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  1. Yup, clearly the right call I think but I’m not sneaking it anywhere close to Simmons there. He wrecked my Ravens twice on 4th down in the playoffs on 4th and short.
  2. Yeah this is a killer. He should have 3/15 at minimum and may have scored a time or 2
  3. Another scenario where HSG is definitely totally right and everyone else is wrong. So weird! Chances he missed the game because of a passport issue has to be next to 0. Next week will be interesting.
  4. There’s at least some hope that after practicing for a few days in a limited fashion, possibly including through this past weekend and early in the week since he didn’t have play in or recover from the game, that he’s simply resting a day before he cranks it up to full for Friday. But yeah that’s probably the lesser likely scenario after the one where he tweaked it and will be out a coupe more weeks.
  5. He was leading the league by a wide margin in air yards per attempt coming in too. Surprised 440 and 4 with only 6 incompletions wasn’t a perfect rating. I guess there were relatively few deep shots down the field tonight. If it weren’t for the trio of Hollywood drops against Detroit he’d be over 300 3 straight games. Hoping the OL can get healthy so he can continue to emerge as a passer.
  6. People will say he wasn’t accurate this game because of the Hollywood miss
  7. Is that the way that rule is supposed to be used? He wasn’t in the open field or yanked down
  8. They had only played TWO PLAYS this half prior to that drive. Pathetic to come out and get destroyed.
  9. Blankenship has a hip issue according to Sleeper. Makes more sense on the Colts side.
  10. I feel like I’d rather try a 47 yarder with my real kicker and holder than a 42 yarder with a punter kicking and a rb holding. Surprised they didn’t take a delay but maybe they were all in on some dummy jumping offsides!
  11. He’s a monster. And still raw. Physically he’s a top 1% NFL specimen
  12. Obviously I’m not close to a Saquon level athlete so insert the obligatory caveats here buuuuuuut I used to play a ton of basketball in college at a pretty high intensity and would roll my ankle periodically. The mild ones I’d play through or be fine in a day or 2. The worst one swelled up like a balloon, I was on crutches for 2-3 days but in a couple weeks it was totally and completely 100% fine. Low ankle sprains are just a different thing compared to high ankle. If there’s no break or torn ligaments it can look and feel terrible initially but heals really fast. Probably more useful than my anecdote is that this week Courtland Sutton rolled his ankle in practice Friday and was fine for Sunday. That was presumably very mild. Mixon limped off the field and had a pretty good limp on the sideline at the end of the Jags game. We didn’t get to see how he sprained it or see crazy looking swelling like with Saquon but I’d guess from the limp it felt pretty similar. He played 10 days later. I really think the timeline of out 1 week then questionable but plays week 7 seems right.
  13. Cleveland is very worrisome with that defensive line against our OL. We really need Stanley and Boyle back and firing on all cylinders before we play them. Just read that Campbell was our highest rated player last game by PFF. He is definitely playing his butt off!
  14. It seemed he was open on that end zone target but was very unlucky with an underneath backer getting a tip on the throw. He’s got a home/road thing going right now this year or perhaps turf/grass which could make some sense with shiftiness being his primary weapon. Obligatory note that it’s been a whopping 2 game sample of each so meaningless at this point. Anyone know if Decker is back soon?
  15. Lamar has been really good throwing the ball and like you said the drops hide a lot of that from his numbers. I read somewhere else that his air yards are tops in the league by a wide margin. He’s throwing the ball deep and while the weird “he’s a rb” people will remember the KC overthrow of Hollywood and a couple other misses he’s also dropped deep dimes to Sammy, Hollywood multiple times (twice dropped), and Andrews. And he’s done this with the line being shaky at times. It seems whenever they put Ricard in motion and then leave him in to help block, Lamar takes a deep drop and has a lot of time to throw downfield. I’d like to see this more. Even if it means only 4 guys in routes, send a couple deep then if nothing is there Lamar can take off against a stretched defense. Oh and that Andrews td that got called back by the inadvertent and totally unnecessary face mask…keep that play in the book! Very nice design. On the bad list, we’ve got to stop wasting these 3rd and 2 or 3 plays running Murray or Freeman. They’re just not good enough combined with the current state of the line to get the job done there. The ball needs to be in Lamar’s hands. 3-1 is an excellent start especially given the injuries. Speaking of which Harbaugh seemed to think Villanueva will be fine. Boykin and Bateman are back next week it seems. Super excited to see what Bateman can add to this offense. Jimmy’s return has helped the defense a good bit it seems. Hoping we get some similar boosts with the wrs coming back, Boyle hopefully soon, and at some point Stanley and Wolfe. No clue what timeline we’re looking at for those last 2 guys. This is a huge stretch now. 4 straight home games and you can even look at the games in Miami and Chicago after the home stand as games we’ve got a good shot at winning. Then the schedule gets real hard so we have to capitalize here as we get a bit more of the starters back for the difficult final 3rd of the season. Love Oweh! He’s still so raw but his unique athleticism already makes him one of the better players on defense. He truly could develop into a game changing terror off the edge. Maybe some Jevon Kearse to his game. Madabuike flashed against KC and really was good yesterday. The emergence of these 2 young guys up front has me really excited. Hopefully Wolfe can get back at some point this year to add another body to rotate with the vets. Campbell has seemed very slow to me getting after the passer. A deeper rotation should help him.
  16. Well the Jets are horrible obviously but you don't drop someone who just got 3/4 of the rb carries and 2/3 of the opportunities. Denver D on the road is a tall task. Better days ahead if he does take over this backfield.
  17. He's electric with the ball in his hands and they're feeding it to him in space now including out of 2 back sets. I don't see a reason why he wouldn't maintain his reception pace.
  18. He had a couple notable drops last year but I'd say in general he has pretty sticky hands. Got the yips today somehow. He's actually been a back end wr1/high end 2 over his last 10 games heading into today. Should have easily had 5/110/2 to add to that. Oh well....
  19. Half the Ravens DL are unvaccinated idiots and out for the game. That’s a pretty big blow to the blowout likelihood.
  20. Scroll up friend and call your doc if it doesn’t go down after a couple hours.
  21. Very good deal for you from that perspective.
  22. Very disappointing and nonsensical that he was only targeted once before the final drive.
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