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  1. We could find a couple MAGA hat wearing guys and see if they would be willing to beat him while shouting racial epithets?
  2. This 17% figure has been thrown around a lot and people are using it as a cudgel to prove how racist this country is becoming under Trump. I think we need to use caution when viewing that 17% increase and not view it as hate crimes "increasing" and also not view this increase as a negative. In fact, this "increase" in reported hate crimes may indicate that we are becoming less tolerant of those who perpetrate hate crimes, not more condoning of such actions. Between 2016 and 2017 1,000 new agencies began reporting hate crimes to the FBI UCR. With more agencies reporting, there will be more crimes reported. Also, an increase in hate crimes reported doesn't necessarily mean that there were more hate crimes, it could mean that more law enforcement agencies are classifying hate crimes as hate crimes rather than as simply an assault or some other such criminal endeavor. This "increase" is similar to seeing an increase in rapes reported over the past couple years while other violent crimes were down. The increase in reported rapes is attributed not to an actual increase in people being raped, but an increase in those willing to come forward: "The increase in reported rapes in New York appears to continue a broader national trend. In its annual crime victimization survey released last month, the Justice Department reported that 40 percent of the people who said they were sexually assaulted in 2017 also said they reported the attacks to the police, up from 23 percent in 2016. NYT 01-19" So, while, yes, we have seen an increase in the total number of hate crimes reported, we may not be seeing an actual increase in hate crimes and we may be working harder to actively curtail such activities by recognizing that they exist and classifying them as such.
  3. They quit the Klan because of all the baggage and became Republicans?
  4. This actually seems like a good thing. Their are 1,000 more agencies that are reporting to the FBI UCR about hate crimes which means that more municipalities are taking hate crimes seriously and labeling them as such, rather than just lumping them in with all of the other crimes and not reporting them. In concert with the 1,000 new agencies reporting, we only saw an increase of 1,054 crimes, which seems to be a good thing as there is roughly only 1 hate crime per new reporting agency. I went to the 2017 UCR on hate crimes, interesting stuff: 1. There are fewer per capita hate crimes reported in the south than in many of the more liberal states (that doesn't mean that fewer a occur as the south may under-report hate crimes.) 2. There were only 15 murders/homicides ruled to be hate crimes in 2017 ( 6 offenders were white, 7 offenders were African American, 1 offender is of unknown race/ethnicity) 3. "Intimidation" and "Property Damage/Vandalism" are the most common types of hate crimes. 4. 976 Anti-Jewish hate crimes were reported. 5. 2,358 Anti-Black hate crimes were reported. 6. 844 Anti-White hate crimes were reported. (182 of the anti-white hate crimes were perpetrated by white offenders) 7. 314 Anti-Muslim hate crimes were reported. 8. 758 Anti-Gay hate crimes were reported (263 offenders were white, 222 offenders were African American, I would never have guessed this stat.) 2017 Hate Crime Tables
  5. As an immigrant the teacher feels one should show respect to the US by standing up and pledging allegiance to the flag. As a US citizen the African American child feels that the flag is representative of an oppressive country which he should not have to honor. You find that to be uninteresting?
  6. Very interesting dynamic in that story with the perspective of a Cuban immigrant and an African American child.
  7. This doesn't appear to be correct. For Example Mississippi has a combined tax rate of 12.21%, which is 13.5% higher than the national average, and ranks very low in educational attainment. Below are the top ten in highest taxes and highest % of population with a Bachelors Degree (in many cases the areas with high rates of bachelor degrees have lower rates of high school grads.) Highest Taxes: IL, CT, NE, NY, RI, WI, OH, IA, NJ, MI, PA, KS Highest Education Rate: DC, MA, CO, MD, CT, NJ, VA, VT, NH, NY, MN Link Taxes Link Education
  8. She is full of vigor, seems like a fun person, she's a fighter... However, with the Green New Deal outline she released to NPR and some of her other statements regarding policy positions, she is coming across as a vacuous dilettante with regard to policy and politics. Her recent celebrity makes me recall a statement by Edward R. Murrow: It is not necessary to remind you of the fact that your voice, amplified to the degree where it reaches from one end of the country to the other, does not confer upon you greater wisdom than when your voice reached only from one end of the bar to the other. I hope she can grow into a more knowledgeable politician with regard policy, because god knows she has the drive and the charisma to achieve her goals and we don't want those goals to be based on folly and ignorance.
  9. Quick tangent... I thought diversity in a country, open borders even, was a good thing? Nevermind...
  10. If we look at a breakout of what those federal payments are for, we may find that many of those expenses would be avoided under the scenario that is being proposed.
  11. Considering the abundance of Federal facilities that would no longer be located in the area, you would no longer have to foot that bill. Plus, we'll charge tolls on I-10, I-40, I-75, I-85, I-95, I-20, etc... to all you forners trying to get to our pristine beaches.
  12. Can't beat the Southeast. Access to beaches, mountains, and vacation destinations ( You can get to Europe in 8 hours, the Bahamas in 4 hours, Bermuda in 3 hours, etc...) Cost of living is relatively low, 3 of the largest GDP states in the country (NC, GA, FL), low population density in many places, newer infrastructure than most other regions, very good colleges and Universities, good school systems in many areas, low income and property taxes compared to other regions, more temperate climates, demographics that are trending to be more liberal... No real reason to move.
  13. I've seen this argument a number of times and initially agreed with it. There is no doubt that our military might is unparalleled. BUT... I find it quite probable that the military would have an incredibly difficult time quelling a popular uprising of, say, 10 million armed Americans. Think about that, 10 million Americans with guns versus 1.3 million active duty armed forces personnel, many of which are non infantry. How many armed ISIS members has our military been fighting for 7 years, how many Taliban forces, etc... We've been using our vast military resources to take control of areas protected by tens of thousands of armed militants and have not been successful at it, yet. Now, imagine 10 million pissed off rednecks. Also, I am positive that the rank and file of the military would be split as to whether they should fight against an armed uprising. There could be large enough segment of the military that would sympathize with the disaffected populace who had taken up arms against the government and it is very possible that they could align themselves, and their equipment against those who sought to suppress the uprising.
  14. My extended family lives in the midwest and northeast, I was raised in the south, I can assure you that I have heard much worse in Illinois and Pennsylvania than I have in Birmingham, Atlanta, and Raleigh/Durham.
  15. I've read a lot of your posts, you have made the most rational and persuasive comments in this thread and I am stunned. Great work, keep it up.
  16. Let me push you over the edge... you are taking the same stance as I, an avowed white supremacist and vicious anti-semite.
  17. Here's what I know of this man in 2019... He is in favor of removing Confederate symbols from public spaces and has resoundingly condemned the actions of the white nationalist marches in Virginia, seeking to deny their right to assemble and working hard to have them prosecuted if they even remotely break a law.
  18. Not even if it's done by one of the greatest satirical filmmakers?
  19. In 1984 Robert Byrd was in his third term as a US Senator. The guy wouldn't get elected today. Different times. Get a picture or video of Northam in the past 20 years doing something like this, as an "adult", bury him.
  20. Possible mental and physical harm to the mother.
  21. And here is the rub... Ultimately, given time, that baby who one is okay with offing in the first 6 weeks will develop into that third trimester baby. Ultimately whether the child is aborted in the first or third trimester the result is the same, a life is terminated. And if this issue does boil down to a matter of development or sentience, you open a whole new can of worms with regard to mentally disabled babies.
  22. Why is it immoral, to you? If a child is unwanted, to the point where a person would consider going to a doctor and having that child cut/sucked out of their body, there is a high probability that the child is going to suffer in life and that from the suffering said child may actually harm others in society. To me it is immoral to have that child, to neglect that child when it is being raised, to not offer that child resources, to not give that child the best opportunity to live a happy life and unfortunately, with many of these aborted children, the potential parent will have neither the time, resources, or care to properly rear that child. Would it have been more moral for Casey Anthony to have her child and kill it later because it was cramping her lifestyle or would it have been more moral for Casey Anthony to have had an abortion?
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