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  1. Alec Ingold first TD as a Raider in Allegiant Field. Didn't see that coming. Doubled his TD count last night. Carr hit 1 different receivers. Hope he keeps spreading the ball around like that. Nice catch by Zay Jones. Hope to see more of that from him.
  2. https://www.mercurynews.com/2020/02/15/larry-fitzgeralds-sports-writer-father-raiders-prepping-huge-offer-for-brady/ Please make these rumors stop...😭 If he still had enough left in the tank, he'd still be a Patriot.
  3. Probably one of the most satisfying wins in the past ten years. IMO shows how football is a team sport. Requires a relatively talented group of eleven on each side of the ball to win games in the NFL. Unlike basketball, where one or two studs can be surrounded by role players and win championships. Don't want to start the whole Mack trade discussion again, I was done with that a year ago. But seems to justify the trade in one aspect. Keeping Mack, they may not have been able to overhaul the team over the past year as they have (and yes, still much more to do). Need to build a complete team
  4. Yes...loosing AB really hurt. They had to let him go though. Very sad AB is who he is. Always hate to see incredible talent waste away. At this point I wouldn't mind seeing them give Dez Bryant a shot. Let's face it - Nelson or Grant (didn't like that signing) are not #2's, Renfrow needs time to develop before he makes any real impact. Most likely same with Doss. At least getting Bryant would give him an experienced player to throw too, provided he has anything left. Of course... after the AB fiasco would they want to take on Dez. Who knows, perhaps one year out of football matured him....
  5. Never said Cooper and Mack were not great picks. If it was Five on Five we'd be in GREAT shape. But its eleven vs. eleven. So having studs doesn't always translate into wins. Harder to hide your weaknesses with eleven starters. Just said besides those two and a few more, McKenzie reached and/or missed on a lot of picks. And I agree - will probably never have another Mack, but under the circumstances the cost to keep him on a bad team just doesn't make sense provided the money saved fills some holes. Find another Cooper? Heck - I'd rather find another Crabtree then Cooper. Which Co
  6. Lot's of doom and gloom in here. Looking on the bright side of things, Raiders have actually been playing better. A ton of Carr bashing the beginning of the season but he has thrown 11 TD's and zero INT over the past eight games. Granted he had some stinkers in there (Ravens, Seahawks) but you have to give him some slack for the WR's available and Cable as OL coach. Maybe we are finally seeing the players getting adjusted to a whole new coaching staff. Even the defense seems to have improved ..... a little anyway. Great to see Conley on the upswing. Still OK with both trades e
  7. He's pumped and playing with a chip on his shoulder. Give him time to get settled and sign his brand new, expensive contract. Four or five games don't make a hall of famer. Give him time time to get settled.
  8. My take on this whole mess is Gruden wants to put a team out there that he believes will result in a super bowl. Prior to his rehire he was a Raider legend. In three to five years either he will still be a Raider legend or a bum who set us back for another 10 year loosing span. A few points that still have me in his corner: Mack Trade - yeah. Hate to see him go. But that defense has SO many wholes and has for years. That has to be fixed. So why tie up all that money. Keeping Mack would not have changed this defense much. Too many wholes. Sure - he is having a great year. Glad t
  9. Hopefully Carr turns it around. His percentage completion was good. Take away the three interceptions, which he needs to fix, his day would have obviously been better. Probably would not have changed the outcome since the defense couldn't stop the Rams in the second half. Have to give him a break though. Under his third offensive coordinator in three years. Last year was a nightmare. He needs to work that out of his system. Makes me think things will improve and those nasty interceptions will decline. Need to give Gruden a chance to work with him. As far as the defense - Four yea
  10. Gordon already has Callaway. He is probably already on the highest ranked WR team. No need to move. Bryant resigning is at a lot cheaper deal so truthfully makes sense to take the chance again. If he is suspended won't cost much.
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