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  1. Definitely holding him. Pats basically redshirted James White his rookie year, too, and he's turned out alright. I drafted him assuming his clock would not start until year 2. Wouldn't move him for less than a 2nd round pick, personally
  2. This news or Rivers maybe getting benched has me worried, but Jones is far from a sure thing. Gotta win to have a chance at playoffs. Who is the best play here? Deep dynasty league, so no FA options
  3. I'm still in on him. TEs typically take a couple years to hit anyway.
  4. Struggling between Rivers and Brees. Leaning Brees, but he's been so down lately
  5. Yep. Looks like the talent evaluators could see the problem wasn't with him...
  6. Starting him over McCoy (not saying much, though...)
  7. Who will have the best day in week 5?
  8. Need help with choosing my RB2 and FLEX. PPR league, 10 yds per point rushing or receiving: L McCoy A Jones R Freeman J Cook (starting Ebron) Thanks!!
  9. Really struggling with this. I love watching the NFL, but this is killing my enjoyment.
  10. I honestly think Abbrederis would have made an impact if he weren't made of glass. Also, I don't remember the Rodgers quotes on Janis. Mostly I got the impression that he didn't like the way Janis ran routes. I don't think Kumerow is going to be a world beater, but he's got as much of a shot as anybody at the #3 WR spot in GB right now.
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