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  1. Thanks for the blood sweat and tears over the years.....this site set the bar
  2. Any comprehensive stadium livecam site out there?
  3. Looks like "Washington" is going to be next to go anyway after "Redskins", so back to the drawing board
  4. Because of the bromance, I worry Jules will be depressed all season over the loss of Tom. One of the toughest guys in the league, but that may be too much to overcome.
  5. Not sure what to make of the testing, but if and when people start cutting in line for the vaccine, that's when all hell will break loose
  6. I think either of their value will be touchdown dependent but the prediction sounds about right at this point
  7. I don't buy the AB thing. Brady may love the guys' skills, but AB has proven relentlessly in past 12 months that he ain't good people. Does Tampa want that baggage to counter Tom's good will? How long until he #####es about not getting looks because of Evans and Godwin?
  8. I don't think Bill could participate in an outright tank, but he could sell it as believing in Stidham who they liked at his draft point and apprenticed under the GOAT and let it ride for one season. While Tom was a sharp dresser, I also can't imagine the visual of the hoodie standing next to Cam in a floral print scarf, Jackie O shades and a fedora. That's taking it too far.
  9. Funny how fast some things can change....not too many weeks ago that contract was seen as an anchor, still is in some respects, but not many envisioned a trade or release, etc.
  10. Cam can sell his hat and scarf collection on Poshmark and retire comfortably. All he seems to really care about anyway.
  11. How does this affect the running game? Burkhead a cap cut possibly as has been discussed for awhile? White downgraded it seems. Any room open up for Damien Harris with a new look offense? Or same old relatively useless fantasy backfield ?
  12. I heard someone on TV saying its best for Brady to move out of the AFC, as in the road through the playoffs will be easier.....without KC and BLT Do people agree with that? I still feel the NFC is deeper overall to some degree
  13. He's going to have his moments of frustration when receivers aren't where he expected them to be....see it in New England all the time even with veterans. I see more sustained drives, less explosive plays than with Jameis, slight depression in some fantasy stats but maybe upgrade in PPR count for receivers?
  14. Regardless it is nice. I think it was the BB and TB was the perfect storm and neither would have the elite enduring success they had without the other. I mean how many would have kept Bledsoe on the bench way back when? Not sure. Bill's game prep and planning, even from the defensive side certainly benefited Brady. And Tom's preparation, conditioning and game smarts are stuff of legend. What a ride it was for us Patriot fans after so much futility during the 1970s-80s that I recall.
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