, relatively close game — most importantly Fournette gets TDs.
  15. Quick lookup on my end, for FanDuel. I would consider some of the following at 'lower' ownership: QB - Burrow 6.6%, Herbert 5.1%, & Rodgers 2.3% RB - Jones (GB) 5.9%, Hunt 2.4%, & McKissic 1% (my brother's GPP pick of the week - if that matters to anyone) WR - Hopkins 5.3%, Anderson 5%, Boyd 4.8%, Williams (LAC) 4.2%, Moore (ARI) 1.7%, & Mooney 1.7% TE - Cook 4.2% & Henry 1.5% Some are more GPP only options, but I would consider several of them in 'cash' game builds. Such as: all three QBS. Jones and Hunt at RBs. Hopkins, Boyd, & Williams at WR. Henry at TE.
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