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  1. Haha. Happy to see them get some of my guys. Let’s see if they amount to anything now! I loved Wade as a steal in the 5th too. And the trade adding a 4 next year was smart. Should have tons of ammo with the expected comp picks to get a few top 100 players next year.
  2. Yeah they’ll wait until early next week and then get a couple of those guys done after the deadline. Colts and Dolphins rumored the competition for Villanueva. Cleveland seems absolutely perfect in that he can just lean on guys and be massive most of the time. It’s not like we’re a big screen team that will need him in space for that. If he can pull effectively that’s just a big bonus. Offshoot of that is I’m wondering if they do have plans for Phillips at RT in a year. Agreed they’ll look for a project tackle and another DB. ILB too. I wouldn’t be surprised if they added a
  3. Thanks fam! Love Bateman at 27. He’s smooth and fast. Maybe a poor man’s Amari Cooper type as a prospect. Can’t say I loved the Oweh pick. The physical freak lack of production prospect profile worries me but the upside is undeniable. And he did have 20 pressures in 7 games. I agree with what you said that they will let Wink mold him as an explosive piece off the edge. Adds a huge amount of athleticism to our front. Day 2 brought on a HUGE guard. I loved that pick. He’s freaking massive. Can’t say I know much about Stephens other than I read they want to switch him to safety and they
  4. There was never any doubt it was going down. I’m in the camp that Hyde was a great sign as a direct backup rather than competition. ETN however...obviously disaster scenario for owners.
  5. Yup it’s our difference in thinking. Those grades aren’t just against guys who see similar volume they’re against all backs who may be used different situationally. There’s a lot to sort through.
  6. There’s no doubt it’s a big dent on his value. But as you say, if he’s any good it isn’t a death knell. Lots of potential outcomes here.
  7. Is this true? I’m seeing his rushing DVOA as 22/48 and his receiving higher. PFF overall grade of 72.4. Are those way below average?
  8. I don’t see how someone can say he’s “totally” volume based while also acknowledging that he was very efficient as a runner. Seems contradictory. Yes, he had volume that wasn’t going to repeated and 100% won’t be repeated now with ETN but he also appeared to be a really good runner. 4.5 ypc on high volume with that OL and dreadful Qb play shouldn’t be taken lightly. My only investment is he was (maybe still is) going to be a keeper in a limited keeper league. I’m excited to try and buy in my dynasties.
  9. I’m going to be buying. At this point I’d certainly give a mid 2 maybe even an early 2. I believe in his talent although this no doubt tanks his value.
  10. Excellent post. I think Barber is back though isn’t he?
  11. @FreeBaGeL is right in that there are multiple discussions going on. I wasn’t directly comparing Harris vs Gibson. In the initial post I bolded I questioned why the 1.1 will give you fantasy MVP upside like CMC Zeke Saquon Gurley when that level of prospect isn’t what we’re looking at with Harris. Got caught up in the weeds a bit with someone after that.
  12. Weird cherry picked stats. He didn’t play 16 games. He had 11 tds in 13 regular season games.
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