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  1. Maybe through injury. He’s prob worse than Teddy. Certainly looked it against the Ravens.
  2. Yup, clearly the right call I think but I’m not sneaking it anywhere close to Simmons there. He wrecked my Ravens twice on 4th down in the playoffs on 4th and short.
  3. Yeah this is a killer. He should have 3/15 at minimum and may have scored a time or 2
  4. Another scenario where HSG is definitely totally right and everyone else is wrong. So weird! Chances he missed the game because of a passport issue has to be next to 0. Next week will be interesting.
  5. There’s at least some hope that after practicing for a few days in a limited fashion, possibly including through this past weekend and early in the week since he didn’t have play in or recover from the game, that he’s simply resting a day before he cranks it up to full for Friday. But yeah that’s probably the lesser likely scenario after the one where he tweaked it and will be out a coupe more weeks.
  6. He was leading the league by a wide margin in air yards per attempt coming in too. Surprised 440 and 4 with only 6 incompletions wasn’t a perfect rating. I guess there were relatively few deep shots down the field tonight. If it weren’t for the trio of Hollywood drops against Detroit he’d be over 300 3 straight games. Hoping the OL can get healthy so he can continue to emerge as a passer.
  7. People will say he wasn’t accurate this game because of the Hollywood miss
  8. Is that the way that rule is supposed to be used? He wasn’t in the open field or yanked down
  9. They had only played TWO PLAYS this half prior to that drive. Pathetic to come out and get destroyed.
  10. Blankenship has a hip issue according to Sleeper. Makes more sense on the Colts side.
  11. I feel like I’d rather try a 47 yarder with my real kicker and holder than a 42 yarder with a punter kicking and a rb holding. Surprised they didn’t take a delay but maybe they were all in on some dummy jumping offsides!
  12. He’s a monster. And still raw. Physically he’s a top 1% NFL specimen
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