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  1. Ha, I'd forgotten about that! Probably worth noting when that happens next. ETA: going back to watch ESPN's coverage of his pro day is painful. Burmeister claims Manziel has more arm talent than Kaepernick and Wilson, and he isn't laughed out of the building by Warner and Mayock. Oof.
  2. I don't think Manziel could last a season facing NFC West defenses. Would be entertaining to watch however.
  3. Coach is making noise, Joe Thomas talking about "bad apples"... can we give him a more suitable nickname: Johnny Rottenseed
  4. Sounds like he couldn't wait... Jason La Canfora reported on the pre-game show that Johnny threw a big party Friday night and Flash (in the pan) Gordon was there. I for one am very disappointed... that there were no party pic's Tweeted. Word on the street is it was a two swan affair.
  5. They can both be bad seeds. They can't both be uber-talented though. Something tells me the Browns will hold on to the wrong one.
  6. Can't trade money in the NFL, otherwise, you know, spot on.Poor Johnny.ETA: though I was alluding to dead money, which I think is applicable here. Just wanted to avoid the term dead. Let there be hope.
  7. Harbaugh and Kaepernick to Clevland for Manziel, picks and $. 49ers draft an NFL QB with the first Clevland pick and use Manziel exclusively as a scout team QB to play the Wilson role (with limited success).
  8. Kid should have stayed all four. He'll never get those years back and won't do much during that time in the pros.
  9. Has Johnny trademarked "Johnny Package" yet. Seems like it might have some very versatile meanings. Sounds like the opposite of Jumbo Package.
  10. I'm not certain that Manziel was much faster than the competition in college either: 4.68 ain't fast. He didn't ever look like a burner at A&M; he looked like a guy who could improvise and who would often go off script and bail out of the pocket. This throws the defense off as much (or more) as it does his WR's.You're right...speed had little to do with it...it was his quickness, change of direction, and ability to feel and react a half-step before the defender.I think that will still help at this level, but he has to learn to use it to find a window to throw...like Wilson. Manziel was abl
  11. Johnny EFFIN' Clipboardholder Johnny BenchI have his rookie card. Thinking it may end up being quite a bite more valuable than Manziel's.
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